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One time I had occasion to chat with a rampant Zairean guitarist. I said Zairean, not Congolese, to give you an idea of the time-scale. He was aging and the show consisted mostly of Old Gold as the all-time favourites they re-enacted are called. You can think of Ok Jazz's Mado, tracks like Africa Mokili Mobimba (credited to Dechaud Mwamba the brother of Dr. Nico), Cherie Bondowe (Mayaula Mayoni in TPOK Jazz), Ibrahima of Rochereau's Afrisa (credited to Dino Vangu), Maseke ya Meme and lots of Kamale and Lipua stuff. The explosive Lipua Lipua was of course stabilised by the genial Mombasa Vata on rhythm.

During the show as is the economic tradition, there were intervals where fans could buy in requests.  We dubbed these thanksgiving or fundraising slots. I rented time for Celi Bitshou's Georgette, originally recorded by TPOK Jazz. I grew up with an uncle who pointed out to me, the delicacies of the out-of-this-world vocals of Youlou Mabiala, I grew up a fan of The Big Band Prince.

The guitarist made a special effort on the curves of the Franco Guitar doing the cover.  I was much pleased and decided to pay out a bonus. He looked specifically sad. I asked where the guitar had taken him to. He told me there was a time Franco's guitar had started to echo the chant of a certain  bird of the forest. This bird  had witnessed the last one hour of Patrice Lumumba's slow but intense death. This bird woke up the whole neighbourhood and rallied them to the scene. Monkeys, baboons, and all other busy bodies of the forest came to bear witness. To this day, goes the tale, there are parrots and cheeky monkeys of the jungles of the Congo that still carry the tradition. They quote, in various forms of interpretations, the sounds made by the mostly Belgian murderers and their local vassals. The locals were allied to Mobutu and Tshombe. There was an argument about finishing Lumumba off. The locals had a premonition, they didn't want to do the final act, coup de grace I think they call it.

Many star Congolese guitarists run this theme at one time or another. Married to the innovations on the solo or lead guitar ---that is the post Ndombolo crop of finger wizards, the death dance of Patrice Lumumba has become a booty-shaking and hip-gyrating interpretation which has overpowered the world as a visual art. Just  search-type Google-Window: Rosalina challenge ---BM .. Awilo Longomba ... and  see for yourself the break your body feats! You don't need to know the sad history of the electrifying guitar. But it will own your soul even if you don't have any.

Nothing scares culture. Act of man or act of God, however vile, its all fair game to culture. I know of a poem which takes place inside the crematorium at Auschwitz. A Rabbi wakes up from an insufficient dose of gas just as the oven heats up. And No, he doesn't say Sh!t! what the heck!

But the thing is this: Patrice Lumumba and his party won the first free and fair elections in Congo. A few months later he was dead, betrayed by the compromised army like Mohammed Morsi of Egypt, near a century later; or is it Salvador Allende of Chile. It was a terrible start for Independent Congo, and by the 1990's the deep political rot which was Lumumba's betrayal, burst surface. No one knows exactly, but figures of the Congolese dead (post-Mobutu) are anywhere between 5-10 Million souls. It has been a tragedy the size of a holocaust. Don't worry there is no special word for it. Just special guitar techniques and innovative dances like the Ndombolo.

A terrible start I said, for the Congo. Slaying gangland style their first ever peoples choice to the highest office of the land. Yeah, the serpent cheated the gullible custodians to taste the cursed fruit, murder.

Lumumba's political horizons extended far beyond the Congo. He was soon caught up in the wider wave of African nationalism sweeping the continent. In December 1958, Ghanaian president Kwame Nkrumah invited Lumumba to attend the anti-colonial All African People's Conference, which attracted civic associations, unions, and other popular organizations.

Two years later, following mass demands for a democratic election, the Congolese National Movement headed by Lumumba decisively won the Congo's first parliamentary contest. The left-nationalist leader took office in June 1960
Seven months into his term, on January 17, 1961, he was assassinated.

But of gullible custodians of the peoples will criminally thwarting the same, I was thinking of something nearer home. SIAYA COUNTY. Siaya county was the scene of a horrible evil, a terrible injustice at a crucial moment: the launch.

Siaya lost her first ever people-sanctioned governor forever. His name was William Oduol. He had beaten Prince Oburu Odinga to oblivion. Republican Oduol thus incurred the insane wrath of a royalty dethroned. This pathology which is as insipid as that of a colonial power, when unproperly defanged, comes back at you as imperialist or neo-colonial, a deadlier much more subtle form of exploitation and control. And the struggle is back to square one.

It was Oburu Odinga who injected the poison and served Siaya County her false start. Oburu has never had a clear mind in his life. He has always been given to bouts of stupid blunders or rounds of drunken stupor. And his bouts of blunder in trying to impose Royal-Blood administrators on Luo-Nyanza while his younger brother bore the national torch of the progressive politics, worked very counterproductive. Raila was forced to come to Nyanza and campaign in Luoland for the tripe his elder brother had rigged in at the party primaries. Having his blessings stolen at the national level thus looked an odd kind of karma;  a boomerang on the progressive charity he never awarded at home, to the likes of William Oduol for instance.


And now, 2020 in the August month, it is the same foul-breathed Oburu who is announcing The System will this time, for a change, RIG RAILA in to the expense of William Ruto! Wah! The first Luo to be crowned President of Kenya --Rabala Ochuka's tenure died before he started--- will be, for all we know, an imposed, illegitimate usurper!

Man! Oburu Odinga is a toxic scumbag! (others like Chris Musando die to prevent rigged elections you know!)

Oburu is a goat. Reducing Raila Odinga from the architect of the second liberation to (the prospect of) a criminal imbecile in power fronting and colluding with  a deep state that thwarted the peoples' will! It is more a back stab, the tale of the useless elder brother who never forgave his junior for usurping his royal privilleges of seniority. Even when Jaramogi was alive, he always treated the eldest son Oburu as a fool. The younger Amollo was the surer bet. Agwambo dared fate and took the oath of peoples president in broaddaylight in a ceremony Tuju dubbed mock or Kalongolongo, but whose depths killed the Uhuruto partnership.

His own partnership with the people is something Agwambo would be ill-advised to shed off. Even if the trade-off is power.

No! Raila should just win the elections fair and square as he has always done. He only needs the guts to take what is his by the peoples verdict. Downside, such guts can make him a Morsi of Egypt or Lumumba of Congo. So be  it. Rampant guitarists would innovate on the theme forever: the Raila Odinga death dance.

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He is the senator for Marakwet Elgeyo. He was the long-serving Majority leader in the senate, 5 years; which means he oversaw the Jubilee legislative agenda in the first Uhuruto term.

At his peak, he was a total reactionary.

He was so corrupted with the little power that his opposite, the senate minority leader James Orengo, felt obligated to remind him of a well-retold history lesson: revolutions eat their own children. Murkomen K., a self-confessed first class and boisterous honors graduate from the law school at Moi University, had, in his drive to excel at law and join legislative politics, missed out on the lectures tackling the pitfalls that yawn along the dynamics of power. He therefore appeared genuinely shocked when he, after having adopted reactionary sycophancy and bootlicking as the modus for his way up, was dropped like an old harlot. Such are discarded without a thought, after ritual use and abuse by the powers that are.

Now, is he an old dog too late to learn new tricks, or is our Kipchumba having seizures which, if successfully completed, would mark his current state of mental distress as having been his road moment, to Damascus so to speak? That is if we reminisce that day when the most passionate creature of Christianity to be, saw the Light of Christ, quit the Dark Side forever!


But it had to be him; the man who had suffered the highest political fall in the anti-Ruto purge as the Handshake royals pruned the Hustler nation. He hit the ground with a  groaning thud and has been trying to collect his wits since his replacement.

He needs a new direction, he realises. The survival instincts of the herdsboy from Marakwet, honed  by his hardy father, strive to be heard. Murkomen senior also graduated Junior top at domestic skills; like baking brown ugali. And of course making female kills.


Senator Murkomen showcases his prowess in cooking brown ugali in the village

Michael Majanga Jan 04,2020

I am sure Murkomen senior didn't condition his son to fit easy into the role of the greatest sycophant or power obedient tool. Nor the hugest anti-people tick who ever came from the proud Marakwet. The Kipchumba Murkomen we saw as Jubilee Majority leader in the senate, coordinating the enacting of laws which were a KANU totalitarian redux, was therefore a MUTANT. It was a thing whose soul had been captured, and addicted to injections of corruption to quell a rising greed. The mutant then lived in a fictitious world of corruption high, and high corruption. Its intelligence which had seen him top through law school at Eldoret, became effectively annulled. The Jubilee senate majority leader Kipchumba Murkomen had become litter, a thing clogging the historical path of Kenya forwards.

And then he was sacked. Like a Kayamkono. Like Miguna Miguna was one sacked by Raila Odinga and whose further trials Murkomen has found occasion to cheer. Yes, brilliant lawyers who delude themselves about the nature of labour contracts in power, do end up dustbinned like used tampons. But unlike used tampons, dustbinned brilliant lawyers can be recycled, can have a road-to-Damascus moment: RESISTANCE!


"Don't sacrifice Kenya": Senator Murkomen gets emotional as he pleads with Speaker

Imagine if Kipchumba had said something like this at the height of his Jubilee powers: Don't sacrifice Kenya to the greed of landgrabbers! Save the Mau water-head!

Under Daniel Arap Moi, huge swathes of the water tower had been grabbed under the aegis of something called the Nyayo Tea Zones Development Corporation. It was these interests Murkomen was defending while pretending to champion of the small settlers being evicted. No, the Ndung'u (Land) report is not standard reading material for lawyers in politics. Even Orengo the Nestor I never heard quote from it!

But behold! On the floor of the senate, following the detention of the three senators led by the Kakamega's Shackle of Doom, Cleopas Malala, Murkomen found his natural voice as his heart aligned with his head for once. He banged the table, increasing the tension in the house so much, such that Speaker Ken Lusaka, the Jubilee docile wheelbarrows :* man of Bungoma, visibly and audibly recoiled like a trapped rat. With senate lights like James Orengo referencing the 1642 famous words of an English Speaker ---have no ears to hear nor eyes to see, and the subsequent tradition known as the  Black Rod antic ....

This ritual is derived from the attempt by King Charles I to arrest Five Members in 1642, in what was seen as a breach of the constitution 
......  the weakly constituted Ken Lusaka found himself suffocating on this dilemma.

He searched for the Pontius Pilate in him.

Pontius Pilate for a Judge's ruling was famously pinned between the political expediency of a Roman career prefect, and the local politics of the local clergy. Jewish reli-rivalry was boiling to the point of fratricide. One side wanted Rome to be their executor.

In the end, James Orengo saved the dangerous day by proposing a more of an Abunuwasi gimmick than a Solomon's pitch. Matyang'i and Mutyambei (interior cabsec and police IG respectively) would have to take time off their heavy duties ----like counting their profit off the Covid-20 donations rip-off, and appear in person before the senate security committee led by a Haji. This senator Haji, no relations :) to the DPP Haji who was hired to help curtail William Ruto's rise to the presidency, promptly declared an IN-CAMERA session. The farce at the senate was complete.

Haji senior, a veteran security insider, knew his brief was to protect Matiang'i's flanks. Matiang'i is the big pitcher tapped by the Handshake team in their anti-Ruto match. This anti-Kenya team couldn't dare have Matiang'i ripped to pieces live by an angry clique of senators. Team One Kenya had won much public sympathy, and Dr. Fred was already looking more like an fossil, vaingloriously trying to shackle Kenya to past doom!

His demasque in public would be a blessing to the one whose nemesis he was projected to be: William Ruto. With Raila and Ruto quickly smelling the coffee and finding their chameleon garments to blend in with Team Kenya, Dr. Fred would be political toast. Impeached next.

This whole farce, which started with a power play to extract revenue from historically marginalised regions to be used to bribe populous voter baskets in the succession equation, has had one positive result. It clearly showed the intellectual vacuum at the heart of Handshake regime and the remnants of the Jubilee train wreck of Uhuru Kenyatta. And that vacuum necessitated a fill. Howbeit  it was the author and brilliant dramatist of a senator, Cleopas Malala of populous Kakamega, who filled the vacuum.

'Do you want me to take the food out of the mouths of the starving Turkana to bring it here to Kakamega!?' senator Malala asked the -----how do we say it in Kenya?--- 316 billion shilling question!

According to the Division of Revenue Act, 2020, which equitably allocates the revenue generated at the national level between the national purse and counties, Sh316.5 billion has been allocated to the devolved units in the 2020/21 financial year.
The differences between senators whose counties are likely to gain and those that will lose have been the biggest hindrance to the adoption of the formula

Senator Malala's question blew away the foundations of the one-man-one-vote-one-shilling mantra. Malala exposed it for what it is: a continuation of historical marginalisation; a financial con-job of the centre against the periphery. A disgrace and mercenary policy. Raila Odinga and William Ruto, the 2022 frontrunner's for the presidency, felt cornered enough to take sides.

Senator Malala and co weren't just the moral conscience of a Unitary and United Kenya, they had simultaneously exhibited both a political courage and intellectual depth unknown in Kenyan politics since the Handshake. Team Kenya showed how fragile the hold of the aristocrats in Kenya is. Kibicho and Matiang'i were immediately forced into the political bankruptcy of detentions without trial to prevent quorum in parliament, and, in addition, intimidate more senators in the mental distress of voting against their own minds and conscience. Matiang'i's explanation for the arrests revealed how artefacted his mind is. He didn't even make an effort to think. That is total delusion in ones ability to get away with any and every act of impunity. Its the mentality of a divinity, a god :*. Madness!

Fred Okeng'o Matiang'i is positively a diety!

Before the handshake, just about anybody one cares to have heard of in ODM was intellectually innovative and articulate to the point of awesomeness. James Orengo banished professor Githu Muigai, then the AG, to the realms of irrelevance and incoherence. The likes of Otiende Amollo made legal points which many a brain would eternally burn the midnight oil for, yet still not find. The name and organisational talents of Simba Arati, or is it Atari? so terrorised the deity Fred Matiang'i his divinity formed a special police unit to inform on Simba Atari's movements around town. Etc etc. ..... Come the handshake and all these flashes of brilliance retreated to darkness. Disappear they did, shy like the head of a tortoise caught in the open. These brains started to exhibit the serious signs of underuse and rust. Jubilee oligarchs and their hostage bureaucrats grew brave and state looting hit new peaks. The Covid-20 heist presided over by Mutahi Kagwe is just the tip of the iceberg. The pus from the inner boil.

But why do I say Stunted as a qualification of Kipchumba the young Murkomen?

Because: In going over to the opposition, he has not surpassed yet, the intellectual ferocity pontificated by the opposition Young Turks, post the peoples' oath of Raila Odinga. Well, he graduated first class honours, didn't he?

Or is it that the Moi law school at Eldoret is not the Nairobi law school? (wherefore a pass at main campus (Orengo) is forever the superior of a Magna Cum Laude at Eldoret!?)

It is a think to think over.

The former Jubilee senate majority leader can make brown ogali, no doubt. His biceps are firm, his legs know the curves to dance the forked wood that holds the pan firm as he dexterously handles the cooking stick. Yes, the senator is at home in this venture. Totally at ease at brown ugali baking.

But when it came to his moment on the floor of the senate, when, at the injustice done the arrested senators---Christopher Lang'at (Bomet) and Steve Lelegwe (Samburu), Malala of Kakamega-----,  he banged the table and heightened the heat on the speaker to near wet-panting, he did not carry the thought to its logical conclusion. Senator Onesmus's outrage at the disrespect shown the constitution, the senate and due process of the land, came short of certain important milestones. It was therefore parochial.

  For instance

1. --The issue of extra-judicial killings by the police.
(2) ---And of course,  the bestial treatment of Miguna Miguna by the Kenyan state.

No, these lot and their ilk are still a bridge too far for the new mind of senator Kipchumba. Which means it wasn't as much a flash of new consciousness which troubled him so, as a personal sense of injury that goaded him so. When the personal injury can traverse and metamorphose into an empathy beyond fellow journeymen (senators), then does it risk becoming something national. Kipchumba therefore has to make the next national step, or he will backslide into the cesspool of mental rot he used to wallow in as Jubilee chief enforcer at the senate.

And as for Team Kenya, like the proverbial young Turks they have the ball. It is for them to drop it or run with it. (One only need to have looked at the other two Nyanza senators, Ayacko and Kajwang', to sample what an intellectual implosion looks like in person!)

NB: Hehehe! Omwami Ababu Namwamba was once a very promising young Turk! Then something hit him, and broke him to pieces. They say he needed jeeps of cash to maintain fleets of women. So he had to sell and cash in his political capital.

Malala the Mulembe from what we can glean of his visionary plays, gets the benefit of doubt for now. His mind doesn't seem to suffer much fog. But if he has a rampaging c.ock, keeping it serviced will definitely take its toll upstairs, just like in the above rumour about the former Mulembe super star from Budalang'i. (And of course some characters from Malala's own works of fiction!)

In the rule men don't betray ideals for very complex reasons. They are invariably corky.


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Sometimes people don't know what they wish for. I do.

Wish to ask the right questions in the proposed popular referendum!

I heard it loud and clear. Nipende nisipende, the constitution will be changed. The god  Raila wants it, the deity Ouru wants it, the sucker Peter Munya wants it. No one mortal can stop Reggae. It is the music and dance of the gods! No one can stop the looting at the heart of the Kenyan state. Impunity will, like Allah's will to Muslims, continue to reign supreme. Yeah, the political deities shove the middle finger up Wanjiku's.

This abuse and misuse is all the Raha and Ustawi coming  our way --O poor lot!---- in the near future!

I offer a grin to myself. Just too good to be true. Elites can suffer delusions of almightiness. Rotten elites like these even more so.

I thus wanted to write about the motherland Kenya, especially now, that the usual suspects have descended on a clamour to CHANGE THE CONSTITUTION. Yes, once upon a time when Arap Moi was set to inherit Jomo Kenyatta's top seat, a similar clamour came up. Today, it is Rais Ouru and Raila Odinga who are at the head of the change the constitution group. The twin Handshake princes are ganged up against William the Lowly Hustler VP; and their BBI coterie of looter sycophants are in tow. What a coincidence! what a farce .... in the sense of histories that attempt to repeat themselves too transparently ...

But I found these melodramas of the Kenyan ruling class shallow. They are merely the shenanigans of an elite in decay, their rot picking pace all over the place and showing.

The stories of Mutahi Kagwe sending Emails and SMS's to the KEMSA directorate, to cancel this or that COVID PPE tender to award it instead to this or that Ouru or Raila courtier, is the same old story of post-colonial Africa: state capture by a kleptocracy or mobutocracy. Mutahi Kagwe is just another handmaid or usetool, a prototype cog just like the former Finance Minister, Henry Rotich. Neither is the situation much different in some far-away countries that pretend to be better. There, we hear of the 1%-ter oligarchy. This is when a banking and politically connected 1% own 99%; and the 99% rest own only 1% of the economy. That kind of social geography, added to escalating debt, reminded me of the inherent instability of a classic slave economy. ( a tinderbox waiting for that spark).

When it comes to slave economies, the black history of the Isle of Hispaniola (San Domingo now Haiti) tops them all. For it is here where one of the most ferocious acts to re-assert the dignity of man denied, unfolded without any romantic retreats.

No quarter was given, in the literal sense. So you may not have heard tell of it in the best schools and carriculum. :*

Howbeit before I set my mind to the god-fearing Kenyan elections of 2022 which to all practical purposes are primed to be a facade, I had to visit the temple of Makandal, there to ponder the options of the deep state. Unlike the market and its invisible hands of Adam Smith, the Deep State has very visible hands. When Team Kenya senators amassed enough influence to constitutionally derail the robbery of the periphery by the centre, the deep state promptly arrested them on trumped up charges.

