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Far away from the capital city.

It has been a wonderful half year. The efforts culminated in a pre-Xmas party. It was an explosion which all but submerged Rusinga Island. I am talking about the extravaganza called the Suba cultural week. Offside, during this indulgence, Rusinga became the proverbial Island of Ogygia. The said was where the equally fabled Nymph, Kalipso Kalipso, domiciled. In deed, Ogygia is that Island of pan-like parties where ---- O the sensational tongue of poets, lyricised chronicles proclaim the gods descended to hold their divine orgies.

The heavy lifting for the cultural festival was of course done long ago. That is the organisation and co-ordination of the themes. By the time it was a guaranteed success, we left it over for the politicians to shine.

If one has followed the devastation wrought by the concluding floods, one will recognise just how decrepit the bandits running Luoland are, solution wise. The infrastructural inadequacy to cope (with the watery disaster) has been self-evident and, consequently, it is a self-explanatory indictment of the Lords of the said Lake Basin (Development Authority) Land. But on this occasion we let them shine, and shine they deed. It was a feel-good day. Life needs such days. For, for many, daily life is a dreary business that sucks.

So shine we let them, and they did. They shone like babies at a baby-shower. When wrapped neatly, such a baby is free to odoulessly soil itself underneath, O yeah, all this time shamelessly safe and admired by adults; adults duplicituous in their cunning nods of course. ---The baby looks like somebody else I know but do I say!

You, Amigo, however troglodytic, must have heard of how Governor Anyang' Nyong'o sacked them all. We are not talking about that GCG incident long ago when the professor was the national minister of Health. Nay, we are talking all Kisumu doctors during the latest phase of the systematic and endemic labour disputes. Yeah, right there is your morally decrepit and politically bankrupt infant. But aint she a beauty!? Seeing how robbed the politically senile creep is, how decorated in the expensive garments of a professor at political science, and Governor Maximus he is.

There too was my own Mawego Awiti. This His Excellency ever warrants the description of, administratively speaking, a pre-historic monster long thought extinct. I would vouch he is a Frankestein creature of the rogue mandarins at Orange House. He is and remains a perfect anecdote for the brain-death of the popular party, and not only post Handshake. Awiti Jamawego is a blown-up image of his classmate, the disgraced secretary for finance, Dr. Henry Rotich. (Rotich is  the moron of the phantom dams, all in his Kerio backyard).

In the land of the living, I shook hands with The Dead. I needed not descend unto Hades to be enmeshed in rot; the world was upside down; this, I repeat, is a necrocratic dynasty.


Perhaps I should explain the quip (necrocratic dynasty).


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Perhaps I should explain the quip (necrocratic dynasty).

Historically speaking in political science, the comprador bourgeoisie –--or bandit bourgeoisie as Prof. Podp of Jukwaa preferred----- are a late class. That is, so far as spearheading both the national liberation and economic wirtschaftswunder are concerned, they are persona non grata in the driver's seat. Yet, paradoxically, this (evolutionary dead-end predator parasites) are the dominant class in the fabled, rising polities of Africa.

This historical unicum needs a ponder.

Africa is peddling a dark joke here, even if she appears to have a plan B. -----The Chinese viriles are all over the place! No worries!

In deed, every election recycles one of the local comprador's very own to the zenith of power.  Kagame replaces Kagame. M7 succeeds M7. Kabila out, Kabila in. This phenomenon is not only the norm throughout the continent at large, but especially in Kenya, including Luoland and her domestic, Subaland adjunct too.

The SUSTAINED rule of a historically retired class, a brainless to brain-dead class, is a NECROCRACY. A dead-end rule unless a desperate Plan B comes into play.

NB: I am old enough to have attended the best readings of post-colonial contemplations from the front-liners. And this issue was metaphor-ed to the hilt by the mighty Sembene Ousmane: Xala

El Hadji's status as a member of the economic elite, as well as his manhood, are put into question. El Hadji's affliction, Xala (or impotence), symbolizes his lack of power in both the economic and social world.
Impotence yes, wherefore the virile and really rising Chinese must come and take care of business here. In political science, that metaphor Xala translates into a NECROCRACY. Flaccid minds pretending to be in office, yet mere caretaker puppets.

Yea, brain death, intellectual implosion, mental collapse, Boko Haram malignancy, you name it!

Think: How do we explain how Rotich and Thugge, academic stars, and the rest of the consipiring treasury mandarins so successfully sabotaged the Kimwarer dams by eating away all its finance? –-They are brain-dead obviously, so far the national tasks and purpose is concerned. Their greed and gluttony is nihilist, UNTHINKING, suicidal, malignant.

The go-getter Chinese meanwhile built the Super Dam at Yang-Tze (Seven Gorges) and are busy helping the Ethiopians with their own Super Dam, the Grand Renaissance. But Rotich and Thugge necessarily had to contract Sicilians and Roman Mafioso, to knife down our national water purpose.


The same can be said about the National Lands Commission once under professor Muhammad Swazuri and his consigliere, Professor Ojienda. This body officiated a scam that so inflated the land rates, such that the costs of the SGR, chapter land compensation, skyrocketed (and further tightened the chains of debt servitude on the ankles of Patrick Njoroge's CBK). And so to this date, Handshake or not, BBI or not, the question of whether the port of Mombasa is still in Kenyan hands is top secret. Yes, such are the unmarked graves you chance when you leisurely wander the backyard of necrocrats.

The ease with which our hyper resource-endowed Africa passed from the double-helix chain of Breton-Woods, IMF and WB, into the debt bosom of China's EximB., is enough proof of castrated minds at the top of the continent.

In Kenya, I can continue to give (excluding the BBI fiasco) four more explications of  a 'necrotic bureaucracy' serving a necrocratic dynasty, but I think the point is clearly driven home by those substantiations above.

In the land of the living I shook hands with the dead. I needed not descend unto Hades for the thrills of ghosts. Hades is of course the –--lyricised chronicles revisited---- habitat of them poor souls who no longer see the shines of Helios the Sun!

Howbeit I am a lucky one. I am alive like once again the eyes of Rosemary Odinga to see. And lets us hope this crown princess used her time in blindness to inwardly look, to see, the truths. To think the unthinkable for a dynast: class suicide. Meseems sometimes I feel lost in the make-believe wonderlands of rising African countries. But the very strong odours of  decomposition, of rot and ubiquitous filth clogging every administrative meanders, keeps me awake. They hollow my stomach out like the prospect of a night at a haunted hotel. Rising or Sinking?

But I am a party animal too. For a few days I can throw all care to the wind. I like holidays and sojourns in big cities when cash is in. And so did I take a very long sojourn in the city in the sun, Nairobi. It was a retreat of sorts, not to mention the financial motives behind.

More about that later.

NB2: In the aftermath I composed a long report –--THE DARKS OF THE SUNNY CITY. Only to discover my suspension to excision from my usual puke-point. My ghostly adventures in Nairobi were profound enough to provoke a series of meditations on the domestics of dotKe.


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He is a ghost Kenyan you know. If you have a sense of humour.
There was a famous nyatiti song singing the praises of one, Okuro K'Ouma. I think it was by a harpist named Oganga Sharp. It intimated something to the effect

Jaluo modak e Luo,
en k'odhi Narobi limbe
t'opande chalone Passport!
Be Kenya kuro chal Loka!
Bu dichuni wacho Nairopgino obedu!


For the Luos permanent in Luoland
A trip to Nairobi is verily a journey overseas
Is it the colonial day when the ID is a passport
It drives one to the verge of to hell with that Nairobi of theirs!

So there we were, discussing the fines of a cultural festival and pondering the Miguna question.

What now, to say, given we are also men of the local markets and local gossip? Okot P'Bitek style.

How now, could we accommodate the sorrowful plight of Miguna Migun into the Suba cultural marathon!?

Being a usual suspect, I wasn't going to be the one to ask that question, but once it was posed by the Old and supposedly wise, and you wouldn't guess who else, I wasn't going to develop a convenient deafness.

Nor tactical amnesia.

You see, they say at the gossip exchange, that there is this deafness on the part of big Luo academics, perhaps even like our own Dr. Adams Oloo, him of the BBI team. Them academic big guns suggest, and all without a Solomonic twinkle of the eye, that national bridges can be built and social cohesion plastered smooth, yet Akida's like Dr. Fred Matiang'i categorically insist the Nyando of Miguna's birth is in Canada, near Toronto.

This issue at the local market is a fertile ground of many a joke. Off limits I guess to the academic bureaucracy allied to the popular party. When you venture into the world of drummers, shakers (ajegejege, ajawa and gara), horn-blowers and sigueya story-chanters et al, they start giving you the looks, licking their lips as if they are ladies of the night from whom you only get what you pay for, creep that you be!

Consider this scene. You brightly step up to a man who blows an old Suba horn. The horn is from some long extinct antelope. He is welcoming but adopts a mocking smile: 'Apenji, porofesa; encha Miguna cha wagone tiun mar Otho-pi molal, koso Odhi-Dwar oduogo gi lemo turi!?'

Say, porofesa, we blow Miguna the tune of BURIAL WAS AT SEA, or do we do him the SHARP HUNTER COMES BACK LOADED!?' --And he blows a riff which you know is darker than any of the above. His grin mutates into a squint on your face; he is like a psychopath hunting for a flinch on the resolve of the prey. (May be you are Mudavadi, or Kalonzo or Weta, confronted with the MOCK or Kalongolongo oat!) There is a riff for that too!

So: Would the Suba cultural week go along with this official Luo-BBI myth, that Miguna is a Canadian being? Or, autonomies spoken, would Suba culture remind Big Brother, that we are one and inseparable, but some sh!t you will keep to your own panties, Bro. Prodigal Miguna Miguna is Ja-Nyando is our and ours!

Ka ok kamano to Kenjgino obedi! After all, Kenyan is not much of an identity really. It is hardly skin deep, which is why our politics continue to be so, dare I say, TRIBAL!

So I reckoned: Jaramogi Odinga once gave a famous speech in London, Chatam House it could be I think. He said:


To no avail, many referential dictionaries were opened to find the LATIN WORDS the Kenyan rogue was spewing --(in his ''rambling diatribe!'' as the British press characterised it)

This joke, those proficient in the Suba mothertongue ---unlike those like me who are 90% Luonised or 'assimilados', parodied in the Miguna case, and cause.

Whether you kithni or ndekni or lothni or what
whether thee trasheth a thousand court orders,
Miguna Miguna is Jakenya Githwon kendo Jasuba
Gi Thwon be!

The horns man I had recruited came to me after his debut show. 'Porofesa, akudhe TIBIM. Ibiro lokenigi!?' --'Porofesa, I blew it bull's eye! Will you translate it for them!?'

I said yes, I will translate it as the DEVONSHIRE WHITE PAPER BLOW!

---If you do not recognise this fact, and continue in the delusion Kenya is the whiteman's highlands, and her vast tracts the ownership of the leisure of the English Queen, it is the drums of your doom you beat ever faster. Nor is Kenya the permanent playground of dynasts as it appears to you today.

NB: 3. Of course this ---Devonshire white paper parody---- was proclaimed countless times in the Suba language and with a plethora of instruments in orchestral gong; and, like in London of the early sixties, some will need Latin dictionaries to decode phrases like: Many Kenyan bridges are beautifully built, but a small test of a torrent ---Wah! So easy to wash away they are!

If this BBI report of theirs insists Dr. Miguna Miguna is persona non-grata, is  a Canadian masquerading as a Kenyan, then it is just like Lord Dalamere claiming he will wipe his hinds with the 'Devonshire White Paper'.  The paper proclaimed Kenya first and foremost an African land. Such a white paper will officially and categorically state, and broadcast open, that: KNOW ALL HUMANS, AND THEE OTHER CREATURES! MIGUNA MIGUNA is a Kenyan.

Upende Usipende! --O thee 2010 mutilate!

But of course it took the Mau Mau rebellion for many settlers to accept the obvious facts of Kenya! Those facts were already, long conceded in the Devonshire White paper. And even earlier at the beginning of the colonial story.

Temporarily the balance of power was that Kenya was a whiteman's playground and historical loot. Temporarily the balance of power is that Miguna is not a Kenyan! And Kenya is a necrocratic dynasty, and the electoral leisure of allied aristocrats.

But I doubt anybody is fooling anybody. It is just good old fear.

The Suba cultural festival @Rusinga! It was a bash in the bush! With a sting in the tail. But that is always culture for you!
Post Script.

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Uhuru’s veiled response on Miguna’s return

By Vincent Kejitan | Updated Dec 30, 2019

“There’s nobody who has been told not to speak his mind,” stressed President Kenyatta. “You can walk on the road and even shout at the top of your voice. I have heard that others even want to board flights and come to say what they want to say, let them come. That is their freedom.”

It was a slippery moment for the duplicitous elite: Lionising the late Charles Shujaa Rubia while knifing Miguna Miguna on the ground.

Miguna and Rubia are two of a kind. They are both sides of the same coin: RESISTANCE

Charles Rubia paid heavily for his contribution to the incomplete second liberation. Some cases to do therewith are still in court. David Maraga, Willy Mutunga or Evans Gicheru, the difference can surprisingly be the same when it is a cardinal issue of moral worth. Miguna Miguna has been wretchedly treated for his rebellion against a corrupt and illegitimate order. Miguna has paid a heavy price. The price of state kidnapping, denunciation and (drugged) expulsion from his birthright and motherland. Justice, Law and Injustice can surprisingly be a welded brotherhood when an elite is threatened. Amos Wako before 2010 or Prof. Githu Muigai and Kahara after 2010, no difference when it is elite survival at core.

In his eulogy Ouru Kenyatta in his role as President found himself compelled to ask Kenyans to  :* emulate Charles Wanyoike Rubia. That was a bone sooner in his own throat, for however dumb or drunk, his excellency could perceive if not hear his people giggling: I AM NOT BOARDING! NO! I AM NOT BOARDING!