But anyway, Makandal is not really a name many a Kenyan, even educated ones, would care to have heard about.


The reasons are myriad. Good Christians must have no time for Makandal. He must be Damnatio Memorae'd, like the name Spartacus for a Millennia to Rome. (Kenya is a good Christian country. The first line in the national anthem references God. And it aint Allah I can assure you!)

But majorly it is this. Makandal was the spiritual Guru of the Haitian revolution, much as Ho Chi Minh was the spiritual Guru of the Vietnamese revolution. The One-Handed Makandal, a hobby-to-professional botanist, synthesised and nurtured a radical spiritual movement which would later be bad-pressed as VOODOO.

Today, voodoo is more likely to conjure up macabre fantasies of super virile, high-energy sexual debauchery punctuated by sinister all-black bloody rituals. An ancient cult of Satan. The comical James Bond, this time as Roger Moore in LIVE AND LET DIE, in a silly fantasy pandering to the residual anxieties of a globally receding Britain, did much to market the human sacrifice angle of the voodoo narrative, especially its alleged priced lust for the blood and body of an innocent, virgin blond female. (Sociologically speaking, the roaring 60's came with such a surge of white female lust for BBC, such that empire saw a need to warn the on-heat citizens: don't even flirt with it, you will be eaten to death in the aftermath. But that is a story for another day!)

And on the higher scale, students of politics will remember the senior Bush's putdown of Reagonomics.

During the Nixon and Ford Administrations, before Reagan's election, a combined supply and demand side policy was considered unconventional by the moderate wing of the Republican Party. While running against Reagan for the Presidential nomination in 1980, George H. W. Bush had derided Reaganomics as "voodoo economics"

The word voodoo provokes deep-seated anxieties, and, I am afraid, with reason.

Haiti (then alternatively Hispaniola or Santa Domingo) was the most profitable colony of its time. This was the magic treasure Island, a place where fortunes were multiplied quick time.  And it necessarily had the most cruel slave regimes of all. It uncannily parallels Africa and the middle east today. (Super profits: Africa for its bounteous natural resources, the middle east for its limitless energy reserves; the peoples of those areas under the most barbaric of regimes current on earth, utterly downtrodden).


The thing about the voodoo of Macandal was its total dedication to the eradication of slavery. This meant any religion, prophet or ideology which in any way supported, alibised for, was but an apologetic for the slavery of black people in the Caribbean (or their exploitation anywhere else in the universe), became persona non-grata for the enslaved blacks who wanted liberation.

Voodoo was pure liberation theology for Makandal. The slave plotting rebellion and escape from slavery, could not share the spiritual construct of the slavemaster. Total spiritual autonomy, total spiritual irreconcilableness was the deal.

I am not aware of any religion in history which has ever completely and wholeheartedly taken the side of the slave against the master. This Makandalian tenet is the heart of the matter; this is the true insight to understanding the terror voodoo wreaks among establishment intellectuals of any era since. The Voodoo of Makandal takes no prisoners in a slave revolt. Dignity is not negotiable.

Makandal maintained: 'No True God could desire the cruelty perpetrated on us (black slaves), in these slave farms. The Christian God under whom the Portuguese and the Spanish sail their slave ships and keep us in chains is thus a False God.'   So too could the Christian God under whom the English and French traded and brutalised African Blacks in the slave plantations of the Americas, be no true God. This wholesome, Makandalian rejection of the Christian God and its Theology which defined Makandal (and his ilk) a labour tool of no soul, a theology which was propagandised by the Europeans as Civilisation, goes to the heart of the matter: the matter of the ostracisation of Voodooism, and the subsequent ruling-class campaign to conflagrate it with SATANISM; Occultic recidivism and other parahuman entreaties.

It is important to set ones thinking right.

Two of Europe's most radical thinkers on the issue of labour and capital in politics, would later review all religion thus: Marx: Religion is pure superstition and ....
2 (Lenin) Religion is the opium of the people.

Now, the potency of an OPIUM which intoxicates SLAVES with the desire to act, the drive to seize their future, to break their chains, to end their bondage, to KILL all their masters and change the order, REVOLUTION, can not be understated. Too, the total dedication of slaves to end their slavery and regain their freedom, in a total war of annihilation if necessary, Armageddon, is a superstition easily a revolutionary zeal.

Makandal was thus possessed of this revolutionary zeal. And this remains the potency of Voodoo. The potency which necessarily need must have it outlawed, or at least institutionally disenfranchised.

Within Voodoo is a strand which acts as the blast furnace keeping up a fearsome fire, the fire that burns in the heart of every slave: the dream of liberation. And then, Black Liberation. It has thus been banished to the outskirts of our civilisation which is based on exploitation. But it continues outside, in the underworld. (yeah, talking of Black Liberation USA style, you will never see any BLM activist give a voodoo salute!)

Now you know why! House Negroes will be house N-word!

And talking of the outskirts, so too did it occur to me, that the true essence of Kenya's independence and her second liberation continue outside the political bureaucracy currently looting the state and the people. The next president is obviously set to be recruited from this narrow criminal crop of Cartelists. At the frontline is William Ruto and Raila Odinga. Both are political pus seeking to recycle themselves in various rituals of purification. They are old dogs too set in their old ways to chart any new course further for the nation. They are the kind of politicians we best call morgue-men. They attend Africa as a carcass, they do nothing to revamp her, to rise her up. They are scavengers. The past rather than the future. They are the Dead, Living.

The next election will in probability be a rigged affair like the last. Everything in this order is thus a facade. Wafula Chebukati and his body are a facade; the BBI is a facade; ODM and Jubilee are a facade; The Big 5 agenda, the constitution, the separation of powers, Governor Sonko and General 'Saddam' Badi --they are all facades! the DCI and DPP .... the Churchliness or godliness of Willam Ruto, the second liberationism of Raila Odinga, Uhuru Kenyatta's Handshake and anti corruption harangues ... all facades!

And we know it!

Like so, in a nation of mpango wa kando's both ways, we know how fake our marital vows are at the altar on the wedding day with one and the only one love! So it is with all oaths in Kenya, even the high one for the presidency and fidelity to the constitution, is a most fake ritual. ---And so Big Brains Mwai Kibaki had the presence of mind, even as he was totally drunk, to, the Bible aloft in his hands, mock it: 'DULY ELECTED Huh!? You Ameru piece of sh!t hypocrite!' Kibaki chided the furtively officiating CJ Evans Gicheru famously after the Kivuitu fiasco of 2007 which ushered in the infamous PEV.

Few Kenyans even of tremendous intellect can match Kibaki's practical presence of mind even if the Othaya charlatan be dead drunk, or now, Alzheimer senile for all I know!

Okay, I wont match Kibaki's wit but I will give it a shot any day am sober!

Kenya has continued to be a house of cards. And State House the epicentre of Graft. Methinks so long as we can still stick to our roles paid for by ever increasing debt or China's largesse, we can keep up our sky-high appearances. But deep down we know we are on the edges of a precipice. That is why everybody at the top is yelling UNITY, SISI ZOTE PAMOJA KENYA!

WE feel the heat even if we don't know the source.

Well, you never know what disciples of Makandal are stoking fires below. Some are teaching all thieves must go, underground! Big and small, they all must dance in the air before they become still and bow out.

There is an appetite in the land for Zero-tolerance to corruption. The appetite could mutate to kind of lust associated with mobs. You never know really when it is exactly, that the last drop this is which turned a peaceful, god and law-abiding docile population like we are, into a fest of piranha-like hyper activity. But it sure happens in life, in real time.

Petty thieves, even for a chicken or single egg caught, are already being burnt in the land. Obado and family are very lucky I tell ya. Obviously the KEMSA thieves know very well what Kenyans want and would do to them, given a chance. A chance like at a referendum question: what do we do with these goons who loot the state and impoverish Wanjiku?

1. Burn, 2. behead or 3. hang?

As for forgive (the thieves) and forget (their crimes), I don't think that is no more an option for the Kenyan public. Even the Christian ones who pack the Church weekly and meekly, are the ones who are more likely to be the best burners --0like they did witches and heretics!)

Let the change the constitution referendum come. We know the question: Thieves: burn, behead or hang?

What answer lies in your heart --O fellow Kenyan!

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« Reply #43 on: September 06, 2020, 10:18:02 AM »

Oparanya the Incompetent chair of the CoG! He's at the end of his wits. He has lost his mind. He is like he who the gods wish to destroy. But the immediate question arises:


You know some people ask for it. They really do. Here is a 100% moron The saying power hates a vacuum, isn't a fairy tale. Your theft-ridden governor will unilaterally dissolve a debt, corruption ridden county near you! (Prepare for recievership!) The date is set .... (in transparent ink!?)

Governors plan to shut down counties on September 17 over funds

By Fredrick Obura | September 3rd 2020

NAIROBI, KENYA: Counties will shut this month if the government fails to disburse money to the 47 devolved units by September 17.
In a statement, Wycliffe Oparanya Chairman, Council of Governors disclosed that the county governments have not received their equitable share of revenue three months into the current financial year 2020/21.

Oparanya says the delay in releasing the funds has had serious implications in the general operations of County Governments and payment of salaries to County staff 

The governors will surrender power on September 17, but will pretend to be in office on September 18 onwards! eat their cake and have it all over again!

Welcome back! District Commissioners! This time in the form of Brigadiers and Majors the look-alike of that one Sonko dubbed 'Saddam' in Nairobi! ---thousands of county workers unpaid and facing a ruined future may need a hard-nosed security operation, incase ...

Every county will need Saddam on September 18 following the mass abdication of the governors. Never has the impotence of a political elite been so comically announced by themselves! Counties will shut down, in the middle of a corona pandemic lockdown!

It is infantile. It is the joyous shout of a toddler amused by its own toilet sounds. Oparanya has gone mentally, totally bankrupt. No, the governors should be talking about an emergency rescue plan.

Even countries go bankrupt but they don't dissolve themselves! It usually takes war to do that! not an announcement by thieving morons in office!

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« Reply #44 on: September 06, 2020, 12:57:53 PM »

As the front holds, yet internal cracks widen.

"The corruption 'consultants', brokers and conmen, some bankrupt in 2013, are now billionaires after looting while scapegoating WsR. Their overgrown impunity is shamelessly making them steal even from the sick in a pandemic. The end is nigh. Nowhere to hide. No more scapegoating,"
Ruto tweeted yesterday

Mr Murathe, a known broker for Chinese companies in Kenya, has denied being a part of the Kemsa deal.
William Willbroad Gachoka, a close childhood friend of Jubilee Party vice-chairman David Murathe registered Kilig Ltd on January 22 this year

But when the heat became too much, its shareholding was conveniently changed and the company was handed to Ms Ivy Minyow Onyango, their lawyer. Mr Murathe said Ms Onyango works in William Gachoka's office.

But in a twist to the saga, Mr Murathe sensationally claimed that some partners of Deputy President William Ruto, who he declined to name, had acquired the company after it bagged the Kemsa tender, but were also unable to raise the money required to fund the Kemsa tender.
"The lady (Ms Onyango) works in William's (Gachoka's) office

Then there is this:

From left: Health CS Mutahi Kagwe, PS Susan Mochache and Suspended KEMSA Chief Executive Jonah Manjari. PHOTOS | COURTESY

Who ordered who to give which tender to which company!? (and by things going wrong, blame it all on The Hustler!)

These top bureaucrats have turned government --crisis or no crisis--- into a kindagarten where babys and childish games are the orders of the day! It is a point not lost to culture as I checked the going jokes around the land.


It is a national horror of sorts, but it adequately captures the depths to which public service and official politics have sunk in Kenya. Two great thieves  of the state are slugging it out in public. They have fallen out over tenders which they have been brokering for the Chinese in famous Wanjiku rip-offs. They are confessing their crimes but, subject to higher immunity, are untouchable both by the law, the offices and the custodians of the books of retribution. Their public outbursts are thus like inverse, reciprocal boasts of well-fed hyenas seeking mates. They are drunk with greed.

On one hand is Covid-Billionare and Chinese handmaid David Murathe. He is President Ouru's mouthpiece and former Jubilee party chair. On the other side is William Ruto, a new primitive accumulation godfather and a  rapaciously corrupt political goon. His once prestigious position of DP which ranked as co-president is now a shell. His marauding Kalenjin entourage (tender)rustled the kraals of the Kenyatta  fiefdom too much. Tenderpreneurship swords clanged in the shadows of government. Blood was drawn in the corridors of power. Very bad blood. The court of Kenyatta resolved to finish off the hard-eyed Kalenjin and his band of competitor rogues.

"We have come to appreciate, when you are the President you have an obligation to look around and to determine who the right person to come after you is. Because if you leave this country in wrong hands, future generations will always blame you," Murathe said.

He also gave the analogy of a family saying a father knows the right child to take charge of a family when he is away.

SEE ALSO: Governor under fire for backing Ruto's 2022 bid

"He knows the greedy child, the one who will sit on others, he knows who is the rational child... you have to have that responsibility as the head of state."

"We are not interested in those seats, but we care who will come after this President. So we have to sit, discuss and scheme...we don't know who will be President but we are working very hard to know who will not be President..." Murathe said

Yes, if Ruto makes it to the ballot box, and the Kenyan people dare disobey the wishes of this MK clique and vote-in Ruto, then the deep state has to thwart that result. That is the same template how they thwarted Raila's ballot victory, several times.

How not to plot and scheme around the risks!?

Ruto does not seem to have the surrender mentality built in his psyche. This temperament can be very decisive. It can force opponents into a tragedy. The tragedy of murder, the resolution by actual physical elimination. There are precedents in Kenya. Tom Mboya, JM Kariuki, Robert Ouko. All presidential material deemed unstoppable.

Desperate things happen in politics. But I doubt the deep state has the stomach for this murder. It would be the catalyst for a tumultuous historical surge.


In 1001 Nights, famous tales of Arabia, the 5th Voyage of Sinbad The Sailor springs us the grin of the Old Man of The Sea. This nasty creature appeals to the good natures of Sinbad. He has the sailor carry him on his back to cross a shallow. Howbeit it he then proceeds to wrap his limbs so tightly around Sindbad that he begins to control him in every fashion. But the resourceful Sindbad comes up with a wile, gets the pest drunk and throws him off his back. Just to make sure of things, the sailor places the skull of the nasty pest on a rock,  lifts another  thick rock skywards and smashes the skull open.

Vo Nguyen Giap insisted to Fidel Castro with a cheeky smile, that it was Ho Chi Min's favourite tale to his hardened core of young commanders. Bear with me, we will eventually crush the skull of colonial France, Imperial USA, and sever their tentacles. ----He, my Sinbads!? (and Vo grinned at Castro the way Ho supposedly grinned at them in a cave deep in the jungles of Indochina as American and French jets roared overhead, saturating the growth with agent orange).

Anyway ...

On the face of it, it would seem Kenyans are resigned to a near future under the stewardship of Apes, Tapeworms, Ticks, Lice or some other suchlike lower form of predator. Those are the only choices on the table of futures. Of course nothing good will come of it, save the resolve toward a radical surgery. That is their prohibition or total removal from the body politic of the land, and naturally the state. It is not as if there is a shortage of upright competences in Kenya.  (It is not for nothing Miguna Miguna is so obnoxious!). It is not that there are no Kenyan humanoids with abundant post-renaissance faculties, drives, modernist obsessions, cleanliness of hearts, minds and clarity of national purpose.

These exist and occasionally they rise to the top. But only to make a morbid point: the Kenyan political elite is beyond reform. Those who doubt this point must study the adventures of John Githong'o as the anti-corruption Czar. Our time to eat is a book about it. This was the fleeting moment of hope during the short-lived purpose of the Raila-Kibaki bromance of NARC. An interesting filler to this to absorb the fencing between the then Chair of the LSK, Okong'o Omogeni, and the then CJ ---I think--- John Evans Gicheru. The subject was the re-nomination of Justice Aaron Ringera (Kenya Anti-Corruption Authority).

Stool dances at the top have had their time. Even as the BBI troupe herald it as the salvation.

So, talking about the pandemic of graft that has riddled public offices in Kenya. Under the circumstances, what will the good guys do what Githong'o couldn't do?

Who is Twalib Mbarak? New EACC boss unpacked

Nairobi, January 14 2019

With his military intelligence and prowess, EACC CEO Twalib Mbarak has sworn to recover assets and end corruption.
With 34 years of experience in the military, is Mbarak the best-suited to take on the war on corruption in the next six years?

Right! Right under his much-hyped militarised nose, COVID billionaires sprang up, much like NYS 1&2 heists and the Eurobond under his predecessor.
No, it isn't hard-nosed, smart-moustached military men we need at the helm of EACC nor, for that matter, at the Metropolitan Nairobi management. There has never been a shortage of these prototypes running the unending war in Somalia. And that is the route which flooded us, remember, with all the confectionery sugar which, apart from being health hazards, killed off the remnants of the sugar industry in Western. Nor did they leave any tree standing in their drive to manufacture charcoal. Dealing with Al-Shabaab has tended to be an exclusive RECCE squad affair.

The rise of military men to civilian jobs is therefore but the development of a visibility. The power balance within the  military-political complex, is now such that the soldiers feel confident enough to be highly visible. And that is everywhere in hitherto apparent civilian reserves. Their greed has overcome their restraint. And of course the stupidity of the political class ---putting the nation on a war-footing every election cycle and demanding the military enforce the riggings, has convinced the soldiers they couldn't possibly do worse.
It is in this background that Oparanya the idiot chair of CoG struck me as a blind escalation. Oparanya says September 17th will be the self-destruct day for the county governments, unless the senate is dissolved, sorry, Team Kenya is liquidated!

Okay, that is a power vacuum announced: what an opportunity for yesterdays pirates! What an opportunity for Young Turks! And other tomorrows' heroes!

But that is the long term.

Today, Brigadiers and Majors and even Leteli Kanalis, prepare to run the counties. The governors have announced their surrender, intent to abdicate officially. But Devolution was so brutally fought for. The 2010 constitution is so mutilated it is a caricature; yet another monstrous surgery is planned on it by the BBI gang. It is positively a Frankestein document in becoming. The only remaining residue of a flower of the second liberation is the county. Itself a ramshackle entity in terms of administration and performance. And this too is now up for retirement!


Remember your history lessons: when the colonial exploitation of Africa, when the capitalist expropriation was equated to Civilisation and Christianisation, was any of your great grands, however illiterate, fooled?

No they weren't. They were merely overwhelmed by the KILL-POWER and high-tech cruelty of the Whiteman. But that the struggle was on, would be brutal, long and multifaceted, was obvious. The Africans would take a long time re-collecting their dispersed wits, but do they would, and ultimately embark on a series of sophisticated armed struggles. The names --FLN, MPLA, FRELIMO--- you might have heard of.

Why are our politicians such a school of failures, such a nest of rot, such a herd of grief, such an obsessive act of greedy debauchery?

But I am told the best question to be asked and answered, is What Is to Be Done?

But I really don't feel like being bothered with that question for more than a second. The question represents the implosion of intellect at the top, a vacuum within the intellectual wing of the looting, elite class. Lower down the food chain, theft, however mediocre and pathetic, is heavily punished. Cow, chicken and egg thieves when caught by the public, are routinely killed in one or other terrible ritual of lynching. You can check your locals daily for an update.

Obviously then, what to be done about thieves is common wisdom in Kenya: KILL THEM.

The rest are shenanigans.

The senate seatings on COVID billionaires is as such, an exercise in shenaniganism. And now we can go along the list of Mega Corruption which have rocked the GoK in the past decade. The way the authorities have handled them, have all been show cases of asking for it. Asking for a mowing down of rot at the top. This top is without a doubt highly skilled in smokescreens and shenaniganism, but they are necessarily deluded in their infallability, eternity and immunity.

They therefore propose with very hard eyes, that the 2022 Elections are just another formality. The looting continues unabated, things stay the same. The Kenyan voter will endorse and live with the looting and rigging.

It is a dangerous gamble. The charms of the tribal chieftains --Uhuru, Raila and Ruto, may, come 2022, no longer be that spell binding. And that is not because the ethnic narrative will no longer be effective, nay, on the contrary, it is because devolution has produced a local own monster that the rebellion will be local.

NB: There is such a local monster in Migori called O'rain O-Bird-O! They love Raila in Migori, but there is a flood of tic-toc videos in Luoland on the issue: just like ODM laundered Waiguru in Kirinyaga, Covid Billionaires and other corrupt ODM governors, Migori demands equal treatment otherwise it is victimisation! Suddenly the impeachment is no longer so straightforward.


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« Reply #45 on: September 12, 2020, 02:15:10 PM »

 It so happens in history, that not all men who rose to the top of power, always had mothers of spotless honor.

Many a bastard, or a son of a whore, have become King. By hook or crook, by wile or guile.

All that created a major psychological problem.

Few societies have flattering jokes about women of certain morals; all societies have formalized hypocrisy to assuage the brittle egos of their bloody royalties. This official, formalized hypocrisy is again a fertile ground for even more unflattering jokes –--in secret. For in history, Elephant Sons have protected the imagined dignity of their Elephant Mothers with punishments where death is considered lucky.

By the time we reach 2020, counted since the demise of our lord, and, in Kenya, we publicly engage in a mock convulsion of shock, on the occasion of an Elephant mother undressed in public, excoriated by the rogue tongues of the Rift Valley, in turn decrying the disrespect visited upon their Hustler Hero, once the co-president, one dare say history has repeated itself so much such that it is just all entertainment value, folklore.

President Uhuru Kenyatta responds to Oscar Sudi and Johanna Ngeno. "Tell those fools of yours to go and insult their mothers and leave my mother alone." He was speaking in Kiambu town today.

End of story.  Or ... (arrests for a non-existent crime!?) :*

But it has not always been this simple in history.

I have several insane examples in the long history of power enforcing non-existent respect. Ivan the Terrible, the terrible Czar of Russia, could be very artistic in such endeavors of cruelty. There are folk poems about Shaka Zulu, much ridiculed for a fixed Mother complex, telling of the bastard crown prince slowly driving heated assegais up the rear quarters of men who at one time laughed out his mother loudly. But again, heated assegais up hind quarters could be thinly veiled codes for man-to-man naked combat.

An Arab joke goes about the mother of a now deceased great Arab dictator. She must have taken her love for dogs too far, becoming one to produce such a dog! Every time the people looked at any stray female dog, they grinned conspiratorially: O Mother of the Great One! How are you today! And, in private, every time they saluted the ubiquitous portrait of the strongman, they remarked: O great son of a B!tch, there you are! Very soon the intelligence services heard, and the word B!Tch became a summary death sentence.

In the neighboring Arab country, also under a brutal dictator, the first lady was colloquially known as the first B1tch or B1. Very soon, looking at a dog, any dog, became a hazardous activity in the Arab lands, all of them apparently under the great sons of …. you know.

(The jovial question why do we Arabs hate dogs has a sting in the tail: just look around who is in power all over Arabia! One looses his love for dogs, no!?) A people do understand their realities, perfectly. It would take a scholar at least 5 years of paid PhD study to reach exactly that conclusion, which is market-place chit-chat.

Idi Amin Dada could tell endless jokes about women, but woe be upon you if you followed his example and one of your jokes jarred him. He was very sensitive about the reputation of his mother. Then there is Henry the 8th of England. The jokes about his mother are in tune with the Egyptian jokes about the mother of Nasser. They were such big babies the thighs of their mothers forgot to close after the deliveries. And that is the way their mothers stayed for the remainder of their lives. Flat on their backs and open thighed for all! Only in death were the thighs of these Elephant Mother's forced to unite once more.

Caught bad-mouthing the mother of Henry, there were instruments in the tower which would disembowel you from the rear end, as if you were to be mummified. Nasser would just deposit you to the Egyptian Bastille.


“It was designed so that those who go in don’t come out again unless dead. It was designed for political prisoners.”

—Ibrahim Abd al-Ghaffar, former warden, during a television interview in 2012

 Built amid one of the country’s most violent internal conflicts, Scorpion has for most of its history been used to hold those viewed as Egypt’s most dangerous prisoners, including alleged members of al-Gama`a al-Islamiyya (the Islamic Group) and Egyptian Islamic Jihad, both of which participated in a widespread extremist insurgency in the 1980s and 1990s. Among Scorpion’s prisoners were those accused of taking part in the assassinations of President Anwar Sadat in 1981 and speaker of parliament Rifaat al-Mahgoub in 1990

Morsi and co, the batch that is the crop of the first, by public suffrage, elected presidency in Egypt's history, would meet their designed deaths here. This Egyptian Bastille called the Scorpion these days, uncannily echoes the special punishment the female pharao, Hatshepshut, bestowed upon those who ridiculed her alleged love affair with the architect Senenmut. He was her construction chief of staff. (18th dynasty @1479–1458 BC)

The TEKHENU (obelisko) commissioned by the pharaoh Senusret I, 1971 to 1926 BC

NB: This Senenmut improved the above design (of obelisks) and constructed the then tallest structure in the world at the tomb in Karnak.


When it is good, it stays good. Senusret told his chief architect in 1960 BC. The architect didn't want to annoy the King, but he questioned the ….. Wisdom of such a risky skyscraper. The King is said to have replied: it is a symbol of my, mate. The King's must be thought of as Kingly. Take the risk. This imagery would become a ruling class epidemic. Even soft old co.cks would represent themselves with pompous and boisterous skyscraping rocks. Even if stolen.

 Here it is reproduced by Effel in Paris, 1887 AD! Other material for more height.


Washington DC

St Peter's Square, Vatican City, Rome.


 Luxor Obelisk, Paris, Plaza de la Concord.

Here below, the variation at  AKSUM ETHIOPIA


So, we know there were days Rulers were gods, and their kith and kin, divine, thus beyond common law. They had absolute power, and, like the crown prince of a famous Arab land today, could cut an annoyance to bits by bone- or chainsaw, have him fed to the dogs and get away with it. Those were the days which had to come to an end with much blood flowing in the capital cities.

 In Kenya, after the presidency of Mwai Kibaki with his two public wives of which only one must be called first lady in public, any president who wants to erect in public, the unquestionable honor of the women closest to him, has found the wrong country to head.

First, the presidency of Kenya today is a co-regency gone wrong. And worse, there is a de facto alternative president without portfolio, the people's Agwambo. When a political elite reduces the highest, may be the holiest office in the land to such a tripatriate mockery, the intensity of the hypocrisy which will infuse our public professions of respect can only be qualified as sinister.

We know the politicians in the land are a dead-end for this country. The way they steal is national economic suicide in slow-motion. The way they abuse power, rig elections is beyond sane endurance. But we call them Honorable, His Excellency, Mheshimiwa and all that crap you know so well, the same crap we hear over the radio and TV daily as they are interviewed by a linguistically corrupt, or inept, owned journalism.

This total dissociation from the truth, is what convinces me our sycophantic, slavish terminology is sinister.

It is double speak; they are the words of forked tongues from decided hearts. There are no more Kenyans who think corruption is good for Kenya. No Kenyan who thinks the rule of thieves is good. We recognize instinctively it is an ancien regime, sinking slow motion. And it is this sinister background that Emurua Dikirr MP, Johana Ng'eno, and Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi spoke without forked tongue. But what did they really say, that has put them on the spot, that has ostracized them and earned them the wholesale condemnation of their peers of the political class?


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« Reply #46 on: September 12, 2020, 06:32:28 PM »

Sudi had actually dared Uhuru Kenyatta to come and arrest him at his home in Kapsaret if he wants. (02:40 )

It has become a farcical narrative.  That the two outspoken gentlemen insulted the Elephant Mother! Ngina. I wanted to hear Sudi myself. And I can't hear the purpoted insult. The reference to Mama Ngina is equivocative. Sudi had heard Ng'eno had been arrested for disrespecting Uhuru's mother. --Now, nobody's mother is more special than anybody's mother, seems to be his point. The Kenyan constitution doesn't allow that apartheid thing: of some mothers are more equal than others.

Sudi: 'don't think your mother has more boobs than my mother. And if you think your father, to produce you and Muhoho, spermed her more or otherwise than my father did my mother, we want to inform you we too have parents worthy of respect ----and Kenya is not your private fiefdom. It belongs to 50 Million of us, Kenyans.

It is the president himself he is reading the riot order, and it is about H.E's miserable and deplorable treatment of his former partner, Ruto. It has brought bitterness.

It is a pretty straightforward impromptu speech by a man who admits 'wako na uchungu sana ndani, because of the way William Ruto has been mistreated ---ni kama mtu hafai. He has been reduced to a squarter in a government he fought for and formed ....''

A lot of commentators and politicians would have us believe this is hate speech, or borders on it, or disrespects the 2nd Mrs. Jomo.

That is utter nonsense. But a necessary part in the propaganda war, where the trade is in falsehoods. Telling Uhuru Kenyatta to go home and stop bullying Ruto seems to this mercenary commentariat, a bigger crime than the names of the companies of looters Oscar Sudi revealed the previous day.

 Uhuru Kenyatta is in reality the puppet head of an economically gangster regime. Behind him, an obsessive pillage goes on. A cartel of corruption is milking the land dry, in  :*  fashion.

If you remember the antics of your Lord Dalamere's.

Kenya was their playground, by virtue of high birth. That time, it was a racial hierarchy. Today, it is a plutocratic hierarchy, with a distinctly coalescing financial aristocracy. It is a parasitic entreprise all through. And just like at its peak the Whiteman's Mischief in Kenya was but a display of a social pathology before a political demise, the impunity and financial outrages committed by our contemporary plutocracy is their death-knell sounding. And them rocking to it.


If one knows not the big picture, the global chess game of power, local quislings may loom large, assume the limitless prowess of gods of immortality. These are licensed by the heavens to indulge their dark sides at leisure on Planet Earth, country Kenya.

But no way, it aint like that at all. The perennial economic underperformance of Kenya demystifies the gods, pulls the rag from under their act, reduces them to litter ripe for that famous ash-heap.

People like Jubilee Troubleshooter David Murathe are just cartel errand- and playboys. Sandwiched between the Breton Woods framework on one hand, that is IMF&World Bank running Patrick Njoroge at the Central Bank and, on the other side, The Exim Bank of China financing everything (even the salary of county toilet clerks in Peter Kenneth's Murang'a), it is a search for the captain to navigate the crushing rocks of Gyrae, Argo style. Howbeit, it is a search for that needle in that gianT haystack, to find a Kenyan in high office setting out any policy for Kenyans tomorrow. Nay, yhe whole pack pretending the levers are escorts and mascots paid handsomely to facilitate national ruin. Thus economically ruined, the population broken, but branded with Hoduma numbers the way concentration camp inmates were in NAZI Germany, national resources and dignity can then be auctioned in the name of DEBT repay.

That is the historical purpose of these people in power.

One has to follow the money to the last cent. We are informed due to projections on Covid fatalities, Kenyan became high, went beserk on daily loans. Ukur Yattani and Patrick Njoroge went haywire on a debt binge.

The government borrowed over Sh430 billion between February 1 and June 30 this year, a report tabled in the National Assembly shows.
The, according the National Treasury, will be used to finance various development projects.
The report tabled by Leader of Majority Aden Duale on Wednesday shows the amount will come from the 29 loans signed between the government and bilateral, multilateral and commercial creditors.
The document notes that some Sh156 billion worth of the loans from commercial creditors- PTA Bank and a consortium of lenders comprising the Standard Chartered Bank, Standard Bank, CITI Bank and Rand Merchant bank-has already been disbursed.

Gotcha! That was in 2017 when Duale and Murkomen still held sway!

Kenya borrowed Sh430bn in four months - report

September 2017 DN
Those were the days Aden Duale was mentally offside, and degenerate enough to declare  the Defence and Security Budget should be outside the audit responsibilities of the Auditor General, that time a certain hawk-eyed Eduard Ouko. Let us see the brass core turn around the Kenya Meat Commission, like they did the ammo factory at Eldoret! Uhuru does not seem as much a lame duck as a tame lamb on their lap.

And here is the one I was thinking of,  THIS SEPTEMBER. It is the insert Ukur Yattani as his weight in gold for Covid Billionaires

Covid-19: How Kenya took Sh4.5bn loan every day

Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Health ministry experts projected millions of corona infections.
Kenya went all out to secure a financial war chest.

The country is now emerging on the other end of the coronavirus crisis, counting the cost of the pandemic with a mountain of debt and millions of job losses.
Kenya borrowed Sh4.5 billion every 24 hours in the first three months of the Covid-19 pandemic, in a debt accumulation spree rarely witnessed in any East African country.
Backed by modelling simulations by Health ministry experts, who projected millions of corona infections, Kenya went all out to secure a financial war chest
secure a war ches yeah ..
except it has been a war against the public and common man. The war chest was to generate COVID BILLIONAIRES. And in part finance the next rigging come 2022.

This means the Uhuru Presidency is the best thing ever to happen to state-connected conmen, the so-called tenderpreneurs; it is also a tremendous windfall to embedded bureaucratic looters and political brokers like Murathe, Atwoli and you know who else: ---Oscar Sudi of course mentioned the companies and the names of the COVID beneficiaries/parasites.

Howbeit all you know is Oscar made unsavoury remarks about what kind of stuffs are covered by the inner wear of the Elephant Mother!?

The Swahili and English parts of the clips I have repeatedly listened to, reveal no such insights into out-of-sight anatomical quarters of high-stationed mothers. The beef looks much more the beans he spilt on who is who in the COVID looting.

But the police, hinting at how much Fred Matiang'i is a priced if stupid muscle man of the cartels that run state house, did this
Drama ensued on Friday night when a contingent of police made an attempt to Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi.  The officers were led by Uasin Gishu police boss Johnstone Ipara.
The security agents arrived at Mr Sudi's home at around 8:30pm and camped outside his home until 7.10am on Saturday. The whereabouts of the MP remains unknown.
The locals barricaded the road leading to the lawmaker's home off the Eldoret-Kapsabet road with logs, tractors and boulders at several points.
Police managed to clear the road at around 3:30am.
No one has claimed the names and documents Sudi furnished to equivocate the COVID thieves are fake. Therefore it is clear the cartel, disturbed, wants to know how much more info Sudi has in his house. Possibly too, chance upon the source.
Uasin Gishu Woman Representative Gladys Shollei, who is also the MP's lawyer, told the Nation that the police managed to do a night search inside Mr Sudi's house. The MP was not there.
Leaders condemned the police for forcing their way into Mr Sudi's home at night without giving a valid reason
Valid reason: they want to know how much insider dirt Oscar Sudi has on them.
Insulting the Elephant Mother is a good tabloid story, but the condition of the ancient boobs of his excellency's momma is neither the first nor anywhere near the top-ten priorities of the battles the quisling class are up to.

In one day, all top three reduced the Corona protocols to what Magafuli said they were at the beginning. Unrealistic. They held mammoth rallies. Old school close-packed. No social distancing.

We know thus how tense it is at the top. And it is set to escalate.

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« Reply #47 on: September 20, 2020, 11:35:12 AM »

That is the Kakamega senator. Earlier on, he was much more famous as the witty writer of award winning plays like the SHACKLES OF DOOM. A few weeks ago, he was a most prominent member of Team Kenya. TK was the group of young senators who, citing conscience and thus a higher moral awareness, wouldn't snatch ugali from the mouths of starving Turkana's (and other such historically maligned Kenyans), only to come add it to their own populous locals. The dynasties that divide and rule Kenya wanted to bribe the voter-rich areas, and that at the expense of more deserving, left-behind, arid and sparsely populated counties. The historical marginalisation of such communities would be enshrined once again in the new constitution, courtesy of the new revenue sharing bill, concocted by narrow aristocratic interests. Team Kenya dragged their feet. The caucus of governors threatened to shut down counties. Uhuru and his Handshake clowns panicked. Tension skyrocketed.

Skeletons fell out of cupboards.

Senator Malala seems to have had a major one in his cupboard. First, the intimidation by arrests conducted by choice goons aligned to the state muscleman, Capo Matiang'i, failed to achieve the desired effect. There was no breakthrough in the senate. The timid trio of nominated senators who were to vote in the place of the (temporarily police kidnapped) rebel senators, were proven out of their depths. Then Big Boy and Heavy Puncher Raila Odinga entered the fray. Raila Odinga has always been the peoples president, winning elections but never achieving power. In his old age he has decided to abandon the people and put all his eggs in the baskets of the system, and deep state. He attacked Malala from behind, in Malala's own Kakamega turf. He accused the first-time senator of having faked his arrest to achieve cheap publicity and sympathy, but only to deflect from his true motives which had nothing to do with a higher moral ground he purported to assume.

Raila left the implication hanging, but as an experienced soldier, he knew once a beast is wounded, there are enough bloodhounds in the jungle that shall hunt as a pack. And in deed, no sooner had he spoken than Rashid Echesa hit the blood trail. Senator Malala was cornered, and his nerves broke.

Let no one cheat you. In real life, and more so in dread combat, steely nerves will ride. There is no room for cowardice at the frontline where the ambitions of men and vanities of women run amok. Cowards must never covet the limelight. For they will flinch, even at a mock thrust. Thus becoming ridiculous and laughing stock.

Nerves are top important. One needs them cold in the ruthless games of power. A high pain threshold is also mandatory in the brutal world of politics,  where sure swords will be that cut deep, occasionally fatally. This is why I laughed at Dr. Ekuru Eukot with his PUNDA IMECHOKA effort. It was a brilliant narrative, true and popular, but the man fronting it had not what it takes to see it through. It needed a tenacious and cold-blooded frontman. It needed a gladiator's mindset, entering the arena with the knowledge, it is a do or die; and even a do can still be a die, having suffered a mortal wound in the win. Ekuru wanted to liberate donkeys without considering how ferocious the owners of such donkeys would counter react, since they loved it to death, that their burdens are borne so patiently by docile beasts locked in their fate, forever. Earlier on I had watched Dr, Ekuru announce himself the official leader of the opposition, yet nobody could remember anything bad power did he ever opposed. That meant his declaration was Bullsh!t, a publicity stunt.

Presidential Candidate Dr Ekuru Aukot Declares Himself the Official Opposition Leader

Tue, 10/31/2017

Thirdway Alliance presidential contender Dr. Ekuru Aukot has declared himself the official opposition leader following the announcement of President Uhuru as the winner of the October 26th repeat presidential election.
In a statement on his Twitter account on Monday evening, Dr
Aukot, who trailed both President Uhuru and National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga in the race for state house, vowed to put the government on its toes.
"Today we take our role as the official opposition and to President @UKenyatta congratulations, we shall put your government into check," tweeted Aukot. 
That 26th October 2017 repeat election was massively boycotted. It would set the stage for the famous KALONGOLONGO swearing in at Uhuru Park on January 30th the next year.

Aukot's intellect, or even political instincts, had not helped him decipher the situation and historical moment correctly. And no, he didn't dare be at Uhuru Park at the swearing in of the peoples president. ---Nerves you know, nerves! They do fail a man at a decisive moment. (the way a power failure resulting in a soft c.ock, too can!)