He had to, as they say, have a Freudian slip of the tongue, or, bar that, elevate himself to an absurd comedian. He resolved it by a jocular tell of what he had heard. –---H.E had heard that Kenya had surrendered the Mombasa port to the Chinese!
No, just kidding; that one he hasn't heard yet! The one he has, among others, are these noise-maker Kenyans who want to board flights to God knows where! For sooth Know all men H.E Ouru has no plans to stop them.

But others have of course.

Since when is Ouru Kenyatta's word law in this country!? Did not Nzioka Waita in his heyday as chief state mouthpiece, ban the president from uttering a single word on the status of the port of Mombasa vis-a-vis Chinese loans!? And did not the president comply like some brainless underling?

So, No sooner had President Ouru talked what he had heard than retired Colonel Cyrus Oguna was on cue to set his stupid Excellency right. All his life the son of Jomo has always needed some minion to complete his thinking for him. That complex comes with being born with a golden spoon in the mouth and subjected to perpetual spoon feeding.

“All his travel papers must be right and valid,” Col. Cyrus Odhiambo Oguna, the government spokesman, told Nairobi News.

“Then he will not be denied entry. All his papers must be right and valid as per the travel regulations. We are governed by the rule of law.”
Correct, Oguna  the former military intelligence insider has not been told how (the then immigration supremo) General Kihalangwa seized some of Miguna's travelling papers and perforated them inside David Maragwa's chambers!

No, that information is above Oguna's paygrade. But furthermore, thinking would of course be totally outside the human competences of a government spokesperson. The same government Oguna is speaking for, is under obligations, some of these being court orders, to facilitate the return of her citizens from wherever, especially in distress. When Black Africans were  marooned in the hell of Libya after Barrack and Hilary dispatched of Qaddafi, they were airlifted like dead cargo back home. Papers or no papers.

But on the other hand, who, in this world with any brains, is going to think a government spokesperson is anything but a disinformation cog?
Wherefore Kenyan culture has moved a step forward. It has forced the official president to a dangerous lip service at the funeral of Charles Rubia. The president of Kenya has publicly washed his hands off the Miguna issue. He couldn't urge Kenyans to emulate Rubia while kanyagaring' Njugunah!

Even for a customarily unthinking man, this feat in incongruity proved publicly impossible. It makes Ouru Kenyatta an important fulcrum in the evolution of Kenyan politicology. A head of state who can admit mistakes in passing, jokingly. For instance, a few years ago he was all over the country berating Raila a WAZIMU, an ADUI YA UZALENDO, mtumua wa Wazungu, mtu hana sera etc etc. Now, Handshake manenos and peddling BBI, like a child of no memory he proclaims Raila his elder brother and just the very thing God ordered for Kenya!

No it is not shameless. It is just childishly innocent. Unthinking.

BUT:  that kind of turn-coat, U-turn behaviour immediately melts national tensions and changes at a go, the political temperature of a land! That kind of irresoluteness is exactly what the parasitic elite need right now, otherwise the issue of the two presidents, the peoples and the duly elected, would now have morphed into two republics of Kenya. –--These things need to be clinically acknowledged and said. Kenyatta's childish instincts are a godsend!

So here is another such tantalising, tension-reducing U-turn from the head of state.

 Miguna can say whatever he wants anywhere, including right here in Kenya, welcome!
“There’s nobody who has been told not to speak his mind,” stressed President Kenyatta.
“You can walk on the road and even shout at the top of your voice.
That is their freedom.”
The President also urged Kenyans to use their freedom of speech wisely.
But, caveat two, Uhuru Kenyatta is a lame duck. And such ducks have only dying quacks.

 But this dying quack is a haunting one.

It leaves us with that feeling in the stomach. What is this land pregnant with!? If Ouru keeps quacking sensibly like this, he could easily be our prime minister of choice come 2023!

But he would better find his OWN VOICE AND MIND first. And SPEAK IT CLEARLY.

Then minions like Oguna nor  Waita wont be getting in the path of his vision!

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Jeff Koinange knew he had sealed it. The only viewing that evening would be himself live, Citizen's JKL. Those who opposed Citizen Macharia when his business instincts homed on Jeff, have a sweet bitter pill to swallow. The viewership density is astronomical.

Jeff never left KTN because of the Passaris affair, Nay, it had more to do with the sensitivities of the other Macharia (Equity Bank) and of course major shareholder DT Moi (former dictator and state looter), than the sarcasm of Miguna toward Ester. —--In the break, off-air but not off tapes, Miguna contemptuously but Ester with: ravishing E. P is so beautiful everybody wants to rape her! That was when a jealous Moi family mole in the business saw an opportunity to embarrass Jeff and have him fired.

He was. But soon had a safe landing in the foam of Citizen Macharia. JKLive isn't just another talk-show, it is The Talk Show, and continues to be the (ToT) or talk of town.

 Howbeit even at the Citizen's Jeff raises ire. Sometime back, with the now toxic Mike Mbuvi Sonko as guest, the plug was pulled on the show for that session, live! The reason? Editorial quality and controls.
Passaris walked away from the event after Sonko bashed her for claiming that the governor always ignored her calls. After the heated conversation on Citizen TV, the show had to be stopped for a commercial break that extended to 10 minutes. The interview had to be cut short after the break, with Jeff revealing that it was due to editorial policies and quality controls.
Passaris again!? It is a hot show and the lady melts easy. Yet keeps coming back for more. I say the addiction of a masochist.

Jeff occupies a very anxious point in the elitary set-up. I always think of him thus: he is a fellow journeyman from the inner circle who would rather have been partying but, due to a protocol breach like pinching the bottoms of the crown prince's squeeze at a garden party, he has been banished from the court and sent on sentry duty. And there, Jeff has found his true calling.

From a tower above the elitary fort, Jeff is granted a binoculars to survey the goin-ons at the horizon. Everybody at the party knows all is not well out there; the mobs are restive and many desperados and adventurers are cooking succession mayhem. There are many varied dreams of a new deal out there. Some of them bloody. Jeff then presents a version which is safe, reporting only on the conflicts as it plays within the elite, at the garden party. There, do political slayqueens wiggle their hefty butts, strut their public-funded haute couture, and nible away with fake nails at champagne glasses and Glenny the Fiddich.

Just another day in paradise, or so.

 Jeff knows the interview of his life –--and total sacking, will be when he flies to Scandinavia and cross-examines General Ngatia of the KRA. Preferably done in Kikuyu, and subtitled in English, this JKL special would see the end of Jeff's career at Citizen Kane's!

But the dog on a leash can't stray that far.

Nay, NRKe General Miguna is already risky enough. Jeff's cheeky wit,  urbane ivy league and clownish posh, are an advertisement fit made in heaven when it pairs with the BlueTooth abrasive intellect and reckless tongue of the man with the same man twice, the NRMke General, Miguna.
And –-Behold, it was unto this posho mill of a masticating duo that the GoK sent the grain: retired Col. Oguna.  Jeff and Miguna milled the former deep state burrow to fine meal. It was a horror show.

What can we say? Truly Oguna just has to be sacked. For incompetence. The embarrassment he caused himself and the country is just too great. It was a PR El-Adde. A wipe-out. But I don't remember a tradition in this country that officials resign for proven incompetence. We therefore have to be kind to the retired colonel. When one is a colonel, which is not really a decider rank in the corps, one's superiors can order one to a suicide mission, and one's fate is then to comply.

Traditionally the military has expendible ranks, and file. They literally call them cannon fodder. Every old soldier knows this. The toughest colonels at the front line, as opposed to office boy colonels shuffling paper, necessarily must have the presence of mind to not always obey headquarters. Headquarters is where Generals in air-conditioned rooms trade in the blood of others, with barely any consequences to themselves. If all the orders of the Generals were obeyed at the front lines, there would hardly be any soldiers left to later tell old soldiers' tales! Yeah, it would always be wipe-outs, like El-Adde.

Tough colonels improvise in the field; they are down to earth; they read the death situation as it develops. In lost ones they save the lives of the rank and file. They can even surrender than go suicidal mission. They can live to fight another day. Their heroism is long term. They are ready to appear cowards of the moment, but ultimately winners in history. Rtd Colonel Oguna decided to not even try to be an Abunawasi Nuwasi was a legendary a court''s fool of fabulous wit, a wit which always diffused all the thunder out of hell into self-conscious blushes.

Come to think of it: When history is finally written, the reason the middle east has not blown up this week in Armageddon can verily be the refusal of colonels to obey their commanders in chiefs and their armchair generals. Such generals seated around as chiefs of staff, are ever more busy with their retirement benefits than the fate of millions of innocent people.

What we have seen is therefore the strategic wit of battlefront colonels; we have witnessed the ritual combat between Iran and the USA, ie WWF scripted entertainment. —--The trick lies in the Muslim population of Russia and China, and the Jewish population of Russia and the middle east. Nuking Iran is the end of Jewery in the middle East; it is the break-up of Russia, as its Muslim protectorates, mostly secular, turn restive. This is the underbelly which would be ripped open: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan all seething. And to top it up, NATO in the Baltic States, 20 minutes from St Petersburg. For China, the backlash would be no less terrible. The already black hole Uighur republic of Xinjiang would have to be a no man's land to avoid a total break. So the down-to-earth colonels must have quietly told the American Generals their limits.  Theyhad them refuse Trump's military reaction to Iran's missile shoots. The so-called slap in the face. And there was no big-bang in the middle east. But in Kenya, those mammoth world events even if they affect the paraffin price at our locals, haven't been our preoccupation. For us, it has been why the BBI has no ladder but fairy ones extended over the canyon to Miguna.


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Retired Colonel Oguna Cyrus was caught pants down throwing fake return lines to the exiled NRMke General. Talking of backlashes, the man Miguna swore in as the peoples' president, Raila Odinga, now co-president with Uhuru as William Ruto spot kicks their balls around, was forced to address the issue to assuage rising irritation in the backyard. In fact, every Tom Dick and Harry, or should I say every Muthama, Sudi and Ongadi is now mocking the BBI: hii handshake ni nini kama Nyando bado iko kule Kanada!?

The courts have now ordered the Attorney General to pay court. It is a hope the AG, Paul Kihara, has the murmurings of a Solomon in him. he is the GoK's legal brains, and it is his mind which should have been running the retired Colonel on JKL live. The utter stupidity of the Kenyan government evidenced by Oguna''s televised pedestrian behavior, needs to be diffused by a careful wise old hand.

I miss Mwai Kibaki's brains. No situation was ever far too complex for a dismissive grin. (When, after the rigging of 2007 precipitated PEV, and Koffi Annan was sinking in the Nairobi moor, the feared Condoleezza Rice, fronting for the challenged Potus, George Dubya Bush, thought threatening Kibaki with an American embargo was a huge stick , did not Emilio barely grant her a lazy patronising smile and corrective tweet: my daughter, who said The West is the only Financial Mecca for Africa to pilgrimage these days!?)

In deed. I can just visualise the utter contempt and irritable disgust on Mwai Kibaki's face, would he be confronted with Matiang'i and his immigration infants on the case Miguna Miguna. –--'If you don't know Nyando is in Ahero, I doubt you would know your own name is Matiang'i, Muigai, Ruto, or Oguna! Go back to nursery school, fools!'

And to Miguna: 'come home, go to Nyando and build a kiru; buy some fish and have a merry drink with your people! And, my son, don't always abuse STUPID people, their silly egos easily bruised can make them do stupid things to you!'

Yes, we were all here when the Arturo brothers were getting in and out of Kenya without a single querry from any immigration official at JKIA, grade one  :* airport! So which idiot would it be, to talk to Kibaki about Visa's and passport controls at JKIA!?

A General Kihara gotta think.

Court summons AG Kariuki over disobedience of orders on Miguna’s return

Nairobi 10 January 2020

A court has summoned Attorney-General Kihara Kariuki or a senior official from his office to explain why orders directing the government to facilitate lawyer Miguna Miguna's return have been ignored.

Justice John Mativo noted on Friday that the government has disobeyed several orders on the matter.

This weekend the AG must hold counsel with the best, otherwise it will be another retired colonel Oguna repeat, this time in Justice John Mativo's Chambers.

And then the courts and due process of law will prove irrelevant. A facade. So may court orders trashed. Behold, the mirthless grin of reality, the cynical dare of impunity. A power throwing down the gauntlet: break me otherwise, Ha!

General Miguna, back to the drawing board. May be Jeff Koinange should start to flirt with an interview with the other General: Man Ngatia.

Culture never runs out of coping mechanisms whatever the stress levels.

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No, it wasn't exactly a no-show.  Justice John Mativo did have a visitation.

The AG's office sent some two lawyers.

But the veteran John Khaminwa, appearing for Miguna the Jenerali, didn't find the Sheria House errand boys sensible enough to address with even the customary learned friend. No, the fact is senior counsel Khaminwa was much pleased when he didn't spy Judge Mativo bother to summarise a written entry of the torrent of nonsense the toddlers from the AG's were conversing.

Nobody even knows their names. Such was the fame of their notorious performance.

Judge John Mativo is a well-chided furious scripter. Jokes about the Justice remind of Gordon Brown who, frustrated by Tony Blair's refusal to hand over power to him, like Ruto over Uhuru today, would write so furiously his pens broke in the middle, of cabinet meetings.

How then do we explain Paul Kihara Kariuki's chicken appearance? What forced him to belittle John Mativo, like Matiang'i the other magistrates in the same Miguna case?

At a first glance it is the continuation of state arrogance. There are court orders beneath the dignity of power to bow to. So this was a further show of contempt, power having its way regardless.