Howbeit now the good Doc seems to have hit the real skids. Too much appetite for the skirts. He has lost his own party and his facing acrimonious fall outs.

Dr Ekuru Aukot expelled from his own party

By Judah Ben-Hur | September 9th 2020

The man who was known as the face of Thirdway Alliance has been expelled from his party after long-standing contentious friction according to the party's National Executive Committee (NEC).

The final nail has been hammered into Dr. Ekuru Aukot's political coffin in the Party after what the NEC termed as lack of civility, moral and social integrity, wanton defiance of court orders and financial impropriety.
Eh! FINANCIAL IMPROPRIETY! that graveyard of many brilliant minds!

More about that challenge later.

But first, back to Malala's nerves.

Himself a disdraced youth, Rachid Echesa swore Malala had had his house built by handouts from William Ruto. This was when the dramatist was still MCA but was planning for higher things. Now, a handout is not a loan. Handouts are what slayqueens live on. Slayquen is of course a Kenyan euphemism for a high-end prostitute, keeping up appearances of prosperity on Chinese loans:*  Rashid Echesa's revelation was a primed dagger to the heart of the hitherto rising star of the Mulembe, Kakamega Cleopas Malala. It now became clear what Raila Odinga had been hinting at with cheek. Malala's much ado about arrests had been to distract from the fact that he was a Ruto errand boy, a hired and owned sleeper!

Senator Malala was gunned out of his wits and cracked. He wept the tears of shame at the senate. Indirectly. What would his murder achieve, even to his deadliest opponents?

Cleopas Malala is young. And it is a good school to suffer some blows when young. If it heals well, it becomes a scar that reminds of the follies of youth, no longer to be repeated. Malala's mind is clear, but his thinking is ideologically muddied. #He wants a great house and accepts handouts from one of the most corrupt politicians in the land; thereafter he wants to stand up for the common man nationwide, for social justice. That is a suicidal balancing act. He will be cut down even before he completes one dance. He has to make up his mind ideologically. ----You know Bildad Kaggia was here.

And he is on the record. By word and deed, and consequences.

'Jomo (Kenyatta), you know the difference between you and I is that you are a thief. I am not. And I have no desires to enjoy the proceeds of theft. Thank you! A government of  justice would put you to prison, not I to detention!''

I call it the Bildad Kaggia challenge.

NB: These days challenges are all the rage on YouTube. They (dancing challenges) were started by innovative African musicians out to popularise their genres. And in this respect, African creativity has in deed turned boundless. One of the most viral was the ROSALINA CHALLENGE, by BM  feat Awillo Longomba.

The latest is the J ERUSALEMA  challenge by Master Kg from South Africa.

This contemporary popular sense is the context in which I reference this challenge in kenyan history which I call the Bildad Kaggia.

Who is it in politics who has the riveted, raw gut integration of character which Bildad Kaggia put so simply. ---I am not a thief, neither do I harbour the desire to enjoy the proceeds of theft in any fashion!

Anybody in politics who is game on Kaggia?

Consider this: what is the human problem of being a pimp!? Which makes it such a despicable profession! And what is the hazard in handling in stolen property, which makes it a universal criminal offence?

Bildad Kaggia revisited ----- that will be the day when Cleopas Malala will put his mind to this moral parable, in a mind-boggling play called the Kaggia Challenge.

Yeah, If you knowingly or unknowingly accept money from the Thief in Chief, how compromised are you as a handler in stolen property? How safe are you as a man of the cloak to be trusted with the flock, in the same event?
Catholic Church denies Pope ordered for return of Ruto's gift
By Nation Team March 4th, 2019

The Catholic Church Sunday waded into the war of words between Deputy President William Ruto and ODM leader Raila Odinga in regard to a gift to its new Archbishop of Kisumu Philip Anyolo.
John Cardinal Njue, Sunday said he was not aware of Mr Odinga's claims over the Pope's directive to the Church
These questions are important, and more so for the minds of those who deal at depth with culture: the literati. Those like Ngugi wa Thiong'o, Francis Imbuga, Okot P'Bitek, Binyavanga Wainaina and yes, O yes, Cleopa Malala of the famous Shackles of Doom!

No, Cleopa Malala's political mind had not yet come to terms with this quagmire. It was therefore Rashid Echesa''s ambush which woke him to the dilemma, that for all his moral aptitude, he can be publicly dismissed as little less than Ruto's private usetool. Essentially laughed at as a co-Mulembe competitor in concubinage with the now diminished Ababu Namwamba and Bonny Khalwale at The Hustler's harem!

That is a hurting place to be. His reconciliation with Musalia MDVD must be considered the begin of a healing process. One hopes he learnt a lesson in reality as opposed to art. Art is fictionalised, reality never.


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« Reply #48 on: September 26, 2020, 06:10:39 PM »

I love stories about Trojan Horses. And outgoing CJ David Maraga recently opened just such a trap-door. Thereout sprung Nelson Havi of the LSK. The young attorney went around pontificating like some oracle of Delphi, out to rival the constitutional prowess of the old oak of Dodona, Solomon James Orengo.

Ajimmy this time appears to have hung his mental boots and gloves.  He is a no-show in the thick of things constitutional.

The citadel of corruption, the parliament of Kenya, and the adjunct nest of corruption, the seat of the presidency of Kenya, find themselves invaded by a stealthy foe which, like a sudden and lethal pandemic, threatens wide (career) deaths. It also imposes a siege mentality, or lockdown. Parliament is illegal. It is unconstitutional, illegitimate and fraudulently earning. The fat perks of the Mpigs is one huge swindle. They can not transact binding business!

This proposed arrest is the death thrust which must be nursed somehow; this to allow a mortally wounded Uhuru to stagger to the finish.

But more about the last kicks of dying horses later. (Those dying kicks could be anything of the Jubilee regime, or the BBI, or Maraga's tenure as CJ, or Ruto's vice or co-presidency; and the dynastic fantasies of eternal social dominance codified in the handshake fronted by the princely scions, Odinga and Kenyatta)


The Federal Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, famous in her country with her initials RBG like JFK is, died one of these weekends ago. What has made her legendary within the cycles of jurisprudence in that country, the USA, is the intellect and interpretative rigour she brought to the lethal (if not controversial) questions that came before her desk. She needed not be right every time, but one would have to be in ones best law-school reads to pull one on her.

That she could be counted a combatant on the progressive wing of the otherwise conservative Court, was always a historical plus for the respective people of her country.

However, in Germany, members of the public and the learned fraternity would just shrug. Judge RBG simply did what she was trained and hired to do, expectably and consistently to the best of her abilities work-life long. This degree of professional competence, is what every German is expected to do at work. Whether they are toilet cleaners at railway stations or plastic scavengers at nudist camps, the ethos is the pay is for work executed well. This means there is nothing spectacular in doing your job excellently. Consistent excellence is the general rule rather than the exception. You imbibe that with mum's milk (the way we do with our ethnic prejudices!)

If one does not import this (German oddity?), it will be impossible for one to understand how a country can be destroyed twice over in one generation, completely by war, yet again achieve the economic top in no time. The Wirtschaftwunder (or ECONOMIC MIRACLE) is simply everybody performing top gear in their professions. If it is to shape rocks, they shape the best rocks;
if its to build trains, they do them best (SIEMENS),
if it is to run, they rail them best (Deutsche Bahn);
if it is to cook githeri and fry fish, they rank best;
if it is to kill people, they beat the records (extermination camps for untermenschen);
if it is cars, the engineering skills-set is a road roar.
—---and if it is to renovate a dead colonial era railway known as the lunatic express, across the Rift Valley to a hyacinth swamped, once great Lake Port of a defunct EAC, well, wouldn't the effort beat a brand new Chinese-built SGR from Joho to Sonko!?

Why revamped Nakuru-Kisumu rail line is more than nostalgia

 Monday, August 24, 2020

However, the hope for the revival of these industries or at least three quarters of them lies in the rehabilitation of the railway line between Nakuru and Kisumu at the cost of Sh3.7 billion.  And this is nigh. Already, the Kenya Defence Forces, KDF has initiated rehabilitation of the railways, with National Youth Service personnel being behind the clearing of bushes along the 217 kilometre line and other manual jobs. Revamp of the 100-year-old metre gauge that collapsed 25 years ago gives hope to farmers, businessmen, manufactures and travellers that the cost of transport will finally be manageable. Most have been using lorry to transport goods

Better late than never.

China, however benevolent and condescending a nanny, can't fund everything for Africans, up to pit latrines in their bushy backyards!

It is therefore great to see us shaving our own pubic hair and hunting the itchy lice down, to snuff out between our dirty nails, economically speaking.

However, in Germany, it is not like when you get 9/10 in Math your teacher will shout Hurrah, EXCELLENT!
What for?
It is when you get 6.5/10 that you will be told MORON, find something you better do! But where I come from, unfortunately as you can insinuate, getting a 5.5 after repeating a Math's paper would be an all-night dancing celebration.
Talk about culture shocks!
Talk about the diversity of human experience! (the world is on to bullet trains, TGV's, magetic flux trains, smart phones, Mpesa apps and e-SIMS! but here I am with my museum piece, riding high in pride!)

 All these things have been passing through my mind the past few days.


First, a Judge detained (without trial) Kapseret Mpig Oscar Sudi for hate speech. The charge sheet included incitement and disrespect visited upon the body of Mama Ngina. Ngina is defined here as the Holy Mother of Jesus.

To give birth to H.E Uhuru, the scriptures allege, her knower was none other than the Angel Whoever It Was. Yet Sudi with his rough tongue had declared the elixir-grade milk which came out of Holy Ngina's udders, and which belched the twin immortals Uhuru and Muhoho, was no more qualitative than that Kalenjin Sour which suckled and fattened him, to the Rotund Sudi we know. That his Nandi Momma had peasant teats is no qualification to be looked down upon by the dynasts. And this Hustler point has to be made, even at the price of wrath from the sons of Heaven who, yes they imagine they do, have divine mandate to rule Kenya with impunity.


Sudi hit a raw nerve.

''How dare he!?'' –--Segments of the split-tongued political class went berserk with make-believe disgust! Mercenary Judges were quickly found to compound the effects. These are the kinds who jailed Unionized Doctors, KPMDU leaders, and later reversed and reversed themselves on many of their rulings. They come a dozen a dime in the corridors of Justice in Kenya. They are a conveyor belt series from our law schools. Few are defect enough to showcase intellectual depth and constutional churn like our late RBG of the US Federal Court.

There is no jurisprudence our Nairobi mates wrote worthy of quote. Let alone study, other than for the purposes of going gaga on blatant stupidity, excessively paid for by the tax-payer.
If Kenyan structural engineers and builders construct multi-storey buildings which are wont to burry the tenants alive, Kenyan judges too pronounce rulings which are more ramshackle than the houses of torn cards or cardboards! And this they all do –--cry for Wanjiku, for FULL PAY!


 That raw deal is actually my problem. I don't mind David Maraga, Hellen Wasilwa, Dulo Korir or whoever, being a total moron in public if that is what tics them up. But I mind deeply that they draw heavy salaries from Wanjeku while rendering below par service in exchange.
That is not nice.
That is a hard-nosed fraud beyond my endurance.

I am old-fashioned.

 I hold everybody should do well the job they are paid to do. Street sweepers should sweep the streets well;
 tailors of police uniforms should do them smartly –--they should make effort to accentuate the curvy forms of or naturally well-crafted womenfolk;
the KDF should kill Al-Shabaab and not let themselves be the ones wiped out like at El-Adde;
yeah, anybody doing any job should do it at 6.5/10 on the average

That should be good enough.

 After all, we are not Germans to start frowning at 8 as a fail. (We are not conceited and deluded enough to profess we are the Herrenvolk) No, if we can't even keep plastic litter from loitering the winds at our PSV parks, it would be a sensational feat in self mockery to claim superiority even over NAZI's! (A sheeps lot if humans can ever be so described).

When I chance upon a public toilet in the slums of Nairobi and sheet greets me at the non-existent door, I tend to suffer some seizures which cloud my mind with very dark thoughts. From the local MCA to the President of the country, I fume, the concentration camp and cremate, live. —----Shower the land, with the dust of the spoilers!
 Let the people cough, the thieves turned to dust
Let the eyes turn teary, with the dust of bandits!
Mourn not O Child for the thieves literally converted to dust!

Once the chimneys of Africa proudly spew the smoke of justice visited upon structural thieves who, looting the land and people dry, pirated power to their private whims, then, me churns, will public service in Africa rise to a 5.5/10 deliverance mark.

And that would be an astronomical increment from the no service now. —-No?

The Sudi case, soon after the similar Ng'eno case, should have precipitated a soul-searching, jurisprudentially speaking, on the freedoms of expression in Kenya, in so far as they should be subjected to some elementary controls, if any.

Sometimes this censorhip model is called moderation.

But instead, this cardinal issue was a no-go area. The voices heard all tended to indict Sudi. It was therefore a burst of fresh air through the stale party discipline, when Raila Junior Odinga came up to defend the right to free speech, and, in the process, lambast the ossified party of his father for its loss of mission, purpose, sense and popular touch.

Howebeit in the silence to defend Sudi's right of free speech (and immunity from persecution by the entrenched Kenyatta clique) was particularly deafening from the Luo front. This front boasts some very lethal legal minds when unleashed for this or other popular purpose. There you count him, the sage Orengo Jims, peer of Solomon the wise on matters constitution;
there you count him, Kaluma Opondo, eloquent to the heavens in matters civil law;
 there you stand in awe at him, Kabudha Otiende Amollo, first among his peers and the very writer of the constitution;
 there blessed in his prescence you baske, Prof. PLO Lumumba, the god's own messenger, orator and spokesman;
there you smile at their mother's prides, the two Kajwang's at law with stupendous intellect;

That is just to mention a few patriot missiles when cocked at might, ready to defend Wanjiku's airspace. But they all went on strike, like our health personel ar wont to do of late over pay.

The formidable Luo legal strike force all abandoned Oscar Sudi.

This day was their off day, or perhaps their minds jammed, like great Ferrari Engines fuelled with laced oil from the hands of some saboteur. Yes, something had to give, technically speaking. Howbeit it was the reject from the royal family, Raila Junior with his funny looks, anatomically offside mouth, who shouted LOOK: our best and brightest have suffered a mental stroke! They are tongue-tied and dumb and blind! None bothers to defend Oscar Sudi's rights; and that is a historical sin!

Wololo Mama Yoo!  He was compelled to piga n-duru.

Now, me-grins that was excellent public service from The Ugly One. Behold, and pro bono too it was!
 There is plenty hope for Africa! The best things that will happen to her will not necessarily be from the paid under performers, however brilliant and attractive they be! I Watch the pro bono swords that clang the front lines! There are no mercenaries there. There are plenty dead shot hands, brandishing genuine rage, authentic patriotism.

Hmm, Miguna banned, Sudi silenced, Ruto excommunicated …  what no ... and very soon, who knows, parliament disbanded!

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« Reply #49 on: October 04, 2020, 01:50:13 AM »

Which way Kenya?

The second republic keeps up a bon vivant facade. It is a democratic entity of sorts. But behind that veil, not much of a mask, is a modern tale of political horror. This is why there are vicious currents pulling in opposite directions, simultaneously. In deed the crevices widen the more. The latest escalation, is that Ouru Kenyatta is canvassing opinion, not to disband parliament as advised by the Chief Justice Maraga, but to suspend his deputy and co-president, thereto sack him. Mr. Kenyatta has reduced his legacy to one agenda: thwarting the ambition of William Ruto.

In my opinion that makes H.E a goat. Even with Raila backing his corner, this is not the time for Ouru to drive up a peg up Ruto's hinds, thinking literally of what the Qataris did to Gaddaffi. One consequence is that there is no room now for the outgoing president to deliver anything meaningful. His succession has overtaken him.

The daily headlines which is a diary of the troubles and worries of the ruling strata, is a powerful diagnostic. The more they call for unity, the more divisions they show. The more they say they stand for a united Kenya, the more they caricaturise themselves, since their practice is ethno balkanisation, provincial parochialism and treasonable financial plunder. The more the fight against corruption is heralded by the ruling elite, the more the same top brass engage in bestial corruption, punctuated by lawlessness. In deed the so-called COVID Millionaires is just the latest show of this malignant tendency. It has been serial behaviour. Mention NYS 1&2, or yesterdays expose on Kenya Airways, and those are just dots connecting an endless graph of consistent graft.

So much for reform from the inside. It is a dead end if there ever was one.

In the rule, it is important for a ruling class to maintain their class solidarity. That is how they can perpetuate their class rule. (Though in a much more truthful sense, the local ruling class of Kenya continues to be a NYAPARA lot. They are incapable of making anything work without subsidy from abroad. This subsidy from abroad is the twin act of Chinese Capital and its massive loans, plus the strategic crumbles from the duo, Breton Woods. Backed by such powerful finance, which are the hard interests dominating international trade, our locals can run a relatively safe looting regime, as if there is no tomorrow. It is hugely profitable for themselves, these suckers, who are merely parasites in the body politic of Wanjiku. But the game in town is more profitable for their controllers from afar. These are engrossed in the international game of world exploitation and domination. They need local hirelings who will betray the aspirations of their people for some thirty pieces apportioned a Judas.

Our locals must unite and develop an ideological narrative that keeps the status quo, and themselves up, in business. Howbeit this status (quo) incidentally coincides with the position of Africa at the bottom of the world economic pyramid. This dubious role is their historical mission, apportioned by the current, unbalanced global political economy.  The alternative is resistance, the popular struggle. In Kenya, no politician has been more effective in maintaining the rule of this parasitic class of locals than the Enigma, Agwambo Tinga. He has had the cunning and mercurial genius to earn the support of the disenfranchised mass, to mobilise and organise their aspirations; yet each time at the final moment, conscientiously deliver them to the abbattoir of the status quo. He has been unable to evolve beyond a rouble rouser, in which case he has always been a double act of the ruling class, like in a paid agent provocateur.

To the stupid and more stupid of his class, he has been a dangerous thug. But to the brainy, he has been the saviour. A man who wins elections twice but does not demand, insist with nasty vigour to assume the full implications of that fact, is a godsend to much more determined factions of the nefarious power class. Of course this (running the people around in circles) is improvisation and it is at best short term. Time finally runs out on falsehoods. (that bit about no fooling all the people all the time).

Dr. William Ruto is now angling to assume the mantle of Agwambo, that is to be the Deceiver in Chief of the  People of Kenya. Ruto is an Oligarch, a little dirty rotten Oligarch, but one with a national political virility. Given the power vacuum at the side of resistance, William has the drive to take his unsettling campaign door to door. It is the Hustler narrative, of rising hordes against the ossified dynasties. It is the republican sentiment, against the rot of the aristocrats holding Kenya back. (Ruto has of course been their obedient servant and tool all his life ---from apprenticing under the Moi's, to service in the Pentagon under Raila, therefrom transferring his favours to Mama Ngina's boy, Uhuru Kenyatta).

But of course ---vindu vichenjanga-- one can get born again. And not only always on the route to Damascus so to speak. Consciousness can develop slowly, evolving, getting honed by experience, until it boils over into radical or revolutionary aptitude. In radical thought that would be denoted with class suicide. But I certify Ruto a charlatan, a fake standard bearer. His championing of the peoples cause under the Hustler slogan is clownesque. He is of no use to Wanjiku's aspirations, because he has no radical economic thought to effect as reform, let alone revolution.  He has been in power long enough to be a known quantity. William is a man of the status quo. ---He is a pilferer like a petty thief, taking off his cuts off the Chinese loans, World Bank Loans, IMF reform packages and electoral rigging. He is, like Raila and Ouru, Kenya's past and not the future. He is a key part of the necrocratic complex running Kenya. (and in deed Africa).

But more often than not, History grins a nasty look at a people. The Future then wears the mask of the past, and the past, the future. That is where the term NECROCRACY comes in. A mentally dead regime replaces a mentally dead regime. A vicious cycle. There is displacement in time, which passes on, but there is no improvement in lives. It is stagnation. This has been the sequence: (post Mubarak Egypt under Sisi is a necrocratic continuation, Nigeria under Buhuari is the corruption limbo of the past refreshed; Algeria, Mali, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Malawi .... are all toppers where things changed to stay the same).  Yes, a past head replaces itself in effect ---(In Russia they called it KAPUTIN I think!). The period is a deep crisis known as stagnation. Such an interregnum, how be it, can also have its long run, but in this age, not much.

We are there now. The Second republic under Kenyatta is as dead-led as the first under who else? Kenyatta. The transition from Jomo to Uhuru, the generational transition from father to son, Odinga to Odinga, Moi to Moi or Mudavadi to Mudavadi mediated by DT Arap Moi, has been a jump from the frying pan of corruption to the fire of Mega, Hyper Corruption. Jubilee is a much more virulent strand of the original KANU corruption. Uhuru Kenyatta, without a mandate but with the backing of his fellow crown prince, Raila Odinga, signs away Mombasa port to the Chinese, then, failing to pay the SGR loans, frog leaps to France to tie Kenya once more to another shark, the Rothschild Macron.

Talk about the French term ancien regime.

Uhuru Kenyatta, on the lame duck stretch, with an illegal parliament at home which should be disbanded, has no mandate to transact such a sum on behalf of Wanjiku and her siblings to come. Ouru is therefore likely engaging in a personal business, the way the Hariri's of Lebanon engaged in personal business with former and current French Presidents. They did that using the state of Lebanon as collateral. It did not end well for that quisling dynasty of the Orient, since the future of a country, any country, has much more players and variables than the whims of a few oligarchs, however powerful their foreign backers are. Any colonial situation, by physical or financial template, always raises the resistance of a people, one way or another.  This may not be clearly visible, but it is always there.

So too here.

Within the narrative of Hustlers versus Dynasties, is enclosed a fiery core of meaning. This is independent of the fakeness of the man fronting it. But is a current powerful enough to force the false prophets to speak with a forked tongue. Trying to be in two places simultaneously --the camp of resistance, and the camp of the status quoists. The man holding up the republican standard, baying loudest that the dynasties must go, is one Samoei Ruto. And he parks quite a bark, and a tongue. So does history grin at a people. William may be a false Messiah, or fake Joshua like Raila, but the deliverance in question remains a necessity. The vacancy for the True man of the people remains open. It is a vacuum yawning for the right candidate. And it is a fact which no amount of propaganda nor mass manipulative skills can erase. It is this vacuum which produces candidates like General Miguna Miguna and the other red General, Martin Ngatia. There is a comical, even clownish ring to the names of the candidates jostling to midwife a new, better Kenya. All the more underscoring the fearsome need, the ruthless imperative.

Ruto will be contained if he does not get out. Get out of what? Get out of his fake self. A dedicated and passionate thief promising to end theft, while doing nothing about it with the little power he still has. He will soon be utterly a clown, a unique case of a double act at self parody. (1. Continuing as a Vice President he no longer is ---that job usurped by Matiang'i, chairing cabinet meetings with the lazy president ever enjoying his too many French leaves; and 2. Fulfilling the role of the leader of the opposition to the government at which he is ... Co-principal. It is a spectacular feat, and can only have a long run as a comedy.)

Ruto is still a prince, a necrocratic prince; albeit a very virile prince amongst the nyapara aristocrats prefecting it over Kenya. As things stand, that is in his fall-out with his official master, Ouru, Ruto is merely negotiating ---that should nasty (separation) come to bitter (divorce), he should be left to enjoy the serious proceeds of his plunderous adventures at the heart of power. (his companies, hotels, farms and wherewithal, should be left intact in the parting shots)

If he is not principally ready to die penniless like Bildad Kaggia, or be assassinated like JM Kariuki, he better sign a parley, quick. The would-be rogue Hustler comes in. Tail between knees. Domesticated, like the once peoples president he so loves to chastise.


In the rule, the NYAPARAS should not allow the internal contradictions between themselves to solidify into irreconcilable conflict. Stuff like select factional murders targeting one wing, electoral malfeasance disadvantaging an oppositional faction, fat and juicy tenderpreneural bones snatched from the jaws of one faction's frontmen, should be resolved in one or other way without upsetting the table of goodies from which, with ceaseless impunity, they draw their collective feed.

This game can last a long time. But it is not a game to last long when the masses are economically desperate. As it is, the massess are progressively dispossessed and, thanks to the covid crisis, continue to rapidly develop a consensus that their future is lost under this lot. This consciousness is what becomes an existential threat to an order. And Ruto is searching how to deal with it as his sure options dwindle.

Kenya is a land of rising expectations. Vision 2030 is an expectation. Industrialisation is an expectation. It is the expectation of a meteoric economic rise, or, at least, giant economic steps ahead which open avenues for multitudes. Mwai Kibaki's minimal reforms after the lost decades of the Moi primitivism, only whetted the appetites of a new generation. His successor, Ouru Muigai KaJomo, not to dampen these expectations, yet not possessing the relative economic clarity of Kibaki's regime, could only buy them off by a  reckless plunge into DEBT. (Howbeit it has been to sink the nation deeper into the misery of debt slavery that His Excellency braved Covid-razed Europe this past week!)

Ouru Kenyatta's Jubilee only survived this long because it could easily get money ----From an OBOR-obsessed China majorly. But the West too, spooked by China's in-roads into their historical backyards, had no option but to throw a rainfall of coins in. This easy and steady financial shower confused Ouru Kenyatta's bureaucracy. They imploded into greedy gusto's, wasting colossal amounts in pathological graft. But there remained enough cash-flow to keep the ship of state limping on. (Something like public healthcare has basically collapsed in Kenya)

But it is of course May Day at the Treasury. This financial crisis, actually an odious debt crisis, will be Kenyatta's legacy. It is also the actual pit which will radicalise and influence most, the political evolution of Kenya tomorrow. There will have to be an answer found to cope with the social crisis it will precipitate. (To repay through the nose or not? To auction the family silverware or not?)

The economic meltdown catalysed by the Covid pandemic and lockdown will only compound the urgency of this crisis. The Uhuruto split is thus a subterfuge manifestation of a very serious matter which must be addressed.

What real options are on the table of history then, for Kenya's tomorrow? ---The seeds that we plant today.

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« Reply #50 on: October 07, 2020, 04:28:34 PM »

I am sure the Amherst graduate of a Kenyan dynast had no idea. I am sure the Ecole Superior trained and owned European Transatlantist, exercised unnatural discipline to hide his natural contempt for the African. Twice he has been caught off balance by African punches. One was in Burkina Faso when students at a local university asked Macron to tell them a few French secrets so that they could form a whole picture on the murder of Thomas Sankara. The Frenchman froze.

Burkina Faso 'wants France to release Sankara archives'

13 October 2016

Burkina Faso has asked France to declassify military documents about the killing of ex-president Thomas Sankara, a lawyer for his family has said.
A judge had made the request because efforts to get them through "political channels" had failed, the lawyer said.
France, the former colonial power, has not yet commented on the request.
Mr Sankara's widow and supporters have repeatedly accused France of masterminding his 1987 killing because he was a Marxist revolutionary.
He was killed by soldiers in a hail of bullets shortly before a meeting of his cabinet in Burkina Faso's capital, Ouagadougou

Second time around was this one below. The current Ghanaian President Atta-Addo found tales of development aid in 2020 from European leaders absurd and silly.

Ghana President Speech on African Diaspora Force Macron to Almost Snatch the Mic


Hardly a week earlier, the French President had seen no reason for restraint. He heaped relentless contempt upon The Other ---Oriental so to speak! Emmanuel Macron at full throttle spewed scorn and oozed disdain upon the Arabs of the Gulf state of Lebanon. As if time had stood still, and it was still the pre-world war days, the French kid all but effectively declared the recolonisation of Lebanon by the Himself. He subsumed the sovereignty of the peoples of Lebanon, ordering the politicians of the land to hearken to his instructions, forthwith.

It didn't work out like that. It couldn't work out like that. Bigger boys laughed him off, more like he were spoilt brat of a rich boy. The haughty Frenchman was forced to swallow back a lot of his cleverness. It was all deluded stupidity. It was left to Nasrallah of Hezbollah to deliver the scorching rebuttal.  ----Aspiring to be the American-appointed prefect of Lebanon, doubling up as an errand boy of squeezed French Capital, Macron was there to do Israel's bidding too: Smash the Resistance. In this, the chorus went up in the Orient, the boy from the superior schools of France will continue to fail, just like he and his ilk failed in the attempt to destroy the modern state of Syria, where they were minded to repeat what his predecessor had done in Libya.

Why did the Libyan state have to be destroyed by the Americans and the Europeans? And why did Gaddaffi have to die so hideously? Any African of some mind will ponder this, at length and depth.

Now, I don't think the President of Kenya took import of the situation. Neither do I think he has any idea of why the Libyan State had to be destroyed, nor specifically, the irony of France in the key role thereof --(Nicolas Sarkouzy of France led the way). Nor did Uhuru Kenyatta contemplate the role played by the French state in the assassination of Libya's Gaddafi. No, the Kenyan President and dynast wouldn't. (How can he? H.E does not even know enough Geography of Kenya to understand Ahero near Kisumu where Miguna Miguna was hatched, is not near Toronto Canada, sorry, Alaska!)

Geo-politics and the world game at the level of the Big Zbig was always out his range. He as much a

"Gadhafi's creation of the African Investment Bank in Sirte (Libya) and the African Monetary Fund to be based in Cameroon will supplant the IMF and undermine Western economic hegemony in Africa," said Gerald Pereira, an executive board member of the former Tripoli-based World Mathaba.
The moves are also bad for France because when the African Monetary Fund and the African Central Bank in Nigeria starts printing gold-backed currency, it would "ring the death knell" for the CFA franc through which Paris was able to maintain its neocolonial grip on 14 former African colonies for the last 50 years.
"It is easy to understand the French wrath against Gaddafi," said Prof. Jean-Paul Pougala of the Geneva School of Diplomacy

The Libyan Investment Agency was just proposing too, the formation of several mammoth African Engineering companies. These would spearhead the various, numerous mega infrastructure programs which would unfold in Africa, process industrialisation.

Africa's manufacturing sector is the weakest link in its ongoing integration into the global economy. He stated that primary products or raw materials make up 62% of the continent's total exports.
According to him, it explains (among other things) why a region that produces about 75 per cent of the world's cocoa accounts for just 5% per cent of the nearly $100 billion annual chocolate market.

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, a British research group, Africa accounted for more than 3% of global manufacturing output in the 1970's but this percentage has since halved. This is a clear indicator of the urgency the continent needs to catch up with the rest of the world.

 Africa is a continent in dire need of growth. The continent's GDP of $2.18trillion in 2017 as estimated by the International Monetary Fund is less than the GDP of Germany ($3.677trillion), a country of fewer than 83 million citizens and a land mass that is only slightly larger than one-third of Nigeria's.

Imagine how far Uhuru's mind is far from an African Investment Bank.

The African Development Bank will use this year's Africa Investment Forum to bridge an infrastructure funding gap of $130-170bn a year 
Uhuru isn't just a lame duck prezzo, he is a tame head.

Sooner he goes home the better for the country.

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« Reply #51 on: October 10, 2020, 09:42:32 AM »

Once upon a time in our land, the second liberation had to be. The Independence party, KANU, had run a-ground.  It was now a thing of the past, stuck on a journey to nowhere, least of all, Kenya's future. This once great vehicle had to be left behind. KANU days became too dark. DT Arap Moi evolved backwards into a primitive savage -----(read totalitarian and authoritarian), whose bestial tenure wholly disfigured the future of the land he led. The monster had to be fought, and, at the price of much fatalities and casualties, the light of reform shone through that period of darkness.

The state was reformed, minimally. The political manifestation of this was the re-entry of multi-partysm. Much later, the afterbirth included DEVOLUTION.

But, like a ripe jigger which, nestled under your toe, when carelessly uprooted, will re-infest through groups of its many eggs, the politicians spawned from the Moi-KANU nest have re-grown balls and reconquered the land.

What we now witness a period of restoration gone haywire.


---Today starts the three national days of prayer, a useless effort in distraction by a witless power!
(Oathing toward the 1966 LIMURU CONFERENCE when the VICE PRESIDENT, Adonijah Odinga or William Ruto, was dealt a Judas Lot or Black Spot (Pirates Lingo) by Tom Mboya or Raphael Tuju: Resign or be sacked!)

--So: KANU Pathological corruption has been restored.
--Virulent ethnicity is the name of the political currency.
--Police impunity and arbitrary, selective obedience to court orders is back.
--Targeted murders and rigged elections are instruments of impunity as usual.
--Hallucinations of grandeur cloud the aristocratic minds at the top as it did the settlers

And worst is of course the economy which, while propagandising itself as digital, has nothing but wheelbarrows for the idle youth to push their futures ahead with.
That the Wilbaroman has clearly won the argument against the Big5 illusions of the headless head of state, is an indicator of the mammoth crisis. Of stagnation and mercenary morality imposed by harsh reality. They say a bird at hand is worth two in the Bush. The same politicians proposing the BBI as the magic fix, are known quantities as false prophets. When one was finance minister, and the other Prime and in charge of KAZI-KWA-VIJANA, the princely duo left no trace of any job done. Except the usual scandal of disappeared funds. The culture of a people tends to note such episodes, contemplate and learn from them. Members of the elite meanwhile continue to delude themselves folks are always gullible, are under lock and key.

The Kenyan vijana's, most of them male and, apparently, a hand-to-mouth lot, know well the wheelbarrows are not much. But a rapid calculation of the worth of the words of any Kenyan politician, tells them the BBI and the Big5 agenda are even worth less than a wheelbarrow at hand. If one does not get this pragmatic math, that the Kenyan youth recognise that the promises of a Kenyan politician have no worth, then ones political instincts are equally worthless. There is a scientific econo-metric to this exceedingly short-term behaviour, aka instant gratification at the cost of long termism.

1. Recall Henry Rotich and Kamau Thugge, alumni's of the best international colleges at economics, when delegated to head the finance ministry at their local, ate money meant for dams in arid areas. When your best and brightest are that short-term, mental retards, what business do you have imagining their ilk will secure yours and the nation's future!?)

And, come to think of it: HUSTLER AS A COMPLEX MEANING

Does anyone propose the 20-something year old recruits who, in the name of LINDA NCHI, sat as ducks at EL ADDE, joined the KDF for a short wasted life in the name of patriotism? I bet for most, a disposable income was the motive. It is at least a job, a regular income at hand  while it lasts. Life isn't full of that many choices.

Hustlers by another name?

For the period that KDF has been in Somalia, January 15th, 2016 attack on our El Ade camp was the worst and most embarrassing military catastrophe in the recent peace operations. KDF camp was overrun by Al Shabaab militants. Many young lives were lost, our brothers were captured, and military equipment was stolen.

You would think, in a hierarchy of priorities, that the response to this historic defeat and bloodbath would be a deeper soul-searching by the powers that be, displaying even more cabinet gusto, empathy and concerns about national cohesion than, for instance, now they do over two Hustler deaths in Murang'a's KENOL pandemonium. But nay

What followed El Adde attack is a now familiar followed a pattern of information twisting and gagging. El Adde added to the long string on the security agencies of ignored warnings, bungled rescues, misinformation, shelved inquiries, and impunity.

The State in avoiding accountability has kept off from answering critical questions clouding the attack and ensuring media publications on the attack are sieved to their taste.

Yeah, it is a popular saying there are few fools out there. It is therefore an open national secret, that the much ado by every Tom Dick and Harry organ of state about Kenol Murang'a, is not about what the official reason is. No, it is a panic reaction, a primitive and desperate reflex move by powerful brothers cornered by the progress of the Hustler narrative.

The security state bares its fangs. And that is dark. Because the leading candidate is targeted. It is a warning, if he wins the next election, he will be rigged out. What a waste of money on a show process, Chebukati once again. Then the Old Question comes back: Ata do? Mta do!?

Impunity reigns.

As usual in history, such answers form very slowly within a state. Then one day after suffering long without apparent bitterness, the people do. And lots of Old Lords of the universe end not liking the doings of the people.

But henceforth ...

O ye Hustlers!


From Matiang'i, the 'colonial redux' prefect of Kenya.

Exactly the dark days of the (semi settler-clone)  Moi-KANU regime. The dark days we thought they would never end.

They ended a bit. They stayed a bit. Things did change. Moi was instinctively alert enough to jump away in time and let history take its course. One wishes the current Arap Moi, a Kenyatta to boot, is endowed with equivalent survival instincts.

 His Jubilee regime is definitely atavism.

Towards the Lancaster conference then. After the national prayers!

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« Reply #52 on: October 11, 2020, 02:19:46 PM »

I call it the Ruto heat.

As the beautiful ones have not yet made it to the start-line!

William is one of the rotten ones. He is one of the deplorable ones, so to steal a metaphor from Hilary Clinton. Of Course Hilary herself was no less rotten than the most despicable arzole groupie of Donald-Trump.

But that is one for another day.

Kenya has quite a thick layer of rotten political oligarchs at the top, and Ruto, a veteran, ranks with the filthiest among them. He is a top predator so to speak; in political economic terms, a super parasite. It is a tape-worm cable of state tenderpreneurs infesting the vitals of Kenya. Ruto's classmates know his limitless drive. They shudder at the thought of him at the helm. The rats must unite to bell the cat.

Which is why now, those fellow state gangsters have ganged up against him.  All against One.

Victimised and increasingly marginalised at the top, The man from Sugoi is forced to cast his net wider. So be it unto uncharted waters. He may even find the people and be one with them in his fishing trips. But currently he is still in the act of a reagent. He is a catalyst priming up the emotions of the only forces which can buoy him, now that his classmates are out to fix him. Those forces he can call upon, are likely to be those ECONOMICALLY opposed to his class. Too, included would be many an adventurer. That class of his is of course composed of state parasites and looter kartelists.

Two powerful psychological factors are in his corner. One, he is a born fighter. He is no coward like the natural weaklings Mudavadi and Kalonzo. See them cower away and abandon the swearing in of the peoples president. But for Ruto, surrender doesn't come easy to him. His main equal and rival, Captain Amollo Tinga, is known to throw in the towel even when the troops are still full of fight. Agwambo has therefore left abandoned, the hardcore progressive wing of the National front he led. This explains the speculations which have been rife of late, that the likes of David Ndii are on the look out for points of convergence with Ruto.

The combative make-up of Ruto makes him a man who, when the chips are down, will attract tactical, hardened and battlephillic veterans.

Two, he isn't reputed to be as stingy with his loot as the rest the rot. His still rising ambition necessitates him to distribute favours to achievers in his corner, to maintain their long-term loyalty, and not abandoning them immediately they have done his errands. Then, if he sells out, his price is high, incredibly high. So he became CO- rather than the customary Vice President. A sleepwalking Uhuru has just been discovering how deep and tight the tentacles of his vice president are wrapped around him and his government. And Raila has mocked Ruto to resign, foregoing the much more straightforward mock at President Kenyatta: why don't you fire him, Your Excellency.

We all know why that is a NO-GO for the son of Jomo! ('Tano Tena, nimalize zangu Kumi, Ruto aanze zake Kumi! Si namna hivyo jameni!''