But that is not what I see. I see an intellectual vacuum at the centre of power. I see an empty-headedness masquerading as arrogance, keeping up appearances of invincibility. I see confusion and fear. If at the public face of PR, we saw this confusion express itself in the publicly-aired stupidity of the government spokesperson, rtd. Col Oguna, at the legal side we saw the legal bankruptcy of the state aired in Judge Mativo's court. Miguna Miguna's contempt for ...  and Jeff Koinange's declassification of Cyril Oguna, were adequately mirrored in John Khaminwa's contempt for .... and Judge John Mativo's disdain for the pedestrians the AG's office had delegated. (Or was it Ken Ogeto's sollictor General's fall!?)

There was no impunity from Paul Kihara's tower, there was just plain stupidity put on record. There was no clarity of legal opinion from the towering head of the attorney General, there was just the fart, hiss and bleat of sheepish intestines, well-fed. If I opted earlier President Kenyatta is more of a dying than a lame duck, his legal brains I must say are already more dead than alive. The kind Judge Mativo has awarded Kihara a return match. Kihara can write an opinion! and send a messenger!

John Khaminwa didn't like the stench of Kihara's mind. The AG's office is more of a legal morgue. All their arguments are dead.

Such a vacuum at the centre of power can not go unfilled for a second.


How ironic, but it fell on William Ruto to be the most categoric.

The recent King of impunity and state financial malfeasance found reason to state the point with a surprising vehemence. —---It is a slippery slope, he warned. When we start to disobey court orders, it is the route to lawlessness and chaos!

(gotta write out that passionate plea --see postscript)

Where DP Ruto was when the first Miguna court order was disobeyed needs to be looked into too. He was right here of course, in Kenya, and still very powerful. His marriage with Mr. Kenyatta was still as intact, and as happy as it could be, to all EXTERNAL purposes. Full of impunity, court orders were his foot, and the deportation served Miguna best! —-Basta.

But vindu vichenjanga.

Today, the Uhuruto marriage is dead. And Ruto, besieged, fears the prospect of the impunity of the state turned against him. What happens if he is declared national enemy number one, when the anti-corruption narrative narrows on him as the Patron of Thieves and the architect of electoral rigging? (1) There is a thread in the Sonko cases which leads to his door. AMACO or so.

2. Uhuru Kenyatta's mate, David Murathe, the former Jubilee chair, is on record detailing how The Hustler DP Ruto strategically rigged-in most of the Mount Kenya Mpigs who, today, sing his praises and fight his corner with such parasitic passion.

What if the state turns nasty? As it did on Miguna, despite all those court orders secured by star lawyers!?

William Ruto's instincts are awake.

But in condemning the ignorance of court orders, he of course firebombed Fred Matiang'i. Matiang'i is the canine usurper fronted by Uhuru Kenyatta to administratively tame his deputy who has gone rogue. And Ruto's firebomb forced Fred out of his hibernating zone. The interior man came up with well, a cock-and-bull story about how tight our immigration laws are. And that is what is to blame for Miguna's woes.

But Matiang'i's was an intellectual effort even feebler than the infantility of the AG's errand boys before Mativo and Khaminwa, and a performance even cheaper than rtd. Col Cyrus Oguna's PR waterloo on JFK-Live.

So there we are. It is no longer possible to mock Miguna for pomping himself up as General, without mocking the big men in Nairobi for the Lilliputians they are before this phantom Gulliver, aka Miguna.

Nobody in government has the brains big enough to face the case of the self-styled General. Mysteriously even the LSK, the crop of the law school with a representation at the prestigious JSC, is too conflicted to have an opinion.

And so, talking about vacuums, any vacuum in office, even that of intellect, will be filled immediately. Yes, power has shifted, the fraternity of legal friends have fallen from their tower. I doubt they have figured out the consequences of who has filled the vacuum they left.

As for Uhuru Kenyatta's regime, Handshake or BBI limping, it is a ship already sank. Those big four agendas are dead. There is only one agenda, the Ruto succession, or not. The rest are side shows.

And power hates a vacuum more than it hates Miguna!

I suspect when Miguna is finally awarded his damages for his flouted rights, the bill will be quite high. I would rather the vast fortunes of those who ran the government when he was abused, be confiscated to fix the bill. Why should Wanjiku pay for the individual follies of Lilliputian politicians and brain-dead sheria house occupants?

16:30 –-Ruto on Court orders. NO MORE ORDERS FROM ABOVE! The law must be obeyed irrespective of station, period.

He is a late convert and may be does not believe himself wholy. But it should be lauded, the way a baby's first attempts to stand upright are, by adults. Tomorrow you will walk, son!

Keep it up!

Ruto has firebombed AG Paul Kariuki Kihara. Let's wait and see if Kihara's hibernation is a total mental freeze.


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« Reply #7 on: January 18, 2020, 11:54:18 AM »

''Na mimi nataka niulize watu wote, hasa sisi tuliyo kwa uongozi ya serikali.
–--Tujue ya kwamba,
Kenya ni nchi inayo ongozwa na sheria;
na nchi ambayo inafuata sheria, ni jukumu la kila mmoja wetu kahakikisha ya kwamba tunafuata sheria.
Na sheria haijui mkubwa na mdogo,
sheria haina kabila haina dini.
Sheria ni sheria.
Na kila moja wetu lazima tufuate sheria na tuweke taratibu ambayo kila mkenya ambaye aheshimu sheria, yeye anapatiwa heshima yake.''

---''We have a cardinal responsibility to respect, because this is a country of law.
Kenya the foundation of our nation is the foundation built on the rule of law,
and every public officer have their  responsibility,
–--individual and collective,
to make sure this country is built on the firm foundation of the rule of law.

And even when we go to the realm of court orders, it is the responsibility of every public officer.
Individually and as a government, the jubilee administration respects the rule of law and respects every court order issued by a competent court of law in Kenya.

And we want to say categorically, that any public officer who disobeys the law,
who disobeys court orders,
they will carry their cross individually,
they will be held personally responsible for violating the law, or violating any court order.

The slide to anarchy and impunity will begin the day we don't respect the rule of law, and the day we don't respect court orders in our country.

Every citizen, every public officer, we have a duty as citizens of this nation to ensure that the foundation of the rule of law is not sabotaged by anybody in any manner, anywhere.''


–--''Lakina wacha bwana, ile ya Kissii was njama ya chama ya ODM! Good for them, were it not for the abuse and waste of public resources. Hiyo haiwezikani. Hiyo tumekataa!''

That is the future president talking, Candidate Ruto pitching! no forked tongues!? :*

•12 jan. 2020

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« Reply #8 on: January 19, 2020, 01:06:50 PM »

Some things are pretty simple and straight forward. But the power balance reduces them to complex and intractable situations. In this respect, I like to especially think of the case of the Islamic republic of Iran. The oil-rich country boasts a set of independent-minded clerics at the helm. They busy themselves nationalistically confronting the uber domineering imperialism of the USA and her local errand boys: Saudi Arabia and Israel. And that is not to mention the gang of EUnion journey girls, France, the UK and Germany. The latest treacherous dagger lurch of the latter  has been to re-impose sanctions on Iran, citing her renegence on the JCPOA, --the nuclear deal, yet it was Trump who unilaterally broke off from the deal.

For sooth it is all but a power game. Might will be right. The odds are huge against her, but the underdog is no walk-over. There is a whale of a load of fight in the  small dog. It forces the powers that be, to the indignities of ritual combat, scripted theatrics, lest it be the case of the Austro-Hungarian lordship casually moving in to teach little Serbia a lesson. Little Serbia is still here, but the mighty AH empire no longer, her former ruling house,  now tabloid commoners.

So precarious is the situation at our local too. Consider the following hints in Kenya, a scripted combat.

Mr Sonko blamed people in his office, whom he did not name, for making the payments behind his back. “I blacklisted the companies and blocked their payments after the Environment Committee raised issues,” he said outside EACC offices after he emerged from an eight-hour session with the investigators.
The governor is under investigation over allegations that his administration failed to remit tax deductions to the state, including those arising from payments made to suppliers and contractors, value added tax and income tax on profits.

Mr Sonko claimed that the Sh4.5 billion non-remitted taxes accrued before he came into office and it is a problem he “inherited from the former regime” of former governor, Evans Kidero

And the linkages
Mr Sonko told investigators that two months after he was sworn in as governor in August 2017, the Treasury released Sh100 million to the county through the Integrated Financial Management Information System. The money was meant to pay Amaco for services rendered, he told EACC detectives.

Upon receiving the payment, Amaco wired more than Sh20 million in bank transfers of Sh10.7 million, Sh7.5 million and Sh5.3 million to Arbab.

Treasury released? That would be Rotich and Thugge. Neither did CBK's Njoroge  flag the operation of course. Take this clue …. at predetermined outcomes.
Henry Rotich's policy review clips Patrick Njoroge's powers at CBK
Moses Michira 16th June 2016
“The bill further seeks to amend the Act to involve the Cabinet Secretary in the management, control and conduct of the affairs and business of an institution and enhance penalties as a deterrent factor in relation to offences under the Act,” Mr Rotich said in the Finance Bill currently before the National Assembly.

SEE ALSO :This man messed up a whole country

CBK has retained oversight powers over the banking sector including slapping sanctions and fines on violators of sector guidelines- another aspect that the CS wants to have a say in. It could be interpreted as the National Treasury’s response to Dr Njoroge independence in executing his duties. He has been described as uncompromising.
Widespread abuse

Bank executives have found it rough since Njoroge was appointed to head the CBK mid last year. But the governor has streamlined financial reporting that tended to overstate profits in what he terms as a ‘race to the bottom

But the full story of the HOLES in the IFMIS system has not been told. Auditor General Eduard Ouko and budget comptroller Agnes Odhiambo, like Henry Rotich and Kamau Thugge, leave the scene without coming clear on the great diversion which IFMIS worked out to be. If they live long enough to reach the ripe old ages when one wants to die with a clear conscience, truly they will grant exclusive interviews to young journalists, or ghost-writers of memoirs. But if there is a radical, sub-constitutional change, they will of course all be executed for negligence and complicity in national economic sabotage.

Their duplicity is well-documented in the accounting failures of stuff like the Eurobonds.

But back to the delicate power balance in Nairobi today.
Documents seen by the Nation show that Amaco Insurance has had a running contract since 2013 to insure Nairobi County government vehicles. On the other hand, the same company has an ongoing three-year contract with Arbab Auto Care Ltd, a garage located on Kangundo Road, where the county government’s vehicles are taken for repairs. The contract was signed on June 30, 2016.

Arbab is owned by Anthony Otieno Ombok, alias Jamal, who is alleged to have paid the governor Sh3.4 millio
Nothing complex there. Rotich at the treasury is stealing public money to fund William Ruto and allies. Whether he knows it or not, Sonko's Nairobi accounts are being used as a clearing house for the loot. But the date 2013 suggests in deed an inherited deal from the Evans Kidero era.

Continuity one would say.

Then the complexity of power. Ruto isn't just your ordinary shop-lifter or treasury parasite like the Harvadian Rotich, now disgraced and fully replaced by Ukur Yattani. The Hustler Singh is the man who practically made Uhuru Kenyatta President. His Kalenjin backyard holds hundreds of thousands of Gikuyu peasants and businessmen hostage. And it is understood what happens in case push comes to shove and the Kenyatta court openly refuses to endorse him. The Hustler is the most dynamic politician of his generation; his private collection of skulls includes who is who; Daniel Arap Moi occupying centre stage.

That is not the kind of thief other thieves easily push toward the guillotine and hope to keep their heads.

And so we see DPP Haji winning many prices but keeping clear of the centre of combat: No convictions. This has to be what the Chinese call …... the death by a thousand cuts. It has to be attrition.

Killing corruption can kill the host. Required is not just any other surgeon.


Mike Mbuvi Sonko has been well prepared. But however a fat hog him and Nairobi county may be, he is merely a sacrificial lamb; he is merely a toe to be cut down so that the giant Ruto may limp, a bit. Slow down, a bit.

Seven creditors to AMACO Insurance, a company linked to the Deputy President William Ruto have filed for its liquidation.

In a notice published on December 27 Kenya Gazette, any creditor or contributory of AMACO has been asked to appear in court for the hearing set for January 30, 2020.
Nothing to worry about, says AMACO. They are still awash with cash!

Of course they are. It is just designed for other purposes, not paying off creditors.

NB: FARCE IN MULEMBELAND: What are the parallels between the Jacaranda grounds sh!tflood, and the teargas at NABONGO GROUNDS, MUMIAS.
Police teargas Ruto's allies, block meeting parallel to BBI rally

Saturday January 18 2020

Running battles were the order of the day in Mumias, Kakamega County, on Saturday, as Deputy President William Ruto's allies attempted to hold a gathering parallel to a grand BBI meeting.

They politicians included MPs Justus Murunga (Matungu), John Waluke (Sirisia), Didmus Barasa (Kiminini), Dan Wanyama (Webuye West) and Charles Gimose (Hamisi).
Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale and former Sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa joined them.
The politicians were to hold their meeting at Nabongo Grounds in Mumias, but police cordoned off the area, as key leaders attended the Building Bridge Initiative rally at Bukhungu Stadium
Your history
Feaces Dumped At Jacaranda Grounds In Bid To Stop Rally, NASA Supporters Claim

by  Merxcine Cush November 28, 2017,

NASA enthusiast have said that the Jacaranda grounds have been made in habitable for holding the function due to the wreathing smell of feaces.
They have blamed the county government of Nairobi of dumping the feaces in the area making it in habitable.

The police are currently engaging in running battles with NASA supporters trying to access the venue.There is  a clear media block out of the happenings at Jacaranda as none is broadcasting the happenings at that venue where NASA is supposed to hold the memorial rally.

Vindu Vichenjanga!