The battle for power at the top plays to a backdrop of a biting economic crisis. An economic crisis tends to aggravate both social and political heats. Easily visible as a parameter, there are hordes of youths whose adequate definition is that of a LOST GENERATION. They have to HASSLE for a meagre living.


That term is one whose import is both murky and comical. It has a sinister ring like Marx's characterisation of the Lumpem Proletariat: ready to hire their services to the highest bidder; ever on the diffuse border between petty crime and survival wits; as mercenary to the core as the petty bourgeois elite in international politics. It also has the street meaning in Kenya, of one struggling against the stacked odds to make ends meet, daily. Hustler then becomes an all-Kenyan term like SHAMBA, instinctively arousing complicated emotions across the land at large, and capable of pacing the hearts that beat beneath the chests thereof.

It is a concept pivotal enough to be fought over. And I mean Ruto and Raila have both traded head-butts ---or neck whips when one considers how giraffes fence off, on who the real hustler is. When fought over by prominent members of the rotten elite, the meaning raps up an obscurantist and confusionist baggage. But that is an attempt to depoliticise it. There was also the comical road show to parochially weaponise the term against its owner. Francis Atwoli's failed effort of literal consultation from the dictionary comes to mind.

How be it from the old concept CATTLE RUSTLER, we can think of both Ruto and Raila as TENDER RUSTLERS. There is no tender of state they never fought over. Up to all the crumbs falling off the SGR table. (Should billionair --and one time NASA financier--- Jimmy Wanjigi ever care to write his uncensored memoirs, his revelations of the SGR tendering would be quite an ear-sizzling read!).


The most important factor now, for the political elite, seems to be who is perceived to be fighting the youth's corner. It is Cinderella feat. Who is it whom the people worship most!? Strange as it is, it would appear the Lords of Impunity crave a measure of public approval. This contradiction bedevilling the minds of the  powers that be in Kenya, raises a fundamental issue. How are the forces really balanced, between the people on the down side, and the men the people put in charge to loot them through the state?

It means there is an awareness at the top, that rigging elections will only pass as far as there is a supportive narrative of a possible win. Say something like the tyranny of numbers. There must be a plausible (ethnic  arithmetic numbers) add up, otherwise Kenyans wont buy a blatant rigging.  Talk about establishing reasonable doubt! And therefore, the all consuming battle, is that of the plausible narrative to buttress the already announced doctoring of the Presidential elections, 2022.

And it is here that Ruto with his Hustlers' narrative had stolen a match. He has thus forced Uhuru to hold him back,  that others catch up; or hold him in check so that the stale minds of his competitors can conjure up a rival if not neutralising narrative.

Neither have Kenyans been slow to notice Ruto is riding an untamed Rodeo bull. Whipping up the political consciousness of the economically maligned is easily an exercise in revolutionary political activism. The slogan Hustlers against Dynasts has been quickly branded an incitement to class warfare and national discohesion. That is actually legitimate political activity, even if it is wont to be branded sedition by the fearfully insecure status quo, which is the political establishment he belongs to.

I heard it before from the forcefully exiled General Miguna Miguna: RESIST! DYNASTIES MUST FALL! Now I hear it from Ruto! Dynasts must go!

Ruto is essentially raising expectations which can not be fulfilled within the economic parameters of the status quo he plots to inherit. For the Hustler nation to evolve into a modern nation -----a normal and boring country where everything works except marriages and relationships, tremendous hurdles have to be surmounted. Most of them are in the economic re-organisation of the land.

First, state funds have to do what they are planned to do. There has to be least graft, and where found, heavily punished.
Inflating state tenders for private gain, done by top bureaucrats and politicians has to stop. A few heads have to roll literally to make the point dead clear.
Agriculture and public education have to be radically transformed and together with public health, universalised in equitable and qualitative suffrage.
Political bureaucracy both in numbers and costs must be cut drastically. Number of parliamentarians reduced by half, MCA's perks reduced by half. An MCA should not earn more than a trained primary school teacher. (The modern idea is, teaching is a common, reasonable profession, while politician is difficult to pinpoint the school curriculum passed.)

Those are ABC things which any rational government can do in less than 5 months with public support. As for corruption, it can even be stopped in less than one week ------(without the peoples support. If the peoples support is enlisted, properties on stolen land like the Weston Hotel would soon be stormed and occupied; and the COVID millionaires burned to death in mob justice fashion!)

It is safe to think these bare essentials, absolute minimums, are beyond the next president of Kenya who will be recruited from the ranks of the deplorables; ie the current elite or parasitology running our covid-punched Kenya, is historically clueless of the national mission at hand.

The Hustler narrative is therefore  both an unconscious recognition of the above as well as a cry (in the wilderness) for a new deal. An economic new deal for the future. In reality, nobody wants to be a life long Hustler. For that is a definition of a life in economic insecurity, scavenging on the outskirts of civilisation like stray dogs. It is the life of hand to mouth forever, no investments, no assets to bequeath the offspring. It is the life of children of lesser beings as it were, abandoned by their lesser gods.

Yes, we have a Hustler nation. Reality must be faced to foster healing. It is a motorbike, bodaboda and mkokoteni, Mama Mboga and Slayqueen economy for the majority. And the question is: how about tomorrow!? Do we continue the system of wanton plunder of state resources? or does the cake share differently, the future bring more affluence, less hustlers all round?

Wanjiku has a choice:* in believing the BBI narrative or otherwise. The anti-Hustlers say the BBI is the solution. The Hustlers say BBI is an aristocratic concoction for a dynastic succession. Pure poison.

At least no one is saying steady as she goes, things stay the same; MV Kenya stays course. Ooyo DA, there is a national consensus from top to bottom. This sh!thole republic must clean up its act, before 2022.

And again the choice: the easy way or the hard way, Ghenya.

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« Reply #53 on: December 26, 2020, 10:10:21 AM »

Jamhuri day 2020:

As I watched the guy going for PORK, Uhuru Kenyatta, with official epithet His Excellency, perform his script before the nation, I suffered anti-nation visions. There developed a hollow feeling in my bowels.

This His Excellency was nothing but a zombie. And a mentally exhausted one at that. Hakuna Majira.

The so-called president was sleepwalking through his routine on the so-called Jamhuri day. He was absent minded, distracted and an uncomfortable fit. Nothing could mask the glaring decline he presides over; nothing his incompetence,nor the inability of the clique he fronts as a power constellation, to get to grips with the national decline. ----Talk about that gloomy day in 1920's London, when the CEO of IBEA-co, all crestfallen and forlorn, shuttles between the foreign and colonial office to declare his mission insolvent and, hence, demand nationalisation.

(It is a reasonable contention, that the Kibaki-Raila-Tosha election which ended Arap Moi's presidency, was a national effort that, temporarily it would later prove, arrested the socio-pathic debauchery which was the degenerational reality of the Moi twilight years)

Of course the current, escalating decline of the state of Kenya ---under the Jubilee Handshake bankruptcy----- is arrestable; but that, like most national efforts, comes with an uneasy precondition: an ancient and rare commodity called courage. Of course the historical parallel is a near shot: Just like the UK government bailed out IBEA-co and took over Kenya as a colony, we watch Chinese Capital bailing out our local looter Kartel organised in Jubilee and NASA etc. Can't pay doctors for 5 months? Well, call China-Bank, for a fix.

Nurses, clinicians left out as doctors sign deal to end strike


An agreement signed Thursday by Kenyan Minister for Health Mutahi Kagwe and representatives of the the Kenya Medical Practitioner Pharmacists and Dentists Union calls for the government to fast-track comprehensive insurance coverage for doctors.
The government also said it it will provide adequate quality personal protective equipment to all 7,200 doctors represented by the union.


Doctors had said that doing their jobs had become "suicidal" after 14 physicians with COVID-19 who could not afford the treatment they were giving to patients subsequently died..

(Colonial pillage and social containment of the popular will had quite a run before its back was broken. One knows of the -tragi-heroic performances of men like FM Dedan Kimathi, though much less about key historical figures like Generals Baimuingi and Musa Mwariama).

You bet you wont watch any time soon at the national theatre nor at that French podium, a play by Cleopa Malala titled simply:  GENERAL BAIMUINGI. Such a play, if it were to have the depths of Wole Soyinka's troubled dance in the forests, would explicate at a go, why, for instance, THE INTEGRITY CLAUSE of the new constitution of 2010, easily became a spitting bowl for the current masters of Kenya, recycled homegaurds they be.

The thing to know about the colonial order, is that it degenerated into one large labour dispute. The basic resource having been grabbed, LAND, had to be worked for profit. This necessitated socially engineering those who had originally worked an lived freely on it, into squatters, landless vagrants and rent payers. So the colonial era is a series of legislations outlawing Africans from ownership of land, profitable use thereof, reducing them to forced low-wage disposables, and, to really seal the deal, banning political expressions of the African plight, criminalising resistance activity, however minor.

This one huge labour dispute between an exploitive order and the victimised people as a defining factor of an epoch, is instructive to remember today, when, BBI and Handshake to Unite all Kenyans, yet Doctors and Health workers in the (all but collapsed public health system) are being treated by the government like they are KYM's (KaYaMkono's ----low skilled casual labourers of the reserve).

A few years ago ----those were the days some Jubilee oligarchs had a daring plan to steal the KNUT building in Nairobi (like the KANU moguls who stole KICC in the last days of Moi), teachers were committing suicide in the villages after their pay dispute with the TSC resulted in months of no-pay. And the Walimu became the laughing stock of Mama Mboga's, seeking 10-bob leaves on credit. (Not any more painful than the Mau Mau fighters herded in camps in 1964 and given the laughing stock treatment by the homegaurds who, meanwhile, had inherited both their women and plots of land.)

Those who want to unite their country, Ghenya, building bridges on a mere handshake between two princes of the establishment, must really ponder the swirls of current against which the foundations must be proofed. ---A history of institutionalised betrayal, murder, injustice and callous disregard for decency.

I had the sad experience of visiting a public hospital twice in the past two weeks of December. No one can cheat me. There is no public health care in Kenya. The buck, Mutahi Kagwe being an insignificant gloom, stops with the president. But he is a Zero and his appropriation of the crisis is Nihil. His aptitude for solutions is fictitious to non-existent. The man, His Excellency, is historical garbage, and such garbage must be flung where it belongs ----the dustbin of history.

Courtiers, praise-singers, positivists of the glass is half-full narrative and other suchlike apologists of the glaring mediocrity, are hard pressed to attach meaning to their croaks of celebration. There are young dead doctors galore, dropping dead unpaid over months, un-insured and sent to the frontline of the pandemic without adequate protection.

They MBCHB's are sacrificial lambs joyfully offered at the altar of corruption, to the satisfied grin of the so-called overnight, COVID billionares. The lower ranks of the health service don't feature of course in the human count of GoK.

Garbage may still be an underqualification of the son of Jomo in the face of the crisis facing the nation he leads so sorrily.

But in the nature of human society, countries are not like the Titanic where all are trapped in the great sink. For the overwhelming majority of Kenyans, life has always been a daily struggle and Ouru or Moi at the helm, the difference is the same. But these days the pressure from below is quicker to mature and much more difficult to control by state terror at large. The half life's of non-performing states is no longer the length it used to be.

NB: The British government took control of Kenya as a colony only once the private company the territory had been leased to as a private commercial fiefdom, went bust and couldn't cope. The company is the infamous British East African Company, and it was granted the charter, carte blanche, in 1888. But of course no charter, even the mandate of heaven, is immune to the the ramifications of treating humankind as little more than wild animals.

And so ends many a political order in civil strife. Persistent injustice puts a knife on the things which hold people together and, as Achebe put it, things fall apart, including people, even kinsmen. Some are Hustlers, others not! Many are nothing.


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« Reply #54 on: January 02, 2021, 01:03:09 PM »

Farce, according to a famous dictum, is a period in history where the selfsame suffers a first repetition. Say there was the Baba Yao Waiting impeachment, then the Mbuvi Sonko, Both counties essentially Nairobi. Distant nobody's like Kirinyaga's Waiguru Mumbi, need not be bothered.

And of course the non-Kenyan Kenyan, General Miguna, is running AGAIN –--that is for the second time, the farce, for the ever empty Nairobi seat. And will General Badi still be co-governor come the election of the Sonko replacement!? There is bound to be a repeat of the power struggle we saw between ½ governor Badi and 1/2governor Sonko.

the coup

The takeover by the national government effectively saw the former governor hand over to the State crucial county functions of health, transport, public service, utilities, and ancillary services, and county planning and development.

This led to the establishment of the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) in March to head the functions with the outfit headed by Major General Mohammed Badi as its Director-General.

Consequently, this left the former City Hall boss with the control of less influential county departments including ICT and e-government, Education and Sports, Agriculture and Livestock, Trade and Cooperative and depleted Devolution, Environment and Finance sectors just on paper.

Two centers of power were created with Sonko being left a paper governor as Maj-Gen Badi took control of affairs of the capital city.

With a financial war chest of Sh27.1 billion for the transferred functions, accounting for more than two-thirds of the county government’s annual budget, the former governor was left with a paltry Sh8.4 billion at its disposal.

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) would later take over revenue collection in Nairobi wrestling the key function of the Finance department controlling over Sh10 billion in own-source revenue from the City Hall boss.
More than 6,800 county staff would also leave City Hall for NMS despite protests by Sonko, leaving the county government with slightly over 4,000 employees out of the total 11, 603 workers

Something has to give between the NMS and the new full governor, if it is full to be.


The Third party!?  :-\ Who would be the ingredients of the third party in GHENYA?? Were Deep Thought to answer?

The THIRD PARTY ALLIANCE nominated General Miguna to fly their flag. The apparent empty seat to be vied for in open auction, is the Nairobi gubernatorial throne.

Warning: the impeached political goon Sonko, in voter for voter turn-out, pulled a terrifying count. Bar presidential candidates, no one had so much Kenyans, cosmopolitan and of diverse backgrounds, covering his A.S. S for his seat.

If Ouru and Ruto despite their ICC woes couldn't be barred by chapter six, the impeachment of Mbuvi Sonko is a local fix. It is a necessary victimization, but is merely a fall-out between struggling gangsters at the top of the food chain. Sonko, in as much as his instincts tended toward a populist touch, is too much a creature of the rotten system to bond successfully and long-term, with the downtrodden of Nairobi. His timid performance in his flirt with Miguna is ample proof of his true loyalties, if not utter confusion. That loyalty is to the class which now has turned on him, and knifed him deep all the way, hinds upwise. That confusion, is ever the realization he is too much of a lowly outsider to ever make the exclusive, snobbish aristocracy of Kenya.

Howbeit the third alliance were also the party of the PUNGUZA MZIGO, PUNDA NACHOKA initiative. The Raila and Uhuru factions, and that covers pretty much the whole political edifice, quickly mobilized to squeeze the dear life out of Dr. Ekuru Aukot. The insolent Turkana had taken his cheek too far, and without a thickened skin to back up his mischief, he has been punched to pulp. The once good doc is increasingy loitering litter. He is a bit like Sonko really, only queiter.

The best way to read the Miguna candidacy –---and the scare which the possibility of a Bishop Wanjiru win, backed by William Ruto's Tangatanga wing of the same compost heap, has brought on the Prima Donnas of the Handshake, is to go back to the infamous KALONGOLONGO swearing in of Raila Odinga, once upon a time in Ghenya's Uhuru park. It was, on the face of it, a pantomime event; yet, in truth, an occurrence which coded dark and dangerous depths. Swirling within the heart of Kenya are forces the rot at the top must reckon with. Under the untidy ship of state of Kenya, there is a need to constantly diffuse mines sticking to the sides.

The Handshake was such an attempt to buy more sailing time. Before the inevitable.

Miguna in his first doomed run against Mike Sonko and Evans Kidero, took time to write a manifesto. He had seen visions for Nairobi and noted them. The Miguna Position Paper, for those who have read it, is an ambitious, modernizing blue-print which, thinking of post-war Berlin in 1945, comes in at not less than the qualification, a phoenix agenda.

In other words, the bar has been set for Nairobi.

Nairobi knows her future. That future has been intellectually and technically divined. It is merely waiting for implementation. ---Yet the candidacy of its author and visionary is, so said to be dared with its implementation, a pantomime event. It is like Albert Einstein has solved the Energy Equation, E=MCC; Enrico Fermi has offered to build the bomb, whilst the chattering and ruling class are having a laugh at how silly and irrelevant Einstein and Fermi are.

That is where Nairobi is, that is where Kenya's political class –-eaters of the Kerio dam cash-- are. They are the irrelevant ones, but do they know it!? This means, historically speaking, the pantomime event is not the Miguna candidacy as such, nay, it is the comical routines adopted by the political class of Kenya to keep Nairobi a sh!tbelt; a mass settlement of Kenyans wallowing in their daily sh!t, like worms of the nice compost heap!

In this ruling class comedy, it becomes truly fitting, that Evans Kidero, having totally failed in Nairobi, is, talk about the recycling of backwardness, currently the front-runner for Homa Bay county. Cyprian Awiti Jalapeno has of course been an elephantine corpse in power. (Recall how Algerians, with chilling clarity of mind, dubbed their country under their half-dead Boutaflika, a NECROCRACY!).  This (tragicomic mini necrocracy in Luoland to be) means even a city reject and political retard like Evans Kidero is, funereal standards going, an improvement. He was at Mumias Sugar, now a carcass.

It sounds tragicomic, but given it affects the lives of real people in real time, it is a monumental tragedy. A political horror show. Reality is exiled. But cannot be forever.


We are now popularly used to the dichotomy: the Aristocrats or Dynasties versus the Hustlers. This loosely keys into Ruto's Tangatanga versus Ouru and Raila's Kieleweke Handshake. But apparently there is something else lurking in the shadows. It is a trichotomy after all. This something is the third-way alliance. It is for the brain-dead to insist they never heard of PUNDA NACHOKA, PUNGUZA MIZIGO LEO!

The intelligent would have heard, but prefer to ignore, chiefly because it complicates their various profitable models.


NB: Actually, ODM's SIMBA ARATI was running for Nairobi governor. Waweru vs Arati was the street charge. Forget the spoon-feeding addicted Peter Kenneth. But Arati's lion ambitions ran into it: the wall; the holy interests of the aristocrats and dynasts. Arati reminds me of a now forgotten man from Siaya. His name was William Oduol. Come devolution, he won the ODM ticket for Siaya governor fair and square. He was the people's choice. But you know how it is with many of the peoples choices in Africa ----Lumumba, Morsi, Abiola. They never see office, or if they do, not long anyway. There is always BLACK-OPS to take care of business.

So ODM's Lion Arati will be supporting Jubilee's Dennis Waweru! (Waweru Kumi! Arati Kumi! they are young enough to grin painfully at such a parley!). Or is it, that like William Oduol of Siaya, Arati just falls short of that internal grit to take on a rotten dynasty? He must live to eat another day. Crumbs galore for tame dogs. And aristocrats are known to fondle their pets.


The candidature of Jenerali Miguna, it will tell you more about your country than you really do want to care to think.

NB: He isn't a Kenyan or is he!? You notice the billed Nestor of constitutional quagmires in Kenya, Orengo Ajimmy, doesn't make the bar on this point of Miguna! And for that matter, neither do any legal mind of some fame or repute do! ---be it Mutula Kilonzo, Kibutha Kibwana, Githu Muigai, Kamau Gib Kuria, Grand-Mullah, Willy Mutunga, Paul Muite, Olago Aluoch, ''Nelson Hercules Havi'' …... or my main man Lumumba the PLO!

Yeah! Is it the poverty of intellectuals once more!? Or just their abdication fanning the silence?

And to choose, which is the most lethal pantomime show in town then!?

It is the economy stupid!

NJAA-nuary, the masses chorus!

Let them eat cake I say!

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This time last year, just about on the dot, January 3 2020, two key men died at Baghdad's international airport,  or so abouts. An American MQ-9 Reaper drone which had been roaming, primed after the presidential KILL-ORDER from Washington DC, found the mark for its payload. Blown to smouldering ruins was a car. A man named Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and another, an Iranian General Qassim Suleimani, were the most prominent casualties of the strike. In deed they were the targets.

Donald Trump puffed and huffed.

A year later, today, in Washington DC, Donald Trump is something of a dirty-to-dead alley rat. His wits are dispersed, his frozen mind is caught in the headlamps of speeding history. Trump is not just political litter, he is human dregs. He is a rusted wreckage of something which once pandered to the myth of the most powerful man on Earth, POTUS.

I have sneaking, tremendous respect for the spiritual leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei. Managing a lunatic in power, controlling an insecure super power, is juggling with annihilation.  One of the most awesome leaders in history, in a mother bedbug moment in 1954, put it like this to the talented youths of his revolutionary gang, aka politburo: 'My sons, France is a corpse. Victory at Dien Bien Phu is phantom. It is total nonsense in the historical sense. It is a merciless dagger through the heart of a cadaver. French colonialism died long ago in Indochina. However, there is a new monster on the prowl. It is confident, its ruthless and, buoyed by its victory in the Big War against Germany, its filled with its own messianic sense of righteousness; thereto a divine duty to stop communism.
And we are communists!
Now, the new kid on the block dropped two atomic bombs on Japan, unnecessarily, experts say.  But it means their lust to kill coolie gooks .... Asians ... to make even an unnecessary point, is insatiable.
And we are ... coolie gooks ... Asians!
Vo! your task is to beat the Americans without mentally collapsing them to drop an atomic bomb on Vietnam. You will ever control the depth of their response. No atomic bomb here, General Nguyen. That is the essence of your historic mission. You will carefully manage the American retreat; for defeat them Vietnam shall.''

Vo Nguyen Giap was sharing the above tale with Fidel Castro. This was decades later when both were aging. There was much banter and back slapping and other comedies of illegal late night parties. Castro had asked Vo what the scariest moment in his life had been so far. Vo replied it was the day he thought he had overplayed his hand and broken Robert McNamara, leaving the former Ford Motors Executive no option but to go for the Big Bomb! ---Forged by Ho, Vo's mind had formed a steel cage within which McNamara, the best of an American Harvard lot ordained to run empire, could live his great American life of power. (Castro's scariest moment was, he claimed, when, for a moment during the Bay of Pigs thing,  1961, he thought JFK had actually been stupid enough to send American marines to occupy Cuba.)


For the past many years  since Trump messed the Obama succession, the Iranian leader has had to contain a lunatic American President acting as Bibi Netanyahu's energised toy. The Persian has done it with uttermost skill. The provocations have been exercises in genial pathology.

Top Iranian nuclear scientist assassinated near Tehran

27 Nov 2020

Iranian foreign minister condemned the killing of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh as an 'act of state terror' and linked Israel to the attack.

In 2015 the New York Times described Fakhrizadeh as the 'closest thing Iran has to J. Robert Oppenheimer, who guided the Manhattan Project to develop the world's first nuclear weapon.' 

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh headed up the ministry of defence's research and innovation organisation, and he was ambushed and killed in his car just east of Tehran, by gunmen who opened fire on him and his bodyguards.

The assassination campaign against Iranian nuclear scientists reportedly ended in 2013 following pressure on Israel from the Obama administration to stop the attacks during negotiations with Iran to restrict its nuclear programme.[50][8][9] Mossad officials also reportedly concluded that the attacks were "too dangerous" for valuable intelligence operatives in Iran.[50] The organisation has since reportedly instructed its Iranian spy network to concentrate on finding evidence of Iranian breaches of its nuclear-restriction agreements.[50]
Although Israel is considered responsible for the 2010-2012 assassination campaign against Iranian nuclear scientists, uncertainty surrounds the 2007 death of Iranian scientist Ardeshir Hosseinpour. Hosseinpou

When the enemy murders only the best brains of your land, you need depth to absorb the enemy's madness and not be derailed from your purpose. Persia is one of the oldest running civilisations. The Islamic republic certainly has depth. And it shows in the character of her leadership.

When he received news of the murder of Qassem Suleimani, the Ayatollah must have thought of the day Imam Khomeini described as like drinking a cup of poison. But his mind held, forged by the trials of his predecessor, the founder of the Islamic republic. Today, with Turkey's secular variant on the back burner,  young Muslims are increasingly studying the model offered by the Islamic republic of Iran. It has a vowed Islamic identity. On record are horrible stratagems tried by current and former great powers to kill the experiment off. All failed so far. It is a bad example to the status quo of global power. Be it Merkel or Xi or Putin or Biden, there is a calibre of leadership in Tehran which informs Cadavers abound at the top. Trump is an obvious case, but if you ask me, Boris Johnson of the UK and our neighbour, Yoweri Museveni, are in a no better state of decomposition than the collapsed Trump, awaiting burial at DC!

Qassem Suleimani, the people of his faith call him a martyr. Donald Trump, the people of his country now vomit all over him. Some countries do have 'em, leaders. --Ghenya!?

Look at the one near you! Dynast or Hustler prototype!

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LISANGA YA BA-KADAVA ----A gathering of the cadavers.

All throughout the continent at large, the heads of state are engaged in the politics of the morgue.

The report highlights that Africa has the potential to do more, noting that its contribution to global trade remains marginal at 2.6 per cent, up from 2.4 percent in 2017, and that, while intra-African trade rose to 16 per cent in 2018 from 5 percent in 1980, it remains low compared to intra-regional trade in Europe and Asia.

But just below that top, Africa's resilience, life-drive and harsh battle for economic emancipation and justice, beats a healthy beat. For instance, to stay in power in Uganda, M7 must have his own son, commander of the army, lockdown and terrorise the whole country as if the elections were a total state of emergency. Otherwise he can't get away with his fraud against Bobi Wine.

But before we come to that and other dances of cadavers at the top, some will remember Signeur Tabu Ley Rochereau and his eternal rival, Franco Luambo Makiadi. These two fronted the two biggest bands in Congo-Zaire, Afrisa International and TPOK Jazz. We are talking late 60's all the way to the early 90's. Well, most of the warp-speed and whirlwind guitarists who blasted the techno soukous genre off the soukous-rhumba of the artistic signeur and the hyperbolic grandmaitre, in deed learnt their stuff at the two schools: OK Jazz and Afrisa international. At Afrisa, the fingering delved all the way back to the legendary Dr. Nico, his brother Dechaud Mwamba, and all the greats who soared along Joseph Kabaselleh at hispeak. Key among Nico's students would be the solo wizard Visi Mavatiku. Visi's guitar grid, and grip of the strings, would go along away in forging first, the later ultimate devil at the rhythm guitar, Mombasa Vata, famously of Lipua Lipua; and, much later, the dangerous juggler and head spinner, Lokassa ya Mbongo.

This Lokassa, alternately pairing along with solo string acrobats like Diblo Dibala and Dally Kimoko, would drive techno dance soukous to dizzying heights of tempo but, like Icarus too high near the sun, a dead-end.  It was too hollow and needed too much drink and emptiness to go with it. A new crop of musicians, majorly composers would come to the front. Be they Werrason, Ferre Golla, Koffie d'Olomide or Wazekwa, they have striven to first compose a song before having it sung, recorded and performed. And it is to this end that the most severe, artistic and deep lyricist of the decades of their youth and maturity, Lutumba Simarro Massiya, has increasingly come to the fore as their obligatory shrine of tribute.

They say, with a touch of poetic superstition, a chant at Simarro's grave is a blessing to your next song!


Anyway, Tabu ley bumped into Franco on a chilly Paris day. There an idea was born to produce a memorable salute to their own ego's. It would be dubbed the gathering of the wizards: LISANGA YA BANGANGA. Contractual issues dictated it be produced far from the jurisdictions of the monopoly studios of Paris, then. But produced it was, and sweep Africa it did, forcing the producers to milk the formula by turning it into a series.

As the famous musicians of yonder entered their sunset years, and sometimes with not much of a penny to pay necessarily health bills, they increasingly milked the formula of the gathering of wizards --Old Wizards but still wizards. One could still enjoy the legendary soprano of Nyboma --Les Kamale's--- Mwandindo, ever sweet and smooth along the nasals of Wuta Mayi, earlier famed in OK Jazz beside Josky and Boyibanda.

Yes, in music, Old continues to be Gold, even as they drop off one by one, to the Restland of no return.

In politics, however, Old continues to be what it has always been: sleepy, mouldy, stenchy, rotting, essentially cadaverous in various stages of decay. ---And that is where Kenya's good old politicians are; and, unfortunately, driving the second republic to. Perhaps we are already there, only we know not: the pit of debts of no-repay. The grave of bankruptcy where resurrection must need a fresh start, essentially the launch of a new republic. The third in a generation.

Kenya's Foreign Debt Suspended as Economy Struggles

11 January 2021

Amid a struggling economy, Kenya received a debt service suspension from January to the end of June by the Paris Club of international creditors on Monday, January 11.
The country filed for a Debt service suspension Initiative (DSSI) to the international creditor citing a number of reasons including the Covid-19 pandemic that has ravaged the economy.
The 10 countries Kenya owes include Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Spain and the United States of America.

Observers to the agreement were representatives of the governments of Australia, Austria, Brazil, Finland, Ireland, Israel, the Netherlands, Norway, the Russian Federation, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
Currently, Kenya's public debt is above 8 trillion Kenyan shillings.

Yes you did! You missed China in the roll call! (When you miss China in any table to do with Africa, please tap your nose and smile!)


Birds of a feather did flock together, at Mama Anna's carcass in Vihiga.

Gathered were the major cadavers of the land. The -- CiC-- cadaver in chief, Kenyatta, shivered as if an electric current were passed through him, well, in a last ditch attempt to jolt him unto some semblance of life. His deputy in name only, Ambitious Ruto, and his Tangatanga horde of recalcitrants have been, of late, dancing alot on the grave of the apparently late president, Kenyatta.

And behold, the cadaver, like a sickly-to-half-dead Mobutu returning to Kinshasha in his leopard skin while Kabila's forces were past Kananga on route to Kinshasha, shivered some and declared:
don't mistake a rain-beaten lion for a pus-sy.

'Usione simba amenyeshewa, udhani ni paka!'

The  Roman crowd cheered. May be they cherished the prospect of their tiresome emperor comically donning the attire of a gladiator, foolishly entering the arena in the mistaken belief of his immortality, only to be rudely dispatched by the younger, more robust Hustler, in chief. After all, a few days earlier, the emperor's key lieutenant in his hometurf, Major Irungu Kangata, had all but thrown the towel in the ring. The whip had written a public resignation letter. The emperor was defenceless, a walking corpse. The crowd sensed an entertaining combat with a known end. Dead emperor!

And in deed, no sooner had Ruto stood his ground in the arena in Nairobi, endorsing Bishop Margaret Wanjiru in open defiance, than Ouru and Raila refrained from combat. This move left many grinning knowingly. A certain Kanani was sworn-in turbospeed as deputy governor. It was a furtive and tragi-comic show, reminiscent of Mwai Kibaki's swearing in as president, after he stole Raila's victory in 2007.

Anne Kananu Mwenda has been sworn-in as the Deputy Governor for Nairobi County.

Kananu took an oath of office during a ceremony held at Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) in Nairobi on Friday afternoon.
Her swearing-in came hours after Nairobi MCAs approved her nomination following a brief vetting process on Friday morning.
Kananu was vetted for about one hour by the assembly's Select Committee on Appointments after which the House convened for a special sitting to adopt the vetting report, which received the support of a majority of the MCAs.

The swearing-in of Kananu as the deputy governor means there will be no by-election in Nairobi to replace Sonko, who was impeached last month
Kanani, a tail knowing which dog wags her, didn't mince her her tongue work.

Giving her speech after the swearing-in ceremony graced by Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) Director-General Mohammed Badi, the Deputy Governor pledged to diligently serve Nairobi residents.

" I affirm my commitment to serve the people of Nairobi with utmost dedication, focus, discipline and integrity. I equally in the same vein commit to work and cooperate closely with NMS boss Major General Badi and his team to ensure the transferred functions are further strengthened to meet aspirations of Nairobians" she said.

Kananu also thanked President Kenyatta for showing his faith in her to serve in that position.
She further said that she will cooperate and work closely with Nairobi County Assembly.

And so the lion has roared in Nairobi. Dennis Waweru has been forced to flee back to the cages, to abide time. I always said: where is SIMBA ARATI to test the shock absorbers in his balls? Tangatanga packed behind William Ruto, daily hammering the Hustler narrative in slum-filled Nairobi, Sonko working the sewer behind them, needs an unfalsified iron-balled warrior to take the battle to them. Ouru and Raila recognise they currently don't have what it takes to win the priced Nairobi, and so they rushed-in a bureaucratic coup. What rests them is, like Evans Kidero, forget Nairobi completely and scurry off to somewhere far to retire. But that is no option, like Old Mugabe and LongHorn M7, they will dance their cadaver dance until they are speared dead, completely dead.

They say at Mama Anna's in Vihiga, the cadavers were test-launching Musalia Mudavadi to front the ticket against Ruto.

I am laughing. Kenya is in a triple crisis. There is need for a solution think-tank and a crisis manager. Weakly, surrendered Wycliffe is just the latest puppet balloon the cartel of looters would hide behind to strip the land to the bone.

If it has to be a Mulembe to exorcise the Nandi, I would rather the WTO technocrat, Mukhisa. Unless there is cause to imagine he would soon be domesticated by Ruto's magic wave, to, like so many Greek heroes at Kirke's, assume his cell in Ruto's harem, next to his fellow Mulembe, the late Ababu Namwamba!
You remember that once great promise from Budalangi!?

If you don't, at least you smell his stench all over the place ---even if, as a sophisticated hooker, he only opens his mouth to flatter and swallow! A scandalous cadaver of the Mulembe, Ababy Namwamba.

Pray hope, Mukhisa be different!

NEXT DOOR IN UGANDA:  another cadaver dances its grave dance.

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Ombach Aduke, the brother of Mito the son of Orando, hailing from around the Kit-Mikayi area of Seme in Kisumu county, had a tragic in-run with the colonial authorities. He calmly asked what the price of an aeroplane was; this was way back in the 1940's; the administrative map of Kenya looked very different from what it is today. Howbeit  this question had more ticking bombs than its apparent comedy at first sight. The colonial authorities instinctively recognised their doom in it. And acted brutally. The colonial cage was a net worthless in capturing native imagination.

FF: The Hustler narrative dominating discourse today, is a seditious current whose potency we instinctively import. No question about that. There will be brutal mobilisation by the colonial elite to crush it. The comedy was the PUNDA IMECHOKA curtain-raiser, initiated by Dr goodly Aukot. It was an invading arrow which, futile, had embedded itself harmlessly on the door of the barricaded fort of the elites. But its tip carried a letter, and the guards who retrieved it read it well, and sent its shivering missive up: out there in the jungle beyond, hordes of barbarians were limbering in war-like anger. They were waiting for a daring man to lead them forward, to charge the fort.

William Ruto may be a charlatan, but he is no comedian like goodly Dr. Aukot. He offers a more steely challenge, and is an insider. We know it, and it is telling. Whether it is Kenyatta's son short-waving in his mother tongue ----watch that wry smile of Professor Ngugi wa Thiong'o's face; or the aging Raila Odinga pretending a springy step around the land; or Atwoli the toad in a banter of hysterics, etc etc, the mask the warrior Ruto polishes, even if only ritual, is a death-knell only too audible and forcing reaction.


Let us lay our politicians aside for a second. After all, they are mucus-heads (Mwai Kibaki dubbed them mavi-ya-kuku, chicken-sh!t) who  don't rank as the top brains of the land. They are hired goons and kept capo's; they are merely the top facilitators of grand theft, and in a few cases, top thieves themselves.

Theirs is to keep Kenya down for external rape. They are much in the mode of a pimp running a w-ho.

How China tricked Uhuru into signing off Mombasa port as collateral for SGR Loan

April 30, 2019

By Gordon Op

Did the Chinese deliberately lead our greedy and naive leaders into signing off our key assets only to leave the SGR hanging as a piece of useless investment?
Ethiopia got sh 340 billion shillings and built an Electric SGR of 756 km. Kenya got sh 500 billion and built a Diesel SGR of 600 km between Mombasa and Naivasha.
In other words, the Chinese deliberately knew that our officials were/ are hopelessly corrupt, but they mischievously trapped them into signing off our key assets for a loan that they knew was just a trap.
How can the same Bank give one Client - Ethiopia 340 billion to build a 756 km Electric Railway, and give another client sh 500 billion to build a diesel Railway of 600km

They didn't really trick a dumb Kenyatta. Our best and brightest were in the room. There were no dumbo's, no fools in that room. The Kenyan elite simply conspired to INDIVIDUALLY accept a massive bribe in exchange for selling off the national silver.

Done voluntarily, in the real world it is called treachery. Done as a consequence of loosing a war, as in total defeat, then it is called capitulation, total surrender, national humiliation.


Super powers, emerging or fading, current or tomorrow's, ever prowl the Koinange streets of the world, choosing and cultivating their choice pieces of works. The going rates of rewards for quisling elites are encouraging.

We will take a dig at our best and brightest in high office ----the professor Magoha's, the Dr. Patrick Njoroge's; the Kamau Thugge's and Henry Rotichs; the Ukuru Yattani's and Joseph Kaimenyi's. These would-be exceptionally gifted young men turn out to be wayward technicians running the colonial farm, and not too competently neither. They have run the firm to the ICU, where it is on a permanent infuse of loans, debt relief morphine, and, god forbid, there is realistic fear that, by withdrawal, mortality is inevitable.

In short, our Ivy-League breed, monopolising the creamy posts, haven't had anything but a thoroughly mediocre run at the peoples' service. They have delivered naught to the people, neither at the economic front, health service, nor dignity. Can this breed be salvaged, or are they lost forever, to the future of Africa? This questions must be pondered with uttermost care: what to do about a wholescale deliberate worthlessness of an elite, easily switched by cash to a pre-programmed mode of national treachery.

I will insist for the moment to avoid the following comedy at the LSK . The LSK is a colony of learned friends, but also a cesspool of debauchery.

Lawyers almost come to blows at heated LSK meeting

By Brian Wasuna January 19th, 2021

The Special General Meeting (SGM) was called to discuss the appointment of auditors to probe LSK's books of accounts, deliberate on an impeachment motion against Mr Havi, the suspension of some council members and the appointment of advocates to represent the lobby in court cases involving internal wrangles.
Months of infighting have split the LSK into two factions-one backing Mr Havi and another on CEO Mercy Wambua's side.
Yesterday's SGM was called to settle the differences that have threatened to stall operations at the lawyers' umbrella body

Earlier on, October 20202:
Supremacy Battles Between LSK President Nelson Havi And Council Members Escalate As Troubled CEO Mercy Wambua Is Reinstated
it is a necessary intellectual collapse. What a vacuum, waiting for a few good minds! What a heap of dry trash, waiting for an arsonist!

But first, a tale from the past.


If my grandfather were to resurrect from his overgrown grave today, he would not recognise as ahangla, what we call ahangla music these days. Ahangla today is a purely electronic sound; it is mainstream; its content is commercial and reactionary in the main. It specialises in crooning for cash, flattering corrupt politicians and abusing moving women. Having aligned itself to current paymasters who, in the main again, are robber baron politicians and offside hustlers, mainstream ahangla stars have unpalatable asses to suck up to. That is when a lot of cultural depth becomes dangerous to delve into. You do that, you certainly wont have any radio playtime, not to mention YouTube. This will be flagged to block you, like recently in the case of Otieno Aloka, when he was charged with pornographic dissemination.