Sonko has been having a bit of a Karma of late!
Nelson Havi‏@NelsonHavi
Mike Mbuzi Sonko dumping foul smelling waste at Jacaranda for the stench to scare away mourners attending #NASAMemorial. What a chokora Governor?
22:56 - 27 nov. 2017

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« Reply #9 on: January 25, 2020, 10:14:17 AM »

The DailyNation recently fronted a dangerous article. It is a dangerous because it is factual, and this time about the power dynamics at the core of the state of Kenya today.

The truth is dangerous always.

Once more we have reiterated, that the most opaque, secretive, manipulative and darkest department of government has become the most instrumental in effecting government policy under president Uhuru Kenyatta. Normally under any regime, the secret service is enough beyond oversight. Now in Kenya, today 2020, they are confirmed as not just beyond oversight, nay, they have evolved into a DIVINITY.

They are beyond customary scrutiny; they are beyond parliamentary control, they are beyond institutional political control, they are beyond legal control, they are not just a power unto themselves –--that one they always are and were; but they are now beyond a a PAPACY.  They are the Alpha and Omega of Kenya. They are the regime.

It is a spectacular coup. It is the wet dream of every intelligence service. A state as their private fiefdom.

Absolute power.

Yet that is a poisoned chalice. History has proved time and again, absolute power will corrupt absolutely.

So we can predict with absolute certainty: Maj General Philip Kameru will be no exception. His absolute power will corrupt him absolutely. And that to the detriment of our much-abused-but-beloved motherland, Kenya.

(NB: corruption in power is also called intellectual corrosion: so Maj. Gen. Philip Kameru and his outfit failed to caution the GoK (department of immigration), with binding advise, that General Miguna Miguna is not worth an INTERNATIONAL RED ALERT! The result is an international round of comedy in which Janyando Miguna can board any international flight and fly to every continent and country except East Africa! –--that comedy is a symptom of the intellectual erosion at Kenyan intelligence, the first disease of absolute power! parochialism!).

The nation better braze for much more terrible consequences of yet more decisions based on tunnel vision.

How NIS regained Uhuru’s trust and confidence

Sunday January 19 2020


In the wake of the incessant terror attacks in 2013 and 2014, the relationship between the then National Intelligence Service (NIS) Director-General Major-General (Rtd) Michael Gichangi and President Uhuru Kenyatta was so strained that the President had grown tired of receiving intelligence briefs.

People in the know say the relationship was further tested by a confrontation between the spy chief and other security chiefs, among them the then military chief Julius Karangi and police boss David Kimaiyo, over the Mpeketoni killings in which al-Shabaab militants slaughtered more than 60 people.

The bad blood among the intelligence and security honchos resulted in the forced retirement of Maj-Gen Gichangi, who was blamed for not doing enough in gathering intelligence to avert the attacks.

Maj-Gen (Rtd) Philip Kameru, his successor, in a meeting with senior officers of the spy agency, promised to repair the public image of the intelligence agency and regain the confidence with the President. 

National Intelligence Service Director-General Philip Kameru. He has managed to restore the glory of the NIS. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

But, with many Kenyans still nursing broken ribs from the slaughtering performance of retired or not intelligence mole, Colonel Cyrus Oguna, before JFK live, the absolute confidence upon the abilities of the men of intelligence may prove very misguided for the son of Jomo, President Kenyatta.

Some are not mincing words.


“The intelligence agency has become the enforcer of government policy.

Although it is difficult to place a yardstick, it has emerged as the most trusted entity in public service in the Uhuru era,” says Edward Wanyonyi, a graduate of war studies from King's College, London.
Last week, as he announced Cabinet changes in which Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri was fired, President Kenyatta — in his most overt recognition of the importance of the spy agency — directed it to deal with cartels in his government.
“I direct the NIS to undertake a rigorous review of all cartel groupings that have become leeches, sucking away the blood and sweat of hardworking Kenyans. I want the review to pay particular attention to cartels operating in the public systems of budgeting, procurement, regulation and the illegal rigging of markets,” he said.

“It should also put the agriculture sector under the microscope. Once this review is completed, I further direct the DCI to take necessary action, working alongside the DPP, to confront these cartels with every instrument available.”


Not only has the NIS become the most powerful security and intelligence agency in the country but Mr Kameru is also close to the President.
The NIS has now become heavily involved in the running of the country with its extended mandate including political intelligence, economic intelligence, active measures, counter-intelligence, political security and law enforcement through the multi-agency team.

“The NIS is now fully involved in national safety and security ranging from issues dealing with counter-terrorism to economic crimes. They are also involved in local governance and political issues, including giving birth to the “handshake” between ODM leader Raila Odinga and President Kenyatta and also on foreign policy matters,” says Byron Odera, a security analyst and a former Special Forces commando.

And some historical overview
The Special Branch was started in 1926 by the colonial government as a small department within the police force.
It was later made an independent department and, in 1969, renamed the Department of Security Intelligence.
In 1998, the National Security Intelligence Service was created with retired Brigadier Wilson Boinnet as the first director-general.
Brig Boinnet was succeeded by Maj-Gen Gichangi, who steered the agency through the transition to National Intelligence Service under the new Constitution.

Historically, the spy agency has played a key role in the running affairs of the country.
After the death of founding President Jomo Kenyatta, the then Special Branch director James Kanyotu “managed” events, ensuring that the then Vice-President Daniel Moi became acting president, overcoming efforts by powerful men in government who did not want Moi to ascend to power.
Now, while stale political science serves an equally stale theory of  TRIAS POWERS and their separation, Uhuru Kenyatta has degenerated to practising an archaic form of rule by intrigue. He is apparently wholly relying on the dark arts of the darkest men within the darkest departments of state.

It is the collapse of transparency. It is the collapse of the balance between the Executive, The Legislature and the Judiciary. It is a very Roman crisis, it is a classic. The senate, the emperor and the people are so at odds, government has become the theatre of the absurd. –-For instance the Vice President and official leader of government business, William Ru to, has become the head of the opposition. And the official head of the opposition, the treasonably sworn-in as peoples president, Raila Odinga, the official twin of the official head of state, the imploded Uhuru Kenyatta.

That easy switching of roles is a political theatre of the absurd. Not to mention the spectacular ease with which TangaTanga does an about turn and will now be the main course at BBI rallies, starting today in Mama Ngina grounds, at 001's Mombasa. It is high comedy at the highest institutions of the land.

That is a dangerous drift.



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« Reply #10 on: January 25, 2020, 02:51:38 PM »

1. All powerful in the shadows like monsters of The Deep.

But they are just men, too, lost and seeking redemption like every other mortal or moral wretch. They are thus most prone to the customary defects of every Jerk with too much power. Their mistakes have brought a lot of blood-letting upon mankind. Thinking of the Bay of Pigs and the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, and the recent assassination of Major General Qaseem Suleimani of Iran, the stupid impunity of the men of the shadows has severally driven the world to the edge of apocalyptic warfare.

I say men.

I say men because, in the rule, they have been men. And in the few modern cases in which they have been women, they have been, in the rule again, essentially fallen moral angels. Here is important one to ponder; the one her fellow Americans have dubbed Bloody Gina. During the hearings to her confirmation as the head of the CIA, the Congress of the United States was awash with data on just how dark and Dirty Gina could get, in the safety of the black sites run by the company. Such fallen moral beings are disciples of Marquis de Sade, they are creatures marooned on the Dark Side. They are turned to Darth Vader's.

But without the Christian redemption bit, yet! Poor souls! There is a special corner in hell for them, as Marylene Albright would divine!
After fighting a lightsaber battle with his former mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi in which he is severely burnt and dismembered, Vader is transformed into a cyborg. He then serves the Galactic Empire as its chief enforcer until he ultimately redeems himself by saving his son, Luke Skywalker, and killing Palpatine, sacrificing his own life in the process.[2] He is also the father of Princess Leia, and grandfather of Kylo Ren, a major antagonist of the sequel trilogy.

The services of intelligence can never be transparent. They are redacted. The lid must stay on Hades lest, as the god of the Underground once threatened the god of the sunny skies, the dead with their secrets come back to disturb the peace under the smiling sun! --Kenyans have been having ago at who stalks Moses Kuria at night these days: Msando?

'Imagine, O High Zeus, if all the murdered people whose murderers haven't paid bloody penalty, came back to get even in kind!' cried Thanatos.

This scene happened before the beginnings of time. It was a fall-out at High Olympus when the grieving lyricist, Orpheus, besieged the chief cemetery where his love, Eunice, was buried. Orpheus then paced to play the Orutu with such Appolonic depths, the dead began to stir and murmur in their god-induced slumber. Death had kidnapped his sweetheart too early, breaking his heart; wherefore he pledged to bring her back to life  with musical therapy and acumen. –--But nobody had reckoned on his magical tones stirring up the entire deathbelt! (Then would hundreds of billions of ghosts swarm the world like the current plague of locusts in East Africa!).

The gods had to gather at emergency, quick.


In every state, there is a complex of security-related secret clauses which serve to shield the dark departments from scrutiny. I remember an old comical scene from a heavyweight of the African letters. One I might paraphrase.
There is a complex dispute which necessitate the Egwugwu's, representatives of the wisdom of the aged ancestors, arise from the graves to officiate.  The most complex cases are of course domestics. (like today in Kenya, the Uhuruto divorce).

Achebe narrates how a dissenting if foolhardy mortal is asked: 'Oduke's body, do you know me!?

The belittled mortal stammers an answer: 'How can I know you father? You are beyond my knowledge!'

Egwugwu are physical manifestations of the ancient spirits, who are represented by men wearing large, fearsome masks. These spirits are given bodies and voices by the great men of the village, who give the spirits form and allow them to make informed, logical decisions, as a living person would. 
The Egwugwu then reel off a series of descriptions, on what and who they are. (For instance they are the dry meat which sticks in the intestines and permanently bends men!)

With a grin, I can just imagine a freedom of information activist dared, in a moment of insane insolence, demand some transparency from Maj Gen Philipo on the activities of his service as far as fixing the Uhuru succession goes.
 â€“--'DGI Kameru, is your service bent to neutralise William Ruto on behalf of Uhuru Kenyatta!?'

And like the famous Evil Forest, the chief of intelligence arises to his authority!
'You tribal shallows of a Kenyan people, do you question me!?''

And we the shallow Kenyan people respond in Animal-Farm like sheepish chorus:
 'How can we possibly question thee, O divine General Phillipo! You are the King of redactions!'

Nevertheless the question remains out there, the famous djini outta bottle. Is the NIS top now been politicised, reducing the service to a sinister parochial affair, a mere partisan operator in a private quarrel?

The DN article still stands, ten days on. Colonel Oguna has not denounced it. Well, once bitten twice shy I imagine. Last time the retired colonel denounced the truth Live, it was his waterloo.


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« Reply #11 on: February 09, 2020, 10:10:20 AM »

Recently, FACEBOOK and TWITTER, and YOU-TUBE, which all may be the same company, deleted all accounts associated with the axis of resistance. For the Troglodytes among folks, the said axis will feature Iran and all her official, evil and related websites. It also boasts Assad's Syria (now annoyingly on the verge of winning the civil war); and of course Nazrallah's Hezbollah, one of Lebanon's national principals. Hezbolla has of course managed to quarantine Lebanon from any ground incursion by the IDF.

Too, Maduro's wholly secular Venezuela, oil rich, makes the hit list.  Ex Fidelista Cuba has long been here.

Nowadays, and I am not thinking of yesterday's Iowa caucus results, the imperial version of (reality) reporting is outrageously absurd. Elementary contradictions reduce the official versions to exercises in comical self-deception.  If to be taken seriously, only raw power and impunity remain to pontificate the fictitious reality as preferred by the elite. One might recall how Colonialism banned local literature, banned native freedom of expression –---and it was all because, in accurately reflecting reality, all these (reflective exercises) were but dreams of one thing: FREEDOM.

Oppression, dispossession, marginalisation, institutionalised injustice, leaves man with only one option. Resistance. Even the collaboration and apparent acquiescence will be calculated strategies of survival, the heart yearning, plotting ways out. Generation after generation so long the oppression last.

Thus today in a world  whose distribution of wealth reflects a feudal social geography, the dominant media owned by corporate giants has no time for propaganda from the axis of resistance. That propaganda being truth, and dreams of equity.

It is amazing how a class in power,  any class anywhere, during a crisis, always seem to be better served by lies than truth. This must be a truth about the exercise of power. Such an exercise, history would vindicate, is inherently faulty, tenuous and dangerous. Truth is its enemy. There is ever need to mutilate the truth, to ever lie to the masses. To impose censorship, (It is reported TWITTER just decapitated ZERO HEDGE. Never heard of Zero-hedge, but now I have! I am more the type who knows which books from the BLACK HISTORY MONTH Amazon Dotcom wont sell, nor stock!)


Recently, following the assassination of Major General Qaseem Suleimani by the Americans, when, in a terrible mistake, the Iranians (curiously) shot down an airliner over Tehran,  mistaking the jet for an incoming American missile,  Iran's first official response was lies and denial and mumbo jumbo.  Only the ruling circle themselves thought these were intelligible.

Soon, reality and facts forced the supreme leader into a humiliating MEA CULPA. Otherwise he, the revered Ali Khamenei and pretender to divine wisdom on earth, would pass on, to be regarded by his people as just another cheap object. He would mutate into fodder for public ridicule and Haram tongue-lashing.

–---Neither was the American side truthful.

The POTUS Trump had dismissed the Iranian missile response as hot air; howbeit, only for reports to emerge of more than 50 wounded American soldiers. That raised the prospect of an explanation wanting: if the Iranians warned in advance of THE SLAP, how come the PATRIOT SYSTEM and the other much-hyped American  air defences, failed miserably to interdict the incoming Persian Pershing's!?

Add this to the earlier failure of American-Saudi air defence infrastructure to intercept the simple drones from the Houthi's which devastated the ARAMCO oil refineries, who is fooling who with this junk?
Trump and Pompei looked more egg-faced than triumphant head-collectors. Or Arab  buyers of American air defence systems are, taken for a ride, being ripped beyond contempt!

Economic realities, the Saudis have reportedly been pondering this situation, so much expenditure on useless arms. And were on the verge of a policy change, to accommodate Iran. That, the prospect of detente and rapprochement between the two leading feuding Muslim nations of the middle east, other than the furtherance of terrorism, is the real explanation underlying the American need to dispatch Qaseem Suleimani. General Qaseem was the architect and anointed salesman of the Irano-Saudi thaw, or detente. And he could deliver.

The need to lie, however outrageously, seems intrinsic to modern power. No wonder PR is one of the greatest industries. But methinks a Dam of lies against the Truth, is like a poor Earth Dam facing a sustained torrential downpour. It is a lost case. In this respect, the death of Arap Moi has once again exposed the intellectual vacuum at the top of official Kenya. –-OFFICIAL KENYA. And, accordingly, the official media which are largely the megaphone of the establishment. Unofficially though, when it comes to the social media,  and Internet for sooth, there has been no shortage of a more critical, truer appreciation of the quarter century of Kenya under Moi.


why fix it when it ain't broke!?

If Moi was such a great, why would Kenya waste so much energy and fanfare on the second liberation!?
Lead by a saint, why liberate oneself and a people from something that good!?
Surely good only calls for continuation, KUFUATA NYAYO, unless a people are morons!

The MWAKENYA people, most of them the best brains of their generation: an AFFLICTION OF MADNESS, or what!? (What a poverty of intellectuals! The best brains in the land failed to recognise The Divinity of Daniel Arap Moi! A man whose holiness shamed the claims of The Pope!)

But serious notes, this issue is complex. And not just in Kenya!



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« Reply #12 on: February 09, 2020, 03:32:41 PM »

The Catholic Church has a process called CANONISATION!

But serious notes, this issue, santification, is complex. And not just in Kenya!

Should Black Americans, whose ancestors were in the bondage of slavery, celebrate white slave owners, cruel masters and abusers, yet billed as founding fathers of that Great American nation?

Should the surviving native Americans, dispossessed of everything, their ancestors all but decimated in pre-meditated genocides by the marauding white settlers, sing the Hosanna hymns of America as the greatest nation on Earth!?

Should the surviving Jews stop milking the Shoa or Holocaust as the ultimate historical evil, and, objectively, sing the praises of the genial NAZI industrial organisation in extermination?

Should Africans man up in the department of history, teach a whitewash curriculum to the new generation: chin up, lasses! European Colonialism was a great project. It brought civilisation and Christianised the heart of darkness. Tough luck is good luck if a people learn! So lets moderate China and avoid a copycat repeat, lads!

Complex in deed.

Forget the past? Whole or in part!? Total or selective amnesia!?

It is a ruthlessly trying  exercise I might add. These are topics which give the intellect-(tuals) a run for their thinking wits.

And not only in Kenya.

Personally I have stated it elsewhere, I think Moi's was a primitive and an off-civilisation regime. This is because data exists on the opportunity cost: Asian Tigers.

The mass terror under the demigod Moi, were it economically literate, could have done a Korea, a Malaysia, a Taiwan or Singapore, right here at the East African equator. Instead, it was the banal anecdote once heralded by Raila Odinga: 100% here, 0% there!

Here is the gist that captures it all.

NB: An African president went to visit his Asian counterpart. As the African was hosted to a state banquet at the high-rise but modest private residence, he could overlook the Asian metropolis. The Asian host proudly enumerated the geography –-----world-class technological universities; massive student hostels and campuses, top-notch referral hospitals, sky-web road intersections, public transport complexes, estates and estates of NON-SLUM public housing, clean-cut nuclear plants and all the hyper modern trappings of a successful urban civilisation, and still rising.

The African head, perplexed, asked: 'But how do you do it!?'

The Asian replied: ' 1% here' (pointing to the modestly luxurious surroundings of the hostel), '99% there!' (pointing at the geography of the ultra-modern Asian metropolitan area).

Then the Asian head of state returned the visit to Africa.

He was hosted at a Dubai-like fabled luxury at the private residence of the African prezzo.

'Gosh! How do you do it on a government salary!?' the Asian was gobsmacked.

The African replied: 'You see that six-carriage double-decker highway there!?'

The Asian could see nothing.

'0% there, 100% here!'

In a nutshell, that is why, if you are literate in statistics and other econometric data, there is such a disparity between Asian tigers and the Afro-cretins we inhabit. The legacy of the the great kleptocrats ----the Mobutu's, Moi's, El-Bashir's, Houmphouet Boigny's,  is all too obvious: primitive, stone-age and off civilisation.

There was always a need for Africa to be liberated from the backwardness of such leaders. But, on the other side, there is a need for the progeny, protege and inheritors of such leaders to lionise and iconise them as the ultimate symbols of national success.

I repeat, that the fact that they were dictators and tyrants is not really the bone of contention in history.

The sweet taste of national economic success en masse and for the masses, for a fact, can absolve the most authoritarian, totalitarian and politically repressive regimes. I gather it is the trick behind the cult of Josef Stalin: Stalin is credited with the creation of a super-power in 20 years of ruthless work. Most of history is a record of leaders who squander the national treasure in less than 5 years!

Arap Moi in this scale. He was a total, unmitigated economic disaster. He is a traumatic shame, better used as a scarecrow of what not to be done.

CASE STUDY: a Perfect Moist example:  (Former treasury minister, Henry Rotich, squandered …. is it ksh 7 billion [Ruto's figure] or ksh.19 bn [DPP Haji's figure]?

Whatever the figure, there is no dam. And that is a way to defeat the national future.

✔ @kipmurkomen
1.Planned Cancellation of Kimwarer&restructuring of Arror dams doesn't surprise me at all. The plan all along was to kill the projects. The composition of the technical committee doesn't reflect ethnic&regional balance. Maringa,Matu,Mwangi&Muiruri have sadly misled the President
But who killed the dam? The native boy of Kerio, the thieving David Rotich, or the MK engineers comprising the later technical committee!?

Such confused intellect is why we are here, officially lionising the ultimate thief, DT Arap Moi! Beware of states which deify scumbags. They are heading nowhere but down the drain.

Today in Kenya, it takes a Chinaman to build a (wooden) footpath over a swollen river. Not yet a Kenyan engineer! (But JKUAT and Nairobi University as among the best engineering graduate schools in Africa!)

Go figure. Moi Hoyee!

Only 7billion was looted, not 21billion in dams scandal- DP Ruto

February 28, 2019

Deputy President William Ruto has denied reports that the Sh21 billion allocated to Arror, Kimwarer dams has vanished.
Speaking when the Judiciary released its annual report on Thursday, Ruto said the figures being reported to have been stolen were misleading.
“You’ have heard that the government has lost about Sh21 billion which is a flat lie! The money in question is about Sh7 billion, and for every coin that has been paid, we have a bank guarantee,” he said

Haji vows to have 28 suspects arrested in dam scandal jailed

Paul Ogemba 23rd Jul 2019
More than Sh19 billion was lost in the Arror and Kimwarer dam scandal in a well choreographed corruption syndicate orchestrated by officials in the National Treasury, the DPP says.
The Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji (pictured) announced this as he ordered the arrest of 28 suspects, including Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich, at least two Principal Secretaries and top government officials in connection with the scandal

KANU ORPHANS, they are now Truly orphans!

Cry, O Children, Daddy is dead! We are lost for words!
Cry, O World, His Greatness was beyond human language!

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« Reply #13 on: February 16, 2020, 04:24:27 PM »

Prince Gideon Moi has been handed the sceptre.

He has been coronated Kalenjin paramount, to succeed the dead King, his father Daniel. The King is dead, long live the King.

But –---republican tidings and pirate tales, there is another ready pretender. He is non-other than William Kipchirchir Ruto, alias The Hustler. This outsider, aka Kimirwa, is more robust and formidable than the crown prince. Everybody who went to Kabarak high with Gideon, knows the innate laziness and spoilt brat moronism of the prince, traits that with age do not seem to have metamorphosed otherwise.

THE Senzangakhona kaJama dilemma

I remember the thought-writhes of King Senzangakhona of the Zulu in his death bed. He has to choose a successor amongst his favourite sons. All weaklings in the face of the task before them. He knows whoever he chooses is just but handing him the death sentence, a suicide note. For he has an inkling of fate.

It is in the form of another much maligned son. This one is illegitimate, an outcast, but in mental abilities, work ethic and ferocity of heart, indomitable of spirit and blood lust. –--The bastard's  name is Tshaka. And that he is imbued with his own messianic sense of fate and entitlement is no grapevine tale but a visible cloud over the house and the  land at large. In fact, it is written in the prophecy's!

The dying King Knows Tshaka will come to claim what is his by might. By blood he will wrestle what is his by both meritocracy and worth. The dying Old Man also knows, having been so abused –---and his mother routinely humiliated, beneath the heart of Tshaka is unspeakable wrath. And so he transfers his death mask to the youngest, and weakest, Seguyana. (###sparing Dingaan to later fulfil the kill Granddad had plotted but failed to achieve!)

Yes, dynasties must murder their own too. Its the logic of power.

The family Moi knows Gideon is no match for Ruto. Gideon himself must know it too. Which is why he has to have the wits of a prince Paris who slew Achilles the invincible –--by the help of the gods. Poor Gideon has to pawn himself to Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta as his guardian angels.

Or he will soon be dead meat, a carcass for the political graves.

May be the fellow oligarchs might afford him an extension of shelf-life, but again, may be Gideon's cause is already lost and he is a dead man walking. What we are witnessing could be voodoo politics. Nevertheless, in the real world of the game of thrones, of survival for the fittest and  national purpose, a mental cripple of a crown prince like Gideon Moi –----just like the hapless Fidel Odinga who was------ better be a statistic within the table of infant mortality rates.

The historical era of dynastic succession to public office is long dead. Where it still exists in any real measure tends to be residues of backwardness (The Gulf Sheikhs for instance); otherwise modern countries –----like The United Kingdom and the Scandinavian constitutional monarchies---- long removed their inferior blue-bloods from any meaningful public decision-making.


Here is a most ruthless scene in history, from the chronicles of the Zulu.

Prince Senzangakhona of the Tzulu, unaware his paramour Nandi of the Elengeni is pregnant with his first male child, is betrothed to another woman. His sister and go-between Mkabi informs him matter-of-fact of his impending marriage.

The amorous Senzanghakhona is curious of his hew bride whom he has never feasted upon –--neither with eyes nor body.
'Is she hot, hot hot, sensationally curved!' he asks with a lascivious grin.

But Mkabi is a zealot in matters of state and has no time for petty issues. Like curvy curves. Her response is classic and tragic: 'The only reason you will be King and not I, O dear brother, is because between your legs spots a Ddick. Surely, your imbecility and laziness allows the occasional use of that tool for the betterment of our nation and state: procreation and continuation of the royal-line, however inferior!'

However inferior! –-Soon, the traditional and feudal monarchies of Africa would come into contact with the ferocious greed and new-world hunter-getter capitalism of the historically rising industrial class of Europe. It would be a no-contest! Machine-Gun versus Spear if you like. For that area of South Africa, it would take a century for Nelson Mandela to emerge Black President! The royal Zulu House still marches on, as a citadel of retards.

The only reason the Nyayo fimbo of Kalenjin paramountcy went to Gideon is dynastic politics. The politics of inferiority.  The politics of mental retards. Otherwise William Ruto is far, far greater far the better man. That is the ruthless truth, and then the tragedy of Gideon's ascension and Ruto's ambition. One man must go down. Soon.

But Ruto or Moi, Kenya stays down. For both are representatives of the politics of state loot. It is our time of backwardness in leadership.

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« Reply #14 on: February 23, 2020, 02:54:32 PM »

Official history forgot him for a Milenia. Our man Spartacus the Thracian. Rome called it damnatio memorae –---erasure from history:
 O ye that are! what crime must one commit, to deserve such a punishment? –-The fate of having non existed!
(To understand the darkness of that punishment –---(erasure from existence), consider the following feats of vanity unique to humankind. The Pharaoh's bankrupted Old Egypt building pyramids. These monumental structures were merely eternal graves. They were a visible remembrance, an advertised proof of their earthly existence! And of  course forever propaganda of their greatness!)

For us human beings who famously are creatures with a sense of time, that is a consciousness of passing and having been, DAMNATIO MEMORAE is akin to the nothingness which is the mental state of vegetables. Rulers will therefore in the rule, partake to open lying, not to mention other outrageous manipulations of The Truth. Being supremely economical with the truth is thus one thing we can trust power to ever do.

Any power.

Even the Central Bank of Kenya, supposedly under a star economist, will lie abundantly over a Eurobond, of a meagre Ksh. 2b. The Kenya Police too will be challenged to speak straight on the death of one of their own, sergeant John Kipyegon Kenei, or the Jacob Juma's, Chris Musando's or Erastus Kirui Chemorei's for that matter.
“I am Deeply saddened by the death of Police Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei who worked in my Harambee House Annex Office. I urge the relevant authorities to conduct a thorough investigation to ascertain the circumstances surrounding his death,”
Ruto said –---/DPPS
  Of course a Kenyan politician no longer spots the human faculty of honesty. Such can no longer recognise if they were blatantly lying. Nor can they comprehend a cultural revulsion toward their fakery. That beggars a need to develop a characterisation of this new trait, you know; the concept 'cold-bloodedness' was scholarly adapted to encompass a particular failing in reptiles, respective human morals. Of course for their biological success and the evolutionary survival of their species, cold-bloodedness is for reptiles a wonderful adaption to a harsh environment. It is a necessity in the cut-throat Darwinian struggle for existence. But how should we describe this new adaptation of the Kenyan politician where he or she is a total moral hollow?