•16 aug. 2020
Otieno Aloka's new song Live performance lands him in trouble with Kenya Film Classification Board

However, in the ages past, O-hangla had a very different connotation as a music genre. In fact, I never cease to amaze myself, pointing out that, in a few decades, the mutation of content, form and meaning of ahangla, is a tribute the capacity of meaning to evolve, mutate and achieve potency in a completely different setting. Think of the  word NEGRO.

Ahangla, then more of KALAPAPLA and pronounced with an O --as in Ohangla, was based on a specific shape of a drum, carved from a particular wood and covered with the skin of a monitor. And too, this reptilian hide had to be fashioned in a particular way. In the hands of a master, a single tap immediately jarred the heart, tickling the human pacemaker in mysterious ways. It had a dangerous potency, like those trance or voodoo bangs. Those who have bothered to understand why a Stradivarius (violin) is in sound class of its own, will click. Some will also have deciphered why Jimmy Hendrix or Luambo Makiadi would change guitars mid-concert for particular songs. Too, why some young saxophonists would kill for some old sax'es.  SOUND is not just a sound word. Least of all, in music. And so Ahangla was the instrument, and the instrument gave name to the sound and music genre, Ohangla. But the good news today is this: the adventurous human spirit in creativity continues. the pianists (keyboard maniacs backed by genial drummers) are in an experimental rage as they investigate the limitless sound depths of the new electronic devices, even as the composers and crooners play tame and domesticate to earn daily bread. Yeah, they have to praise-sing, soothe and ego-build the corrupt and moribund elite, much like the feudal wives of a collapsing aristocracy, mesmerised by fading glory, had to keep up the appearances of a perfect marriage, much against their better instincts.

there is a catch:

When a culture goes to such extraordinary depths to produce artistic excellence, that instrument --ahangla or violin or sitar, even if co-opted and institutionalised into sterile, canonical court poetry, remains a latent reservoir of all dissident tendencies.  Outside the court where it must flatter and fawn, mutant forms take root and shoot. This makes them, naturally, the best refuge for the frowned on aspects of expression. ---(talk about) seditious erotic dances (which remind the emasculated of treasonable pornographic activity); unselfcensored and uncouth language (Otieno Aloka); talk about all the stuff banned by evangelical churches; all that stuff deemed subversive by political orders, colonial or local';

Excellence doesn't flinch. It constantly pushes the boundaries, cutting down mediocrity and irrelevance. But also like the simplest tool, excellence becomes so daily in use as to be self-explanatory. It is a bit like a panga or hoe in the village, or Mpesa-FULIZA in the Kenyan mobile phone, a life line!

And so we come to the greatest danger every order faces. As it stagnates, it blocks emerging excellence. And it has no option but to block this emergency by ruthless power-play.
--Like the USA has to block superior Chinese 5G technology by all means necessary.
--The whole status quo has to stop the emerging experiment in Iran. We are all taught democracy has to be secular. Church totally separated from state. The experiment in Iran points to a viable ISLAMIC OPTION, or even solution, toward a democratic theocracy the peope can live with in open choice; just as in the West we have the bourgeois options that didn't do away with Royalties, ie the democratic monarchies of Scandinavia, Holland, the UK, (may be even Belgium!).

It is an array of solutions possible out there. (AN ASIDE: The monopolist WhatsApp was finding that out in the past weeks as it faced consumer flight and plummeting stocks).

But the worst aspect of a stagnated order, is that the fairly ordinary dreams of ordinary folk, become a shot too far. The order it ceases to offer a worthwhile future. At any particular time, the most futuristic sector of the society are the youth. Their uppity dreams need not be cosmic, nay, retiring comfortably as a member of the middle class after a long life of employed labour is a deal great enough for most.  When a certain order makes it impossible to dream even of such silly dreams ---boy meet girl, boy and girl fall in love and live happily ever-after, it has outlived its social usefulness. With the majority of Kenyan youth ready to describe themselves as Hustlers, it would imply for the mass of teenagers, all they see coming at them are mirages. They are Hustlers and that is all they will ever be. That feeling of having reached a dead-end,

There are a few lords of the manor Kenya, and an endless count of serfs in the field. The future of the children and the grandchildren, can be read on the streets: Hustlers. Once upon a time we would say proletariat or, sociologically today, Precariat.

When a critical mass realises their fates are sealed in that system, the political situation tends toward unstable. Under colonialism, an increasingly aware African population realised they were only going anywhere the White Overloads prescribed. They were pre-defined birth to grave, their dreams and ideals were doomed to curtailment by the  diktat of the colonist. That was when rebellion became the only option to expand the horizons of labour and life.

This is where the song about Mito the brother of Aduke comes in. The name of the Ohangla composer is lost.

Well, Mito
How did your brother earn the name -A duke!
Let me tell the story how I came to know of it
This ahangla drum will talk the truth of the world!

Well, Mito
You come from the race of the clever Orando
And so too does your brother, Famous Aduke
The whiteman had no time for Aduke's cleverness
And Aduke had no time for the whitemans stupidity!

Well Mito
You know it had to end badly --No!?
The best song is the one bred of tragedy
Aduke wanted to know the price of a plane

Two days with a train to Mombasa was a waste
And to Aduke, time was more important than money!

The whiteman laughed his yesterday's laugh
An African monkey asking the price of a plane!?
But the monkey was the White and their colonial order

Well, Mito of the Orando
Money losses made in business can be recovered
Time once gone can not be recovered, said Aduke

Your brother Aduke, his mind was winged
Your brother Aduke, his heart was a lion's
Colonial Kenya was a cage that killed him young
He wanted a self-financed return trip
Kisumu to Mombasa on the same day in 1931!
Mito Aduke mowadu nopenjo Ndege,
Mito Aduke mowadu  nopenjo ndege
Mito ndege pesa adi; Wuod Orando gini pesa adi?
Mito gini pesa adi adhi Mombasa t'aduogo -e sani
Mito gini pesa adi, adich adhi Mombasi to aduogo!

And this ahangla song from the 30's, catches the problem of today's Kenya.

Ouru, Industrialisesen pesa adi, wuod Onyatto gino pesa adi, alewo!

The economic room for many a young man to be their ordinary selfs, safely working class and middle class, looking to an adequate and peaceful retirement after a not so long life, is too narrow like that eye-needle of the camel story.

So something has to give soon. (Once upon a time industrialisation solved the problem of social stagnation).

Now, this instinctive realisation (of being buried in a pit of no escape) is the reason Ruto's narrative of Hustlers against Dynasties is causing so much hysteria. Uhuru Kenyatta went ethnic fo hours to dispel the charm of the Ruto narrative in mount Kenya. Raila Odinga is all Wild West Sherrif, guns blazing at Ruto; even the watermelon Musyoka has, how be it, grown a claw! Ruto has driven him into a corner and is approaching with a sledge hammer.

Musyoka squealed: Arap Mashamba! Arap Mashamba!
(But Musyoka forgot to quote the Ndung'u report!)

The Ndung'u report, yeah, that report: if you really want to talk about the Arap Mashamba's of Kenya!

NB: A charlatan can propagate a true gospel; and a prophet can be mistaken and preach the wrong faith. It is a time to think, and act on thought. But that would be very boring history, wouldn't it!

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I just couldn't help it. My old ribs creaked at hearing the title --official moniker they say, devised to veil the husband of the new vice president of the USA, Harris Kamala. The second gentleman it will be.

There will be control jokes I presume, wondering the case had Buttigieg won the elections. Buttigieg is a happily married gay. Who's is the wife in such a marriage? I think it is a Zeus the counsellor template, as in the famous Castor and Pollux arrangement. They alternate at penetration, and thus at official monikers.

Chasten Glezman, Pete Buttigieg's Husband:

Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, has been a break-out candidate in the Democratic primary for present. Pete Buttigieg speaks a lot about his partner, Chasten Buttegieg, and Chasten is an entertaining presence on Twitter.
Are they married, though? The answer is yes. Pete and Chasten Buttigieg are married. If Pete were able to secure the White House, that would make Chasten the country’s First Man. The candidate known as “Mayor Pete” will take the stage on Thursday, June 27, 2019 in the first Democratic primary presidential debate in Miami, Florida.

There parts of the world where the sanctity of marriage is surely eternal. And that is till Death (or God) do us part. The man who inherits a widow is, for example where I come from, invariably known as Jater, which is not a positive ring. The man marrying a divorcée is referred to as Oyie-Kawa, which has the connotation of scavenger. With an epidemic of widows and divorce as social realities, the land has become a waste belt of scavengers and collectors, And methinks there is need for a PR lift, you know, like the title His Excellency has no reference whatsoever to the character of the addressed. It is just the necessary hypocrisy of public relations. An exercise in political farce.

And so I will be happy to, without quotes, call Kamala's second or third or whatever husband, The Second Man. ---Oyie Kawa.

It is important to me, to wonder and ponder why such titles as Lord, Squire, Count, duke, prince and all the aristocratic shock-and-awe which once concurred natural privilege, condensed into the now ubiquitous sir. When you are in government eservice, or commercial service, all customers beggar official respect. Even your ever-dirty local bodaboda 'azzole', if male, is respectfully addressed as Sir. If the customer is female, even if you know she's a downtown one whose hinds bare for a quick shot to earn a pound, it will be Madam before or after the fastidious what can I do for you.

Where I come from, Mlango Kumi's, assistant chiefs, and such-like, are traditionally called Ruoth. But Ruoth --The Overseer, is also the title of Jesus Christ. It has always itched the sensitivities of the evangelists, this earthly sharing of titles. So they now croak Messiya Yesu instead of Ruoth Yesu.


This weekend the big news at our local is the Sagana Caucus. It is a Mount Kenya affair, a Nyumba ya Mumbi domestic, but like an epidemic or an earthquake, only fools will think they are far from the epicentre. And there are no fools in Kenya as Ruto fondly ever reminds us. Sagana is therefore a peak into the future of Kenya.

Complications, the fading dynast of the landgrabbing first family, Muthamaki Kenyatta, will be surrounded by a host of characters who were rigged out at the primary elections of Jubilee. And this group has a grievance against William Ruto. They also think in a free and fair, they can carry the ground.

No one can say with certainty whether this is an exercise in self-deception.

Tangatanga and Ruto's allies are crying foul. Ostensibly they have successfully sold the narrative BBI is a no-sell in MK, but, should the rained-on-cat shrug and turn out a lion, roaring around the mountain and calling their bluff, they are unsure of their hold on the ground. This inability to predict the people completely even when the appear locked and sold, is the cause for great drama in human history.

Simeon Nyachae once stood up in public to declare no one in his right senses from the circumcised tribes could vote for an uncut like Raila Odinga! His own Gusii people, ever intermarrying which way with the uncut, were quick to inform him 'No, Nyachae will never vote for Odinga. But Mrs Nyachae will vote for him anytime with legs wide open!''

Simeon who thought he knew the heart of his Gusii people never recovered his political fortunes.

Ouru Kenyatta will have to swallow a lot of bile. His own. During the two vitriolic campaigns in 2013 and in the run to 2017, he is freely available in Gikuyu castigating Raila Odinga. Songs which carry his denunciations of Raila --evil, mgangha, mchawi, hater of Mumbi, shetani, freely aired on his mass media channels. Tangatanga has unearthed all of them and paid rappers to dub them in new anti-BBI hysteria. Ouru selling Raila in MK is essentially Ouru battling against his earlier injections of poison, his earlier fits of vomitting  bile.
The Uhuruto Coin was welded at thermonuclear tempratures. That is no easy un-do.

There is a day the son of Ngina went berserk in 2017 I think ---when Tinga derided him for mlevi, na sio wa pombe pekee! (mwambie Ouru aache ile sigara mbaya!). With the national joke being strong Mumbi women battering up their husbands turned more alcohol loving than bed studs, Raila was being fatherly to the younger man, on the secrets of marital bliss! But Ouru didn't like it. In Gikuyu did Jomoson surge into an epileptic frenzy of insults, eventually collapsing into the Simeon Nyachae dictum: uncut dirt!

The clip is out loud, doing rounds in sponsored public address systems in Mount Kenya. This means, if he has to be his own antidote, he must at least generate equivalent passion in his defence of the BBI and promotion of the Handshake in Mount Kenya. Otherwise the people will easily smell the fakeness in his heart; they will offer him a polite listening then burry him in irrelevance.

Ouru has a chance. But it is not an easy pick. It is a fighting one. And His Excellency is his own greatest enemy. (He once told the Abagikuyu: it will be the darkest day in our history if this kerhee becomes prezzo.)

So now, what has changed that essentially?

He has to explain that beyond reasonable doubt. The lazy son of Jomo has his work cut out for him. He has to find the passion of the new Saul, now Paul.


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1. In ancient Rome, and in effect all slave societies heretofore, news of the demise of the old emperor raised a flicker of hope in the hearts of slaves. It is common knowledge: the one thing all slaves invariably dream of ---not daily but every single moment of their consciousness. It is called freedom.

Will the tightness of the chains around the ankles be relieved some? Will the crack of the iron-laced whip on the bareback be a shade less harsh? Or will the flesh-tearing iron-tips be wholly discarded, in the name of reform?
Will the starvation rations be upped a spoon full, or will it be the business of hunger as usual? Etc etc, flicker the troubles in the  hearts of the inmates of the backyards of civilisation.

Alas, very soon does the horrid reality of economic necessity settle in. The new emperor is hard-up. The treasury is tanking and tanking debt too; the rate of extraction has to intensify even more. The slave has to cough up the deficit. This will need his body broken up more, his spirit hopefully too. The new order is the old order, only harsher due to maturing debt pressures.

Debt can be that sinister.

To date, history has not shown any level of institutionalised terror which broke the drive of the human spirit toward freedom. Thereto do all parasitic orders always have a fight on their hands, and increasingly, a war.  (the question thus must be asked in the open: is the Kenyan elite a parasitic entitty!?)

Sometimes that conflict manifests itself in comical ways, like in this republic of Kenya where there was once talk of .... not a class war, but a war between the Tribe of Hustlers and the ruling clan of Dynasties. Two tragi-comical events are remembered in the week of peace in which the holy remains of the former eternal dictator, DT Arap Moi, were, in an act of political fetishism and pagan corpseworship, called upon by the Dynasts in fellowship. Such rituals serve to infer divine rights to rule, aka mandates of heaven and historicity.

The Lord Protector of the Hustlers wasn't invited of course. And if he was, he showed mental independence by refusing to endorse the Moi cult. One notices the gusto and determination with which he professed loyalty to the alternative Samoe arap Koitalel cult. ---Eeh, which of the two shrines is the keeper  of your Nandi passions now!? And can the two cults, Moi and Koitalel, be united?

(Usually it requires a killer puncher to unite disputed championships.  Think of a ferocious puncher like Mike Tyson in his hey days, or a super skilled killer artist in the ring like Mohammed Ali in his top form days. Mediocre warriors can never unite a disputed belt, or throne if you wish. In which case think of the calibre of the men who united Vietnam, Ho and Vo, or the calibre of kina Mao and Deng, who united China ---and confined the Qing dynasty to oblivion. At such scales, the local derby between the cousins Gideon and William is a toy fight. I therefore correctly treat it as stand-up comedy in a goat market during the meaty Christmas season.

The two memorable events thus were 91) what unfolded in Kisii and (2) Nairobi separately. Nairobi was a weeping and wailing Mike Mbuvi Sonko. He was being thrown into jail, majorly for insolence.

 I handle that elsewhere.

Kisii was of course the famous muppet show, this time Arati versus Osoro, with the trailer-wide hips of Millicent Omanga in swing. Ringside were the two protagonists for the Uhuru succession, Raila and Ruto. What is remarkable about these events is not their comical quality, but their viciousness and savagery. Below the thin film of a peaceful Kenya are strong currents which have compacted the hearts of opposants into ruthless streaks. The destruction of Mike Sonko is an open display of that streak. The chilling mercilessness, murderous intensity between the two Kisii boys, is an open shot across the bow of complacent tribalism.Bewarned  Hustler versus Dynast pitch is a chasm that cracks even the solid wall of tribal belonging.

It points to a dramatic resolution.


The King is dead, Long live the King. Exit Donald the Trump, enter Uncle Joe. Trump was a barbarian, uncle Joe will deny him intelligence which, customarily, is not denied ex presidents of the USA. We are back to civilisation with this Obama-era Vice President.

And that is where the slave anecdote comes in. ---what hopes do we catch flickering in the hearts of the inmates of the slave belts of the South? And, as a matter of fact, what cheers did flicker, even for a furtive second of human weakness before Hope, in the hearts of the leaders of the rump of the once triad of Axis of Evil: North Korea and Iran. How about in the hearts of the tyrannical duo of Xi and Putin?

Xi Jin Pin has seen the pride of China, Huawei, smashed by Donald Trump, while Putin has nearly suffered a heart attack as the zig-zaggy Angel Merkel almost buckled under pressure from Donald Trump to completely abandon Nordstream Two. Earlier on, the Brzezinski kid Barrack Obama had moved to smash Assad's Syria to allow for an energy pipeline from Saudi Arabia to run to Europe, to wean Europe off Russia's gas. Trump was running the same policy, only harder and lacking in the subtleness of Obama.


The Empire Strikes Back

Well, according to the rules of the Colonial Empire, sub-Saharan Africans are not allowed to be successful.  Nor Arabs – unless they are Saudis or vassals of the Saudis. Therefore, Gaddafi had to go.
According to the VZGLIAD piece, Clinton’s correspondence reveals that the Americans were worried about Libya’s huge reserves of gold and oil.   Their chief worry was that Gaddafi — as he had sometimes promised to do — would use Libyan gold as the basis for a pan-African currency.  Which would have fit beautifully into the proposed pan-African development bank whose goal was to turn sub-Saharan Africa, especially the African “Francophone” nations, into “tiger-states” of economic boom.
These plans were seen to go against the interests of both the U.S. and also its vassal, France, which was eager to regain military/economic influence in its ex-colonies in Africa

And so did Obama move to destroy Libya. But part of Libya's sovereign wealth was Russian investment. The phone call in which Vladimir Putin asks Obama to state clearly whether the United states had no intention to return the Russian wealth they had –--ignorantly or accidentally??--- stolen along with Libya's confiscated resources is legendary. But Barrack was a too smart and cold-blooded original. Realising he had been tricked by Clintonites and their security proteges in the CIA, Barrack conceded the point to Putin. This concession would later allow Putin to give Obama a way out on the issue of Syrian chemical weapons. Once again, when the Clintonite apparatus locked him into a combat situation with Russia.

Uncle Joe may not have the cold-blooded smarts of the ace imperial kid, Barack Obama. The last of the best students of Zigbniew, the geo-political chess gamer and rabid Russophobic.


Well, the fog of succession is now cleared. Uncle Joe has set his priorities. Unlike Trump, he wont put gloves in his punches at Russia and China. It will be steel all the way to the hilt. How about Iran? Well, the terrorist republic of
Islam will return unconditionally to the  –--Obama initiated--- JCPOA deal which Trump Unilaterally tore up, before Biden will consider them worthy of a glance.

And so, only in the minds of the most naive of slaves have times changed for the better. Just as it will boil over in Kenya, so will it boil over at the top of the world. The only available peace, will the the one of MAD. The one which keeps Israel from attacking Iran: mutually assured destruction.

Meanwhile this historical constant: freedom stays the dream beating time beneath the breasts of all inmates. ---tell that to the Palestinians, Kurds, Uighurs, Ugandans or even Kashmiris!

The King is dead! Long live the King!