On a lighter note, these days there is the running joke about Darayavaush, popularly known as Darius the Great. He was the third Persian King of the Achaemenid Empire. He all but usurped the throne by murder, then re-wrote the history, banning all other versions. That means he was acutely aware of the moral sensibilities of the people toward a perfidious King, however brilliant.

Howbeit human history is a battlefield where victories are seldom complete. The Truth being eternal, memories linger, the peoples Culture shifts and stores, and, over time, lies float to the top and rot into compost for humour; too, feats of heroism linger and, futile or not a their time of enactment, they birth new meanings. Once great empires collapse to dust and get lost in the blackhole of history, the stories of men and women who went all the way for an ideal, is what enters the lexicon of legends to become all the remembrance of an era. Their individual tragedy sells for ever. And sometimes the more tabloid the hotter.

This former brings me to Spartacus. Though it is equivalently the story of Jesus Christus, the crucified radical moderniser of Judaism.

Spartacus is all we know of that time now. The few names of the emperors or nobles we chance, names of those who killed him, betrayed him, 'damnatio memoraed' him, only feature as footnotes like the Iscariot Judas in the story of Jesus Christ.

I suspect over time, the story of our time will best be told in one name: Miguna wa Miguna, oka Njugunah Njugunah. The Praetor (or Prime Minister) Matiang'i will be a notorious footnote like the infamous Judas in the story of Jesus. The power drunk Dr. Fred wont be the Darius he thinks he is. Fred loves his money dirty –-(Ruaraka land scam), so he simultaneously can't have his power bloody (hang Raila for a treasonable oath).

He has to stew in the inertia of diversified loyalties. He is thus a proconsul unable to stand on his own feet, but always a protege, thus appearing ever shaky before the single-minded ambition of The Hustler Singh.

And so it is to the tragedy of the Outcast Miguna wa Miguna that the ball rolls to tell the tale of our times.

Why do I think so?

Because today in Kenya, the most unconquerable, unintimidated spirit, articulate and most publicly idealistic mind of resistance is the banned man, Miguna wa Miguna. The force and passion of his rambunctious personality dwarfs anything on offer in Kenya today. Even amongst artists. The no-compromise, anti-establishment, unrelenting scorch and sting of his firesome tongue has no equal in Kenya today. It is the single-minded and suicidal passion of a Spartacus, an opposant zealot or New Deal fanatic like the later St. Paul of the New Testament. Miguna has no reverse gear. It is the tragic heroism of a man far beyond his time, a character unable to bend to the mediocrity of the contemporary Kings of Kings; but, over time, we are witnessing the creation of an eternal legend: it is the inconquerability of the human spirit in the search for freedom, and justice. It is the definition of true man: a freedom seeking missile.

It is the dream of all mankind, humankind through history. The call for Justice. His battle-cry is a rally against tyrants and despots. It is the fire which always burnt beneath the breast of Africa even as Colonialism considered her pacified. The fire would later erupt as the liberation movements across the continent. That is the eternal drive that defines humanity. Slaves will continue to obey their masters. But both have their minds on the sword, hidden or not. Yeah, the slave always weighs to wager a chance, the master ever careful to stack the odds. That is the dynamic of all oppression, rebellion and liberation.

It is the dynamic of Injustice: no military superiority, instant rebellion! Not even God can change that dynamic. No wonder Lenin defined the state as organised violence. –---Rebel and die is the message of state power. Yet, throughout the third world and much of Africa, only a handful of governments are not running scared, only a few states wholly monopolise violence in their territory! (And, having dropped MOAB after MOAB on hapless Aghanistan and reduced her to the stone age, the USA as a super power could only declare Pyrrhic victory after Pyrrhic victory, until now, stalemated to a talk!)


The Roman nature of our politics hit me on the face during the funeral rites of the former emperor DT Arap Moi. The Tribune, which his family owns –--that is the KTN Media house which boasts the Standard Newspaper; the DN (owned by his fellow noble The Aga Khan); and the rest of the media cast owned by fellow imperial dynasts like the Kenyatta's, went into choreographed overdrive to divinise the fallen former dictator of Rome. The well-paid scribes had a bumper harvest earning bonuses coming up with competitive sycophantic pieces for public consumption.

Huraaah! Huraah! All hail Him! the god Moi. Gone, but now a star in the heavens. May he shine forever upon our land! All Hail Moi!


Patriots don't mourn criminals who died without paying for their crimes like Jonathan Moi. We condemn them even in death. We condole with victims of crimes; not with the families of the criminals. You have never heard of a funeral procession or a condolence tribute for Hitler!  Apr 20, 201
Oops! Wrong Moi!

Dr. Miguna Miguna
2020 12 feb.
Dictator Daniel arap Moi abandoned Lena Moi for 70 years until she died a lonely, destitute, tortured and abused soul in abject poverty. Shame on you, Gideon Moi: You were not there for your mother when she needed you most. #GoToHellMoi #DespotsMustFall

Oops, again the wrong Moi!

Ach, I don't know which one is the right Moi!


One of the great fears of authority, was the dynamics of a crowd issuing into a mob. Crowds know their place in the great game of keeping up appearances. So too do we, as the Kenyan people, know we have to majorly vote for our Tribal Kingpins in the current dispensation.

So to speak.

But what else do we know!?

We know a lot. We understand the great game of hypocrisy. We know our Tribal Kingpins. We know their corruption, greed, mediocrity and stupidity are the chains tethering Africa down for rape by any adventurous foreigner who is better organised. But a shallow analyst would miss the dynamics and start to blame the people: they get the leaders they deserve; they elect their own Doom, they worship their own tormentors (as in a trained masochist situation). Etc etc. But I shudder at the rage which seethes below the veneer of cynicism which weakly masks the revulsion of Nigerian youths at the absence of their future in current Nigeria.

Anyway, know your history. I guarantee the same Kenyan crowds waving Uhuru-Ruto and the rest of the Tribal Chiefs as the Almighty's of the land, issues easily into the mob which would use their heads for football on the bloody streets, when the dynamics change such that a dash for the sword  to cut the master's head is even odds.

Currently, we all know The Kenya Army and Police are the guys in charge of the rigging of the elections. That is the peace they maintain, the streets they would sweep. It is not Al-Shabaab they have bought hardware to stay, nay, it is the Kenyan streets protesting rigged elections they are sworn to wipe, clean!


NB: When is the last time Kenyan voters were left to get the real choice they made for the imperial seat of President!? It was 1963, and then when Kibaki replaced Moi, 2002. –---Remember the glitch which brought us to the current TangaTanga-Kieleweke arsonism? Well, the current president Ouru Kenyatta won elections in 2017. But they were a repeat where less than 34% bothered. Ouru is thus legitimate enough yes, to be officially referred to as Commander in Chief; yet, O Fates, H.E remains illegitimate enough to run a coalition government with Raila, the man of the treasonable oath!

Were Mr. Kenyatta foolish enough to run Kenya as an full-mandate Uhuruto complex based on that repeat election of 2017, by now the ungovernable Kenya following Agwambo's arrest for treason would have split into two republics. This fact too, is common knowledge outside the political class allied to the illusions of Dr. Ruto.

William Ruto's chief problem is he never has figured out the dynamics of those numbers upon which he and Uhuru were sworn into the second term. They are the same numbers upon which the oath of Raila Odinga as the peoples president is EQUALLY sustained. And which make him co-president above the deputy president; and create the dynamic for the usurpation by Fred Matiang'i, issuing into the executive Prime Minister. It is not Ouru Kenyatta who demoted Ruto, it is the results of the 2017 repeat presidential. The Kenyan voter did an Achebe, if you remember the hilarious short story by the maestro: THE VOTER.

These power games played by the nobility make Rome an all daggers season. But they also ever  prime the crowd for mob behaviour, if not a sudden knife in the back. That is the political pathology.

And there is the clinician Miguna wa Miguna. Overwhelmed by the epidemic in real time. He wins in the long run, but looses today.


The why is interesting, but a foregone protocol.

In The Voter by Chinua Achebe we have the theme of corruption, loyalty, guilt, power, greed and tradition. Taken from his Girls at War and Other Stories collection, the story is narrated in the third person by an unnamed narrator. After reading the story the reader realises that Achebe may be exploring the theme of corruption.
It may also be a case that Achebe is exploring the theme of loyalty. Not only do the elders accept a bribe in return for their loyalty to Marcus, but Roof too accepts a bribe to ensure that he will vote for Maduka. Even though he spends the entirety of the story attempting to ensure that Marcus will get re-elected, Roof at the end shows Marcus no loyalty. Having been swayed by the five pounds he has received in order to vote for Maduka.

The end of the story is also interesting if not ironic. By ripping his ballot paper in two and placing half of the paper in each ballot box, Roof feels that he has honoured his commitment to vote for Maduka. However, if anything, Roof has ended up spoiling his vote with neither Marcus nor Maduka getting his vote. Despite having been bribed by one of Maduka’s men and having a sense of loyalty to Marcus, Roof hasn’t managed to vote for either man
it is a thought, when the majority of Kenyans stayed home that fateful day, they neither voted for Uhuruto nor Raila!

I couldn't help thinking dark, of Achebe's THE VOTER, that day as I watched Wafula Chebukati go through his motions, mumbling his lines in the tragedy he had no consciousness of. Yes, imagine.

That is African letters for you. This one, the Voter, is from 1965! One year after we declared the republic, the first republic of Kenya!

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« Reply #15 on: March 01, 2020, 07:27:24 PM »

No, not Mike Sonko, that is a coup.

This is about Daizy, Daizy Cherogony

Quoting the DNATION: A JKIA security supervisor who ignored CS Fred Matiang’i three years ago suffered a blow on Tuesday after the Labour Court upheld KAA's decision to fire her.

Later will we visit another Kenyan story: Nancy Baraza and the security guard, Rebbecca Kerubo.
8th Jan 2012:  The saga surrounding an alleged gun drama between Deputy Chief Justice (DCJ) Nancy Baraza and a security guard, Rebbecca Kerubo, is shaping up to be a duel of the biblical David versus Goliath.
Justice Baraza has been put in the dock by Ms Kerubo in an incident that has captured the imagination of the nation. 
But first, the Daizy and Matiang'i farce.

Justice Nzioki wa Makau chairing the High Court in Nyeri 
• “She is seen disregarding the CS and beckoning other passengers at the glass door.

• "Whereas the verbal exchanges were not available, it is clear there was some disregard for the passenger who turned out to be the Cabinet Secretary for Education at the time,” Justice Makau ruled
  What do we have here?
I think it is a kind of tragi-comedy in the variations of farce. ….  Like
A lowly Chinese restaurant exploiter laying a Kenyan worker flat and treating his bum to choice strokes of the cane for turning up late to work?
The Chinese minister of transport forcing his indebted Kenyan counterpart to ignore his (Corona virus)  quarantine prescriptions, and allow a plane from the Dragon to land at JKIA?
Questions over ‘missing’ masks amid corona virus threat

Sunday March 1 2020

After the Chinese government made an export application online, it was declined on the condition that Kenya is also at risk and not enough masks are in the market.

The Chinese then went the diplomatic way and Kenyan officials were ordered to release the masks.

An insider at the Ministry of Health told the Sunday Nation that immediately after the orders were declined, senior officials were summoned and asked to approve the deal.
It was done thereafter and the masks were flown to China under the condition that Kenya has had favourable trade dealings with the Asian nation.
“We are joking with the lives of Kenyans. We are so much into trade, business that we have forgotten that we are playing with the lives of 47 million Kenyans,” said a source at the ministry.
Order declining the landing re-export was ... ahmm .... DISREGARDED!?
It is reminiscent of the case of the now disgraced Kibaki-era minister for transport, Engineer Michael Kamau. The man was very honest with the parliament when, irked, the offside-rate-minded Mpigs demanded why he flouted the tender guidelines of the republic: Kamau shrugged, 'they pay, so we do everything they say.' (which neatly explains why even Uhuru Kenyatta has sealed lips when asked about the fate of Mombasa Port in the SGR fine print. Only the son of Jomo lacks the irritated candour of the son of Immaculata!)

Here is a hint at the horror behind the SGR scenes, President Uhuru's director's cut.

Nation Prime:
SGR’s Sh1bn grass: Inside unbridled greed and negligence in mega project


Tuesday February 25 2020

The beautiful grass dotting the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) stations and some sections of the line cost the taxpayer Sh1 billion.
And when Kenyans were fed the narrative that the Chinese contractors were living in temporary containers, the reality was that they were earning top dollar and living large behind the walls of the SGR.
The airtime allowance for the lead engineer was Sh5 million, for the three years the project was under construction. Even if the China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) engineer was on phone 24 hours every day for the 36 months, the airtime would never have been exhausted.
His house was furnished at a cost of Sh3 million and office computers bought at Sh280,000 each, while his laser jet printers cost a staggering Sh513,700 each. In total, the taxpayer forked out Sh57 million to provide office furniture.

That is the kind of state people like Fred Matiang'i, now promoted to full Prime Minister, are running. –-Frankly, it is a financial horror show,
This evident collapse of a political leadership adds a cute cultural twist to the instincts of the dismissed lady, security supervisor Daisy Cherogony. Who, in his or her right mind, would show HONEST respect to such worms and parasites at the top of a land?

That respect must only be squeezed out, like a confession under torture. The honest human reaction to the kind of scumbags running Kenya, is revulsion. They are despicable and, and in all sanity and stolen moments outside bureaucratic and official duplicity, they must to be looked upon with the contempt they deserve.
Powerful cabinet Ministers in governments whose populations starve, while they spend a billion on fictitious grass implants around railways, should be put in their place: oblivion if possible, or ignored. And of course, even as a minister for education there was always the heavy stench of the Ruaraka land scam hanging around Dr. Fred. –--Him for President against Ruto, Jubilee dissidents now croak!

Daisy Cherogony may have lost her job, but she never lost the plot. It is the veteran Francis Atwoli, the personification of COTUS's domestication, who has lost the plot. The heavy man puffed and roared against a lowly Chinese exploiter of an eatery in Nairobi, who was video-d as he thudded choice strokes of the cane on time-unconscious Kenyan buttocks; but not even a warning cough has he raised on behalf of Daizy, the girl who wouldn't flinch under Matiang'i's power-gaze.
And David Maraga's Judiciary to the rescue –--of the powerful man!

This of course is the Judiciary which jailed the leaders of the Doctor's Union. The same judiciary where, only yesterday, a High Judge was exposed banging and coaching the chief suspect in the Tob Cohen murder case, likely to come before his bench! This of course it is the same Matiang'i who, seven court orders counting, is in the dock in the Miguna Miguna saga, and no accounting, YET!

Justice Nzioki wa Makau never heard of mitigating circumstances. –--Since Daisy Cherogony humiliated Matiang'i, by IGNORING him and forcing him to line up as all ought, Matiang'i himself has shown his impunit. He neither understands the concept of decency,  nor respects individual rights, nor does he uphold the correct procedure as per legal requirements –---see him as interior chief on Miguna.

This wembe yenye imenyoa Daisy at the labour court, its back-swing can easily cut the throat of Fred Matiang'i, fatally.

Real reason Matiang'i is not sackable over the Miguna(trashed court orders) case is: NOT YET JUSTICE TIME IN KENYA. We are hurt locked.

It is not yet relief, just like Narok senator Ledama Ole Kina was arrested only coz NOT YET IMPLEMENTATION TIME NDUNG'U REPORT


The Ndung'u land report!
O time-bombs that toc-tic.
On the wake, nations like ours await
The cometh of thee that unlock hurts!

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« Reply #16 on: March 07, 2020, 02:05:49 PM »


I really picture it out why the great mind of a man like Mwai Kibaki, had to blink and opt out into drink. Emilio, throughout his long history in public service, reputedly went through his bureaucratic responsibilities as a zombie, more or less ruled by broth. So much potential yet mediocrity under the first Kenyatta; so much excellence in stupidity under DT Arap Moi; in deed, so much complicit corruption and criminal negligence as was seen recently in a Kenyan courtroom, can so disgust a man of high intellectual aptitude, that he rebels by indulging bouts of absent mindedness. -----Deep glasses of drink would do; it is not for nothing Don Emilio Mwai Kibaki was known as General Coward in his backyard.  Unlike Murang'a Ken Matiba, Kibaki couldn't make the decision to do anything about the rot.
Too risky.
So he sat fence, all his life, to his death. And now that his mind is gone, and not just by drink –--- it is Alzheimer, the thing beginning to trouble Joe Biden too-----,  there are plenty weird stories seeping out, about how wrathful and frankly he assesses his erstwhile colleagues. But the deep-seated contempt was already visible, audible, as soon as he became president courtesy of Raila's tosharing him.

On display the other day in public at a Kenyan court, was just how much of a non-starter DPP Haji's office is.

KPA boss Manduku released after prosecution fails to produce charge sheet
Magistrate said he had no file to write on because no charge had been registered.

In Summary

• Kenya Ports Authority managing director Daniel Manduku and Kenya Revenue Authority Commissioner for Customs Kevin Safari have been released

Kenya Ports Authority managing director Daniel Manduku and Kenya Revenue Authority Commissioner for Customs Kevin Safari have been released.
The duo was arrested on Monday by the DCI after months of investigations into leased extra storage space for containers by the agency.
They were detained at the DIC headquarters along Kiambu Road before being moved to Muthaiga police station.

Kenya Revenue Authority commissioner for customs Kevin Safari with Kenya Ports Authority managing director Daniel Manduku before senior Principal magistrate Kennedy Cheruiyot at the Milimani Law Court on March 3,2020.

The duo was to be arraigned today to face graft charges related to the Inland Container Depot scandal.
But when they were presented before the senior Principal magistrate Kennedy Cheruiyot, the judge said he was surprised because their file was not on his list.
This brought confusion in the court as the prosecution sought to explain what had transpired.

The magistrate said he had no file to write anything on because no charge had been registered.
Cheruiyot said it was not fair to keep the suspects in court cells because there was no charge.
The prosecution said they instructed police to release him on bail.
1. Those investigations were crap. Empty motions with DCI Kinoti and his office just smoke-screening. No case.
2. Those investigations were real, rat-catching and crime busting. But the details were never shared with the prosecutor's office. No case.
3. The months of investigation produced prosecution-proof grade facts; these were handed to DPP Haji and his sidekicks. And they did their math, and concluded it was more profitable for them to fudge the case.
The sums do not lie.
EACC probes Sh40bn oil terminal tender

Wednesday April 10 2019

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) is investigating the award of the Sh40 billion Kipevu Oil Terminal tender at Mombasa port.
The EACC said there were malpractices during the award of the terminal construction tender to China Communication Construction Company (CCCC).
Already, EACC has summoned 16 Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) top officials among them Managing Director Daniel Manduku and his predecessor Catherine Muturi-Wairi.
According to a letter seen by the Nation, Ms Muturi-Wairi is set to appear before the commission to record a statement on Wednesday.
Dr Manduku is scheduled to turn up at the EACC Mombasa regional office at 10am on Thursday
A tender that big leaves a lot of loose (and not very small) change which can turn a lot of weak flesh, if not those of weak constitution. That corruption is so rampant in Kenya, that the president himself declared it a security threat, would point to a pandemic of weak constitutions at the the levels of decision-making, where monies are concerned.

Luckily Kenyans are are not all General Cowards to hibernate their minds in beer bottles, or fence-sit all their lives long. Twitter is awash with Kenyans calling a spade a spade, and at the top of WORDFIRE is of course General Miguna Miguna himself. Such cases as the missing files in this case only serve to underwrite the thesis of the exiled National Resistance General. He is not waiting until old-age and Alzheimer un-inhibits his mind. He is spewing it now, candid and lucid, eloquent and wrathful, solid and truthful.

DPP is a joke. A cartel's pawn and a looter's whitewash boy.

Marriage on the rocks? Naah!
The DPP used the press conference to speak on his relationship with DCI - insisting that they were working well.

"Please do not attempt to create fights between us. We are not fighting and we continue to work together. Some of the files that are said to have been delayed, we want people to be patient because we are working on them. Even husbands and their wives disagree but do not use what has happened in the past to say we are fighting each other. Me and Kinoti are brothers and will continue working together," Haji stated.

"My officers are now getting frustrated daily. They spend a lot of time investigating crime, risking their lives — and even after getting all the evidence required to prosecute cases, they are reduced to carrying files.

“It is important for Kenyans to know that my officers have done their level best. They feel betrayed. My worry is when suspects tell my officers ‘you are going nowhere’ and then it comes to pass,” Kinoti stated.
When your level best is not enough, and you continue the same way, there is a saying about it: only mad people continue knocking their heads against a wall believing it will give way. But it could be a thin line between mad and stupid!

Ach, when all is said and done, it will be found Kipyegon Kenei committed suicide after all. I heard it before, in the case of Erastus Kirui Chemorei! Those days George Kinoti wasn't born yet. Nor was Noordin Haji, when a pathologist insisted Robert Ouko committed suicide. Those files are at Police archives, if the love-birds (George and Noordin) care for some bedtime reading before or after the nuptials.

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« Reply #17 on: March 21, 2020, 12:37:00 PM »

 Aging and short on cynicism these days, clarity of mind pushes me more toward a condescending amusement. This is as I survey the tribulations of the childish worms who, as a virtual elite, go through their clownish motions at the top of Kenya.

 In a rare show of public concurrence with his former half at the dais these days, we read:
Deputy President William Ruto has also called on Kenyans to seek divine intervention over the virus. “Even as we face the challenge of coronavirus, let us remind each other of the scripture, 2 Chronicles 7:14: ‘If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven,’” Dr Ruto said.

 That was in the heat of this

A tweet by State House yesterday asked Kenyans to “join His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta this Saturday 21, 2020 at 12 noon for a broadcast prayer service to mark the National Day of Prayer on the Coronavirus pandemic”. State House spokesperson Kanze Dena said the inter-faith and inter-denominational service will involve over 20 clergy.

 In which era in the political evolution of human society were divine interventions sought by the high and mighty, say the face of a debilitating crisis?

That was the era in which earthly divine Kings headed governments.

Then came the era of the separation of powers, the revolution in thought known as secularism. The modern state went on to base its power in the people,
but of course not before taking the precaution to organise itself into a supremely VIOLENT MACHINE –--capable of suppressing the peoples' will.

 Organised violence is a common definition of the modern state in political science. And truly so.


But of course there is Machiavelli. To the bone the Old Italian cuts. Politics needs heavy doses of calibrated lies. Call it ritual misinformation and propaganda. This is because
1. Politicians are in the main, too stupid to bequeath themselves well of the tasks they are oathed to.
2. We The People themselves are awash with a gullibility only second to our own politicians. This makes our minds a fertile ground for manipulation and, in a severe crisis, we the masses form a ready set for several experiments in insanity.

A modern extremity of 2 was of course NAZI Germany where Goebbels and Hitler seduced the Aryans into the madness of the FINAL SOLUTION; to the Jewish question among others. So too did white South Africans subscribe to the myth of their own racial superiority until, nearly too late, the Messiah Mandela walked in from a prison cell to save the incestuously degenerated Boer idiots from the cave of darkness they had fortified themselves in.

We Kenyans of course, are no strangers to home-bred Tomfoolery. Like the Moi years are no longer dark. We are patriotic Kenyans, in so far as that objective does not impinge on our tribal cocoonery and the deep-rooted divine fellowship therein.

 But the Corona Pandemic is of course no joke.


 First, we had a precedent to handle the crisis. It was as we have done with all public services. Nonchalant corruption, criminal negligence, bureaucratic carelessness and incompetence and, well, a fatalistic 'Mmwaah, will take care of itself.'

It was nearly a suicidal life goes on anyway, no matter what.

Then, under pressure from threatening empty stomachs and an increasingly nervous economic base, the Central Bank of Kenya twitched a limb like some famous dying things do. Dr. Patrick Njoroge's explanation where he got the money from, was curious. He wasn't quantitatively easing, nor, as classical economists say without much ado,  running the money-printing press!

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) has released Sh7.4 billion to support government's efforts towards containing the spread of coronavirus. Speaking during a meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House, Nairobi, on Friday, CBK Governor Patrick Njoroge said the money was from the mop-up of the old Sh1,000 banknotes. “As you recall in September last year we concluded the demonetisation of our currency relating to our old generation Sh1,000 banknotes. That matter was concluded and as a result of that, Sh7.4 billion worth of banknotes never came back to the system. “That money would have been held by people who, for whatever reason, did not want to subject themselves to the checks that were in place. So most likely this was money that might have been illicitly acquired through the various channels that we have talked about in other forums,” the CBK governor said. Dr Njoroge said the bank is giving back the money to boost the government’s efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

President Kenyatta directed Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yattani to ensure the money is used to support Kenyans to overcome the health crisis.

I think were Dr. Njoroge to as much as hint he is printing –---adding zeros randomly to bank reserves (like tenderpreneurs do to government contracts to inflate the payment vouchers and create the many financial scandals like the NYS ones which the Ukur's predecessor, Rotich, duly honoured)---- the Shilling would dive in value and all the past sins of the Jubilee misrule would conflate with the pandemic. Yeah, the staunch catholic of a central banker has been reading Machiavelli and knows how much disinformation we can swallow. He also knows how much latitude his O-D vows give him in lying for the good of Capital: Infinite lease, as would be the interpretation of the scriptures under a Borgia Pope!

But you know what they say: can't fool all the people all the time. So even the gullible Uhuru Kenyatta, the appointing authority himself, is not sure Dr. Njoroge's medicine does the trick. Thence His Excellency has sought divine intervention, just in case: God. This pandemic is not a problem the rank of winning elections. For that, Mr. Kenyatta and his handlers didn't need God and his mysterious ways. Incumbency just needed the services of the fixers of Chris Musando, Cambridge Analytica, and a rigged EABC under a rigging-philic Chebukati. Done. Messy but Jubilee stayed in power.

Today –-national pandemic prayer day-- then is a national comedian's day. But it is a comedy which belies a tragedy. The tragedy of institutional ineptitude. The tragedy of a vacuum at the top, a vacuum of competences, a surrendered political leadership. Essentially Uhuru Kenyatta as first citizen and commander in chief, has  –--like Mike Sonko relinquishing Nairobi county's autonomy---mentally collapsed. At noon the pretender will be surrounded by shamans, charlatans, practical jokers and other such-like fly-whisk dealers in fictitious solutions. And we the people will play our part in the sick show. Most of us will spot poker serious faces. Luckily this is human society, and the socio-political evolution of human society shows we as a species do know, and can get rid of rot at the top; just as cures and vaccines to pandemics are scientifically found eventually. The downside is mostly after the full price of folly has been paid.

The hope now, is we wont have to pay the full price of folly. Our rock of trust, the Lord, is with us, Amen! May the doubting Toms say AYE! And the ever pious shiver in deliverance!

Over to you, workaholics and common sensers. There is work to be done. Sabbath or no sabbath. Cow is in the pit. Toa!

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« Reply #18 on: April 12, 2020, 08:29:48 PM »

I confess. I am of wont to disparage head-butt sports. Think American football, think soccer stops, soccer head controls; and think boxing. The human brain in its cranial encasement does not strike me as an instrument that kindly takes to hard blows. Such sports thus always occurred to me to be exercises in soliciting one or other form of encephalopathy.

Well, that it took such 'risked' brains to to stand up for Africa has, in deed, procured me a kind of concussion in the head.

Three former Chelsea stars condemn 'racist' doctors ...

Paris:3 apr. 2020

 Two highly respected French doctors discussed on live television how a new COVID-19 vaccine under development should be first tested in Africa, "where there are no masks, no treatment, nor intensive care."
One of them, Jean-Paul Mira, even compared Africans to prostitutes who were the focus of past AIDS studies. "We tried things on prostitutes because they are highly exposed and do not protect themselves," he said.
Several African soccer stars who played in Europe, including the former Chelsea star Didier Drogba and the former Barcelona striker Samuel Eto'o, tweeted their outrage at the two medics' remarks.

Then stories began to emerge in the grapevine, that an assortment of Francophone countries were already lined up to have the vaccine tested in their countries. Worse, was that this evil plot had procured the politicians from the respective countries through MONETARY INDUCEMENTS, i.e., they taken bribes to offer their own people as guinea pigs. Selfless Africa saves the world as it were!

But it wasn't just the African politicians. They would of course need the purchased to willing complicity (of the elites) within their respective medical establishments. The oathed professionals too, apparently were neatly in the bag, since not a squeak was heard from their lofty quarters. The top brains at health having been thus compromised, who remained to defend Africa's corner?

Wow! It aint over until its over! ---retired African footballers to the rescue! Eto'o, Drogba! Which is why I, with my derogatory impulses toward head-butting sports, is choking on humble pie. The African politician and medical elite are a kind of 'Sonderkommando'.

And there will be no apologies for that terrifying comparative.


Life in the extreme tests humankind. And I am not talking about extreme sports. I am talking about political reality, the  reality of state violence and, ostensibly, its organisational ability to coerce and co-opt voluntary and, yes, talented, dedicated  service.


In modern European history, there is a curious phenomenon. This is the historical bedrock known as the Shoa. It has has given us various, recorded and highly documented strands of human behavior under extreme conditions. Some have heard of Anna Arendt, heard of her wholesale condemnation of the Judenrate. These (JUDENRATE) were the Jewish councils which administered concentration camps on behalf of the Third Reich, or Hitler's Nazi German apparatus.

A deeply controversial debate is the call for the suspension of moral judgment, it is usually pre-judgment, of those 'privileged Jews' of the concentration camps. These were the top dogs amongst the doomed victims. They composed the Special Units that served, for instance, ushering their fellow Jews unto the gas chambers and crematoria. That is also privilege, suspending ones own predictable extermination for a few months, or weeks. Directing others to theirs, daily.

How evil is the solitary individual who, under total domination by an external authority, collaborates with that authority and power in the perpetration of systematic evil? And worse, if in exchange for some privilege ---material reward, emotional recompense, or any other valuable?

Human life experience, and recorded history to boot, does not make this a wholly theoretical question. ---No, it is a recurring human theme at every epoch. It is not just as a controversy sprung from the extermination camps of 20th century Europe. The Shoa has confronted us with the moral dilemmas of the so-called 'privileged Jews', like those of the Sonderkommando; but, how be it, much more modern torture camps such as Guantanamo Bay, the notorious death prisons of Syria's Hafez Al Assad, the current Omar Suleiman's of Abdel Sisi's Egypt, too, confront us with their own sets of moral turbulence to ponder. And as a matter of fact, the fraudulent perpetrators of financial crimes who ran Wall Street and dominated Barrack Obama into bailing them out instead of sending them to jail, are, in their own rights, a kind of morally wayward special commando.

What choice but conform, average man in a brutally totalitarian system? Arendt looked at the nondescript figure of the Eichmann the bureaucrat on trial for crimes against humanity. There was no ooze of great evil in him. He was a hollow nothing who had simply excelled at his orders: make trains run on time, whatever the cargo. That the cargo was humanity being herded to crematoria raised no quiver in his heart. Many men in a gigantic machine are such. A career rat race.

Methinks moral ambivalence, as a device to excuse away the conscious actions of man under extreme circumstances, is a slippery road toward the erasure of (the construct of)  human exceptionalism (in the animal Kingdom). Morality is our key exceptionalism. Create doubt therein, man becomes nothing but just another basic instinct animal.

It is a fall.

 And so the African heads of state and their medical bureaucracy who had secretly accepted bribes to secretly test COVID vaccine on an unsuspecting population precipitates my considered opinion: they are like those ill-fated, hated Jews of the Sonderkommando: usherers unto hell on earth.

And historically then,


NB: If you lack native wit, aint street smart, and in addition went to cheap KANU schools with lesser teachers, sorry, Amigo. My history classes in college, even at Junior levels, had the likes of Wole Soyinka, Eduard Said and even Noam Chomsky visiting. Yeah, that is for some Socrates-style chats under the ancient Tamarind tree off Kitengela. The intensity of their intellectual charge was no less than Chernobyl at its worst day to date. Going haywire. If Chernobyl rings no bells in your mind, nor jogs no stalled memory cells in your grey matter, again sorry, again Amigo.

Here we go

Chaim Mordechai Rumkowski

Chaim Mordechai Rumkowski (February 27, 1877 - August 28, 1944) was a Polish Jew and wartime businessman appointed by Nazi Germany as the head of the Council of Elders in the Łódź Ghetto during the occupation of Poland in World War II. He accrued exponentially more power by transforming the Ghetto into an industrial base manufacturing war supplies for the Wehrmacht army
Now, consider African politics today, whether as debt colony of an increasingly assertive China or a left-over, nostalgic appendage of a declining Europe doubling up as a paramour of American capital: what really is an African legislative assembly in the global chess game?

What really is a modern African president, if not a deluded, make believe Mordecai Rumkowski? (This question first occured to me as I listened to Cyril Ramaphosa. The occasion was the aftermath of the Mariakana mines massacre, in South Africa. Ramaphosa wasn't just an average fellow, he was ANC pure breeding!)
It has disturbed me ever since. The best of Africa's politicians as nothing more than Rumkowski's.

I urge thee to suspend your quick moral pre-judgments. Just think, and as thinking man, sort it out in the head.

Then the moral resurgence of Africa murmurs alive, louder.


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« Reply #19 on: April 25, 2020, 01:11:40 PM »

1. First, The forced, forked tongue of The Clown, Ambassador Kamau Macharia.

I woke up with an urge to say something positive about Sarah Serem. Sarah is currently Kenya's official face to China; that is, a (state) pro- or mercenary keeping up the airs of (national) dignity. This life in empty facades is called diplomacy.
During demystified times as the Corona Pandemic has precipitated, roles like these awarded to the likes of Sarah Serem are laid bare, bereft of any item of decorum. The diplomats from lesser, debt-enslaved countries like Kenya,  themselves mostly nothing but nepotistic or protege appointments for this or other corrupt service rendered earlier, showcase themselves as little more than used toilet paper.

But she was not always so, our SS. There was a time, as the long-lost head of the SRC, when Sarah had the guts to irk our Mpigs and, in deed, King PoRK. If there was ever a shrine dedicated to herd gluttony in Africa, the Kenyan parliament is of course the hallowed ground thereto. Any randomly selected Mpig would easily win the championship for personification of a hog.

Sarah used to have, and make points. Good points.
Members of the Defense and Foreign Relations Committee however termed her as arrogant and would therefore be unable to relate with Kenyan delegations to China. She defended herself saying that she was the best person for the job as she sat in many boards because of her ability to resolve conflicts. She asked the committee to not only focus on her tenure at the SRC. She said that the members of parliament were only ones who did not understand her.
Of course the impunity of the members intimidated her as chair of the SRC and she long surrendered. And in the afterlife of the SRC, she further made a kind of knee-fall and finally made it to Kenya's ambassador to China.

It should be the most influential diplomatic post since the LOOK-EAST motion of President Kibaki's stiff neck: ambassador to the number one trade partner, creditor and keeper of the Kenyan economy, and, therefore, the shilling. But Jubilee did always have their priorities upside down, like that fabled hyena which tried to attend two parties at the same time. ---That is a story for another day.


What fate has befallen Black Africans (and even Americans) domiciled in China in the turbulence of the Corona Pandemic?
Videos shared widely online appear to show Africans, Kenyans among them, being barred from entering supermarkets and restaurants and even evicted from apartments.
And with those stinging Ku-Klux-Klan and Boer-apartheid images, fake patriotism began to murmur from the usual suspects, scoundrels seeking last refuges!

Mudavadi joins call to save Kenyans stranded in China

Among those who will benefit are thousands of traders and Kenyan students studying abroad who were the worst hit when the lockdown was imposed due to the coronavirus.
Guangzhou, is a favoured destination for traders involved in buying electronics and clothing to sell back home. China says there are at least 15,000 Africans in the city, majority staying there illegally.

SEE ALSO: Amb Macharia, Kenyans in diaspora need you now

The move to airlift those stranded comes amid pressure for the government to evacuate the Kenyans stranded in China. Some, especially in Guangzhou, say they are being mistreated and racially discriminated against after a spike in imported Covid-19 cases in Guangzhou.
Videos shared widely online appear to show Africans, Kenyans among them, being barred from entering supermarkets and restaurants and even evicted from apartments.
The charter flight will be a reprieve on condition they pay their airfare and each must secure a health certificate stating they are free from Covid-19.
The departure date has not been set though the notice informs that their pickup point will be in Guangzhou.
Those seeking to be airlifted are also required to state whether their China visa status is active, a requirement that has caused anxiety due to a number of Kenyans who have overstayed in the city and province that they are in.
The program is being headed by Kimani Waweru the deputy head of mission at the Kenyan Embassy in China.

 Earlier on, Sarah Serem had gone on record to deny any Kenyan in China was in dire straits. This buffoonery perhaps informed Kamau Macharia's clownesque appearance in parliament the other day. His apparent, mercenary moronic and comical confusion will be shown presently as (necessarily) the consequence of a cocktail of Truth and Lies beyond the tolerance of human senses, beyond even the soppy mindlessness of a life-long diplomat.

Kamau Macharia thanked the Chinese government .... even as
Coronavirus: Kenya rules out evacuation for citizens in Chinese city of Guangzhou

Senior foreign ministry official says Chinese authorities have promised to address concerns about racial discrimination related to Covid-19 quarantine rules
Paperwork problems could be preventing some people from gaining essential health codes in the city, he says

Jevans Nyabiage Updated: 1:40am, 16 Apr, 2

2. It was a notable confusion in two acts --a rebuke and a thanks-- in two days ....  A:
Kenya thanks China for well being of Kenyans in China

By Jerry Omondi. April 15, 2020

Kenyan Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Kamau Macharia has thanked the Chinese government for "securing the well being" of Kenyans in China.
He says that some measures taken in China to fight COVID-19 have been misinterpreted. The Foreign Ministry urges Kenyans to adhere to the rules and regulations of China
But (B) a day earlier ...

14th April 2020: Kenya rebuked China on Tuesday over coronavirus-related discrimination against its citizens in Guangzhou province while noting that no Kenyans there had died from COVID-19.
"The reality is that this has been a very unfortunate outcome. Africans, Kenyans included, have been discriminated against in the process of the provincial government's response to try and mop up the situation that they are facing there after the crisis that they had over the last few months," Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Macharia Kamau said at a press briefing.
"Sadly, they have discriminated against and targeted various foreigners in their response. The African Union has responded collectively in consultation with us," Kamau said.
Kenyans living in China have posted videos on social media depicting racial discrimination against them and other Africans as the coronavirus pandemic continues. Africans have been evicted from apartments and turned away from hotels despite having no recent travel history or known contact with COVID-19 patients.
Macharia thanked South African President Cyril Ramaphosa for his response to the attacks on Africans as African Union chairman
So, between April 14 and April 15 somebody must have tightened the screws on Kamau Macharia's balls.

 He had to swallow his denunciation of China.

 He had to change story. Already a comedian, he had to become a moron ---if he still had to keep his job. And I doubt that was Uhuru's call. (Mr. Kenyatta is the type who wouldn't dare tell the nation if and for what he had mortgaged Mombasa port, for his version of the LUNATIC EXPRESS, called the SGR! And it isn't that he is a lame duck, nay, as a duck he has always been dead, in the head anyway!)


The truth is there is an evacuation which Sarah wont let be called an evacuation because the 'repartee's' are paying ($750) for their economy flight home. AND on arrival, at least 28K for 14 days scrappy quarantine.

These excavation bills have brought one man on the spot: The new Henry Rotich. His name is Dr Ukur Yatani. He is  spending 40 billion on what then, if not dire-stricken Kenyans abroad whose thrift and remittances do more for the backbone of the Ksh than any magic Patrick Njoroge ever worked? Is Ukur Yatani's loose purse strings just a phantom war on the Corona Virus, like Rotich's dams were a phantom war on drought!? Suddenly there are calls for him to be more specific than Rotich ever was with the Eurobond. Once bitten, twice shy. Hio pesa sio ya mama yake, as The Mouth Duale once told off somebody.
Sh40bn allocated to corona response - Treasury CS Yatani

CS Ukur Yatani says funds already provided for entities responding to the pandemic
In Summary
• Treasury also says it has provided Sh10 billion in tax refund and another Sh10 billion for the cash transfers for the elderly and vulnerable persons.
• The National Intelligence Service has also been given a Sh1.5 billion boost for their operations, to help in contact and case tracing. 
But of course, these are not the hottest stories in Kenya. It is obvious the house is on fire, so it is the moment for the political class to Gong-Gong the TAM-TAM drum! And what a beat!

The chief story in the land, is when Ruto met Sonko a few days ago.